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MP Claims Ministers "Not ZIFA" Abused US$1M Meant For AFCON 2019

MP Claims Ministers

It has emerged that over a million dollars that were fundraised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa towards the players’ welfare in Cairo, could have been looted.

A letter to Sports minister Kirsty Coventry by legislator Omega Sibanda, which has been leaked to NewsDay Sport, shows that at least US$1.2 million of the US$1.5m raised, could not be accounted for.

This comes after the country’s sports regulator, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the Zifa executive committee led by Felton Kamambo over allegations of misappropriation of public funds and sweeping under the carpet allegations of sexual harassment of female referees.

They are also accused of refusing to account for the funds that the association received for the 2019 Afcon finals. Kamambo, who has had his mandate and that of two others revoked over the issue, refutes the allegations.

The letter was written on April 19, four days before Saturday’s emergency general meeting (EGM) which booted out Kamambo. Sibanda wrote:

The only public funds that remain not acquitted are those fundraised with the help of HE (His Excellency) President Mnangagwa in 2019 for the Egypt Afcon. Over US$1 500 000 was raised from that and only US$216 000 according to the Zifa Afcon acquittal (see annexure M, N, O of the Zifa untold story document for proof of this acquittal even that was given to the SRC at the time by Zifa) was paid by the committee directly to players and not through Zifa accounts.

This is where, in my view, where you should ask the SRC or the (fundraising) committee where the rest of the money, more than US$1.3 million went. It is of public importance that such information be shared because that remains the only outstanding unacquitted public funds channelled to football (by the government) but such was not under Zifa, but a committee established and composed of several ministers.

If the public gets wind of such, it will be damaging to the ministry and not to Zifa. The same Zifa Board acting out of maturity that is now being publicly attacked, chose to keep quiet realising those that make up the committee and how such might have been abused by certain elements for political expediency. To this extent you have never heard them defending themselves that maybe SRC allegations of public funds must be directed to Hon Kazembe’s committee fearing the damage such will bring to senior government officials. Your SRC seems, however, eager to force this board’s hand to divulge such details. The question is who is this SRC serving? Are they really serving the government and HE (His Excellency)’s interests or something else?

Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe led the fundraising committee and flew to Egypt where he personally handed the money to players.

Sibanda warned Coventry that:

i). she could have been misled by SRC on the reasons and the procedure when suspending the Zifa board.

ii). if she fails to handle this ZIFA wrangle, she risks tarnishing her image and that of the ruling Zanu PF party.

Last week, Coventry appeared before a Parliamentary Committee on Sports where she gave her blessing to Kamambo’s suspension. She also said the government has been financially supporting Kamambo’s board since he took office.

Sibanda disputes the allegations saying that he saw documentation and audited accounts of Zifa which show that ZIFA under Kamambo only received US$53 000 from the government in 2019 which it fully acquitted at the time and the entire amount was paid to players. 

Sibanda said the Zifa EGM that was held at the weekend against Fifa’s advice and the association’s statutes, has no force.

More: Sibanda wrote.

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hopewell 2 months ago

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 08:00:00 GMT

Featured National

Mliswa Tells Hopewell Chin’ono To Be Strong

29 April 2022

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By A Correspondent- Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa  defended opposition aligned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono after reports came out that he had allegedly hijacked a goat breeding program that was meant to assist the community.

State media on Wednesday ran a story on how the government gave Chin’ono land and goats to start the boer goat project.

Said Mliswa on Twitter, “Having seen the concerted attacks against @daddyhope by state media and other organs my message to him is to be strong. It shows how big you have become @daddyhope. The same happened with me but the more I got arrested and  harassed the more I got popular.

“In my years as a politician what I have learnt is that the public isn’t **** as to be swayed by such contrived state propaganda. They can see through it and understand the reasons behind it all. Just stick with the truth and you will be vindicated. People can see through all the propaganda and machinations. You have to develop a thick skin and withstand it all. If I were you I would go for a constituency now because state media is already campaigning for you.

With your robust and articulate approach to national issues I can only imagine what Parliament would be like with you in it with the likes of Biti, Chinotimba, myself in it. It would be livelier and robust. God is the biggest judge @daddyhope  & in due time will rule.”

Meanwhile Chin’ono says his village elders have advised him not to move the goats where they are.

