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Motorists Runs Over 7 Pedestrians In Hwange

Motorists Runs Over 7 Pedestrians In Hwange

Three people died while thirteen others were injured when a Toyota Hilux vehicle ploughed into seven pedestrians before hitting a stationary Honda Fit vehicle that had six occupants on Christmas Day.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said the accident occurred at the 300km peg along Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road around 7.45 PM yesterday. He said:

The ZRP confirms a fatal RTA that occurred at the 300km peg along Bulawayo-Vic Falls Road on 25/12/22 at around 1945 hours.

A motorist, who was driving a Toyota Hilux vehicle with three passengers on board towards Vic Falls, lost control of the car and veered off the road to the left, where he ran over seven pedestrians before swerving to the right side where he rammed onto a stationary Honda Fit vehicle which had six passengers.

The Honda Fit vehicle overturned once and landed on its roof. As a result, three people (two pedestrians and one passenger from the Honda Fit vehicle) died, while 13 others were injured.

The area councilor for Ward 14, Themba Sibanda, told VicFallsLive that two of the deceased were family members from Wururu Village. Said Sibanda:

It happened in the Chentali area in Lambo Village. At the scene, we saw a cooler box with bottles of beer, but we have not yet established who had been carrying it among the two drivers, but what we can confirm is that the Toyota Hilux cut a corner as a blind spot and rammed into the Honda Fit which was dropping a passenger coming from Hwange.

Two of the deceased were relatives, but we are yet to get an update regarding their burial, but the rest of the injured are admitted at Hwange Colliery Company Hospital.

In a related development, Four people died in a road traffic accident along the Chivhu-Nyazura Road on Christmas Eve.

Police said the accident occurred around 7.30 PM when the driver of a Toyota Rav 4 with seven passengers on board collided head-on with a Hino truck.

Two people died on the spot, while two others died along the way to the hospital.

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Jojola@07 1 month ago

Kurarama kose inyaya anytime tinodanwa naMusiki ....zvsney tinochema pamwe nehama dzevafi

Native 1 month ago

Jojola you're a fool how can you say people die because God is taking their life
Study the bible very well. God is Love not a killer

commenter 1 month ago

true, this is satan

1 month ago

Anytime is, teatime.

Dzvamu 1 month ago

Culpable homicide for the driver

1 month ago

Honda fit yazowana shasha yayo yairarisa nemanhede

Binga via Cross-Dett 1 month ago

ZANU yachekeresa

Dofo 1 month ago

Cooler box yedoro obvious ndeye uyu weku looser control


Idi 1 month ago

Don't chat and drive, phones distract!

commenter 1 month ago


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