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MPs Appeaal To SA Govt To Act On Xenophobia

MPs Appeaal To SA Govt To Act On Xenophobia

Members of Parliament have expressed concern over growing xenophobia in South Africa which resulted in the brutal murder of a Zimbabwean, Elvis Nyathi in Diepsloot last week.

The issue was raised as a matter of concern by ZANU PF chief whip in the National Assembly Pupurai Togarepi on Tuesday. He said:

We feel deeply pained over how our fellow Zimbabwean national was killed in South Africa by the so-called operations; we are pained.

It is our hope that the people of South Africa, especially those criminals who are perpetuating this activity will stop it and allow co-existence.

We are confident that the South African government has the capacity to deal with these criminals and also hope that xenophobia and further killings will be stopped.

An anti-immigrant citizens’ movement, Operation Dudula, led by Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini, has been targeting foreign nationals in different parts of South Africa, harassing and extorting them.

Groups such as Operation Dudula are accused of fuelling recent xenophobic attacks such as the killing of Nyathi by vigilantes in Diepsloot, a slum area north of Johannesburg on Wednesday last week.

Nyathi was dragged from his shack, assaulted and burned by a mob that accused him of being a foreign criminal.

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booster 1 month ago

haaaa dzokai kumba chete machunks ariko

jabbed twice 1 month ago

nhamo inhamo zvayo but machunks anoshata hama

matemba ndwo futi Pet food which is in our pantry

THE FIEND 1 month ago

To us Ndebele people its high time we value patriotism,we are Zimbabweans and part of this great family. Don't be fooled by this useless Mthwakazi activists, they are fools. South Africans will never love us ,Ndebele or Shona.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

South Africans are dogs, those people are greedy while they are very lazy.. They just love beer and prostitution.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Pupurai was ominously quiet over the callous murder of Mboneni Ncube in Kwekwe. Lo and behold, because Nyathi is murdered in South Africa he shouts from the top of the mountain.

What hypocrisy. Blame ZANU first before I take your crocodile tears seriously. Obviously Togarepi is singing for his supper. As the old gramophone records always said "His Master's Voice"

Kanda 1 month ago

former soldiers and police officers are the largest number of you saw it for yourself during lockdown vakatizira kuno macases erobbery akabva awanda munyika rwizi rwapwa they went back to their hunting ground cases rise in south Africa robbers in s.a

Sky Lawyer 1 month ago

well siad this is a matter of concern across political parties lets unite and fight for our beloved Zimbabwean in SA and diaspora s

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