He posted this message on Facebook on Wednesday:

Thank you all for your messages of support and solidarity. The clan elders have said the animals will not be moved from where they are, it is my ancestral land so nothing will be moved.

The regime can come and LOOT and destroy my rural home, we have no power to stop them! It is not our burden, but its own burden. If they do come to LOOT as they promised to do, a time for accountability will one day come.

It is clear that to continue investing in the project is pointless, that is the end of the project for now until we are under a safe environment to live in peace and develop our rural homes without ZANUPF harassment.

This is a clear example of how it is impossible to invest in Zimbabwe and still retain all your rights. A Chinese has more rights in Zimbabwe than myself. Again that is the regime’s burden!

More importantly, I will not be silenced. I shall not be silenced or intimidated from practicing ethical journalism by a rogue group of people. It is a price I am ready to die for, I would rather be killed than to live like a visitor in my own country and I will never run away from Zimbabwe!

Thank you all once again for your support and solidarity which came through messages, emails and phone calls. Please forgive me if I haven’t responded to your messages, they are many.

It’s also unfortunate to have state media marshalled against a private citizen because of national issues they have raised. This is abuse of power and offices. Respect of property rights is already an issue locally, why inflame it again?

jasper chidza 2 months ago



1/8The economy is tanking and sinking. Zimbabweans are suffering at the hands of bad leadership, poor governance and porous economic policies. As the alternative government, we propose the following to be considered and adopted:

2/8There is a crisis of confidence in the market,citizens are suffering from the price hikes and deepening poverty level.All gvt policies must be demand driven,inclusive &fully consultative.The recent attack on CZI position paper by Gvt is regrettable and must never be tolerated!

3/8 Stop the auction system and go for full dollarisation - this will immediately remove distortions,multiple pricing,arbitrage, secure stability and save exporting companies from imminent collapse and help all businesses and economic agents to preserve capital.

4/8 In line with (3), we should immediately work on a de-dollarisation road map which is inclusive and evidence based and build on consensus as opposed to command economics and threatening businesses with statutory instruments.

5/8Embrace SMART agriculture with a view to foster more active role of the market & gvt providing oversight to minimise distortions caused by agricultural subsidies.The commodity exchange should be used as an effective vehicle for funding & marketing of agricultural commodities.

6/8To address the economic challenges (such exchange rate spiral and inflation) caused by short term finance on infrastructure,gvt must use long long term finance such as diaspora bonds (eg Ethiopia-the Grand Renaissance Dam) and public private partnerships to fund infrastructure

7/8 Stop corruption and save US$2.8bn,being the US$1.8bn through illicit financial flows and US $1bn wasted in state owned enterprises and line ministries).This money,if saved, is a real game changer.Greedy, indiscipline and corruption stand as the biggest threat to the economy!

8/8 We must embrace a genuine social contract, which is inclusive to move forward as a nation.Also Expedite a Pre-Election Pact on elections & reforms,constitutionalism and respect of human rights so we restore our integrity in the family of nations.Genuine dialogue is key!


pee 2 months ago

diraaa rizare

pumura 2 months ago

pazimbabwe pakaipa.dira hako rizare

Kanda 2 months ago

don't rush to blame people kamambo never received the money period what if it was raised and never got to the ones who were meant to get the package inogona yaiva figure yemuromo pasina kana cent yaibvepi such kind that was the time takadzokera kubond forex ichinzi haichabatiki they were promised what they were not given simple

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Whose interests is Kamambo serving by not divulging this information, who is he protecting? Is it not possible that he got his share from the missing funds which would explain why he is keeping his mouth zipped about it?

Mafirakureva 2 months ago

Ooh Finish 🥵🥵🥵


Machiavelli 2 months ago

A-Looter continua!
The looting continues......

Dura rizare wangu

ceeten 2 months ago

SRC Kazembe makaisa mari kupi. Pane Nyaya apa toothless ZACC taurayi tinzwe.

passion 2 months ago

ndiku gotcha sausage chakalaka izvzv

Old People's Home 2 months ago

Zvirisei Coventry, kkkk. Being a minister in Zanu-PF gvt will leave your reputation rot

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

New twist on Kamango saga 😂 lets get the twist twisted till we get to the bottom of the matter...

🤑🤑 2 months ago


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