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Motorists Urged To Avoid Leaving Car Keys On Ignition As Theft Increase

Motorists Urged To Avoid Leaving Car Keys On Ignition As Theft Increase

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned motorists against leaving car keys in the ignition of unattended vehicles as thieves are on a rampage.

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, ZRP said there is a motorist who lost a Nissan Caravan after leaving car keys in the ignition of the unattended commuter omnibus (bus). Reads the statement:

The ZRP reiterates that members of the public must be security conscious and avoid leaving car keys on the ignition of unattended vehicles. On 27/04/22 at around 1000 hours, a Harare man (29) lost a Nissan Caravan vehicle (AEQ 5080) after he parked the vehicle and left the keys on the ignition while proceeding to the offices at Steelmate Company, Wilovale Industries, Harare. The complainant came back after a few minutes and found his vehicle gone.

Cases of car theft have been on the rise recently with some motorists losing their vehicles and other valuables to passengers they would have offered a lift on the road.

Motorists are urged to be watchful.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Some minds are thin and need to be reported as abuse of platform 😂

Shona and Ndebele 2 months ago

ndebele and Shona go and vote for ngaapinde hake mukomana maSanction agobviswa rorara munyika inemaguta.


jimmy 2 months ago

motor dzema keys dzichiriko nhai ?
ppl must latch their car doors,windup windows
all the best in his attempts of recovering his caravan

jimmy 2 months ago

spush to start cars kwete push yekusunda but they is a nob paignition u push it yotostarter woenda kuGweru

Mai Chisamba 2 months ago

Muroverei maoko Jimmy uyo
Ndoomaonero ake, sezvo agara ari mutyairi wechikochikari chisina door

Sir Che Guevara 🇿🇼 2 months ago

Zim slowly becoming SA interms of crime rate

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Surely speaking, the unnamed man was careless with his car by leaving car keys in the ignition.


Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

Huya paTwitter tikuudze 😉

Muzimbo 2 months ago

At blabber, pasocial media pano, munhu anotaura zvaanoda,kana usingafarire comments dzachawabvunza usaverenga

Muzimbo 2 months ago

@ blabber, kana ma comments Ake achikubowa usaverenga zvaanonyaraka,ndozvaanoda izvozvo

Blabber 2 months ago

Do u ever say anything thats your own point of view or unongotsinhira nekuparaphraser zvataurwa @chawabvunza?

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