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Motorists, Residents Express Concern As Harare City Hike Rates By 400%

Motorists, Residents Express Concern As Harare City Hike Rates By 400%

Harare City Council (HCC) has started implementing its ZW$41.8 billion 2022 budget, with rates having been hiked by up to 400 percent with effect from the 1st of February 2022 when the budget was approved.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme, confirmed that the budget is being implemented in phases. He said:

We have made our budget basing on the interbank rate. Adjustments have been made, for example 87 percent on some rates.

The first to be affected were motorists, who will now pay a minimum of US$100 fine for clamped vehicles and US$50 for storage.

With the budget being implemented in phases, motorists will soon be required to pay around ZW$600, up from ZW$120 for parking in the central business district. Some motorists who spoke to ZBC News expressed concern over the development.

Rates for water, refuse collection and other services have also been hiked and residents will have to fork out more, at the end of the month.

This comes when residents have been finding it difficult to pay their bills citing economic hardships attributed to on and off coronavirus-induced lockdowns. 

Local authorities have often blamed poor service delivery on a lack of adequate resources.

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phidza 3 months ago

kanzuru irikutungamirirwa nevebato ripi are we all blind team yangu vakavhoterwa varikumamira basa

Ta@aa 3 months ago

Hakanzuru ose aripasi pehurumende ndosaka wakaona vachibisa mafume vachiisa wavoZanu irikushanda navo kuti varwadzise vanhu vonongedza chamisa kuti ndiye arikutonga mumaguta

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 3 months ago




valembe 3 months ago

Mari dzemateachers muri kuramba kukwidza bt dzekubira vanhu muri kukwidza nemapercent amunoda ,kudzvanyirira chaiko ,ccc chete chete

C4R 3 months ago

hurumende yavamunyanagwa A.K.A crocodile turn lizard 🦎

3 months ago

3 months ago

🙄 3 months ago

Salary increament by government=20%

Rates increase by=400%

And some people say:Maita basa Shewe Chirombowe to a certain Gavhumende.
Svinurai kana hama svinurai.

🙄 3 months ago

@😇: Zim Situation mukuru. Are you saying council is operating outside Zimbabwe and what is happening in Zimbabwe because of Gavhumende does not affect councils.
Basa raJurai Moyo nderei.
Chaora Chinhu Ichi. Central government iripi and iri kuitei about this.
Vese vabereki vari kutadza kupa mhuri dzavo a decent life because of poor governance have a responsibility of giving their children that decent living. And they know it zvichitovarwadza. But ka a couple of greedy people are disabling them from doing so saka do you blame the parents?

Satan 3 months ago

Pasi ne zanu pf.

😇 3 months ago

is the government in charge of the Council operations. that's not the government, correct me if I'm wrong

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 3 months ago

Pasi newe iwe

Sponono 3 months ago

😂😂😂 you are right

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