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Mother Of Murdered Wedza Cop Blames Outdated Police Equipment For Son’s Death

Mother Of Murdered Wedza Cop Blames Outdated Police Equipment For Son’s Death

The mother of the late Wedza police station Officer in Charge Inspector Maxwell Hove, who was allegedly shot dead by Jaison Muvevi, has blamed her son’s death on obsolete Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) equipment.

Hove (43), as well as apostolic sect member Cripsen Kanerusine (62) and Munashe Mujani (20) —a shop attendant, were shot dead by Muvevi in Wedza on January 13.

A video circulating on social media shows Inspector Hove’s emotional mother telling senior ZRP officials at the late top cop’s burial in Chinda Village in Mberengwa, that the outdated police vehicle and gun involved in the frantic shooting incident which also left another officer seriously injured, is to blame for her son’s death.

Said the mother:

I am a bereaved mother whose heart bleeds for her son’s death. Forgive me, but you have to listen to me, I am very hurt because my son could not escape from the police vehicle he was in because its door could not open.

How is it possible that the door of a police station vehicle failed to open? Even if you were in my shoes, you would be hurt under such circumstances as a mother. Maybe if the door of the vehicle had opened, the story could have been different.

If that vehicle had doors expected of a police vehicle, maybe my son would be alive.

Secondly, I was told the gun he was using failed to discharge. The ZRP needs state of the art firearms not those of the Ian Smith era that are outdated. Provided modern weapons, our police officers will feel safe in the conduct of their duties.

Muvevi is currently in police custody and appeared in court today facing three counts of murder and attempted murder.

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Vesto 1 week ago

Spot on mama.
Rega Vesto ataure so, he is not patriotic and off he goes to Chikurubi.

Cash talk. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

antisocial Muvhevhi 1 week ago

He died at the hands of a deranged psychopath.The psychopath path could have been faster and a top marksman himself

1 week ago

Hey mita kutadza kuvhurika door ye police fti yaa pakaipa wonzwa rimwe richiti teachers for ED iyo nyika ichiora

1 week ago


Negligence 1 week ago

the door could have been damaged by the negligence of a fellow cop and not necessarily because the vehicle was unroadworthy and too old

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

Why defend mediocrity?Thats a sure sign of myopia and mind stagnation.Visit yo psychiatrist in time.Kana police yacho ichitomboshaiwa mota what more the state ye one iripo? These guys are il-lequiped. They need better resources to discharge their duties and a motivating income.

sd 1 week ago

So sad may God fill your heart with peace Hove's mom. I know it'shurting to lose a son in such a way

Firelady 1 week ago

Anochema haaringwe kumeso, well done mhamha taurai zvose zviripamoyo mubudise

Firelady 1 week ago

Nezvimwe zvamaishaya kuti mozvitaurirepi taurai zvose vazive ndonguva yacho iyoyo muchichema kudai budisai shungu dzose

1 week ago

Vanovharirwa manje vakanyanya vanotonzi yaa politics mapurisa emuno unomaziva her iwe

Tintin 1 week ago

kana kutonzi vaishanda pamwe chete naMuvevi iyeye

Kiss 1 week ago

Door roramba kuvhurika, pfuti yoramba kurira.Haa insp. Hove hadzisi mhepo here?

Ngwato1942 1 week ago


kiss 1 week ago

idzo dzaitova mhepo chaidzo

Mainini 1 week ago

Magona mhamha mataura zviri pamoyo penyu zvinokunyaradzai izvozvo .Ndine hurombo nekuti zvese zvamataura izvi hapana anonzwa zvinzinzinzi vanhu vacho ava aaah.


Poluce 1 week ago

Its hard for us to appreciate the corps, dem are corrupt

Vesto 1 week ago

And the Big Fish are busy giving each other half-a-billion dollar loans and $14 thaza solar systems. Yet police don't have proper tools to execute their duties. Teachers are reduced to begging for just $540/month.

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

Yu can say that again bro. Say it louder.

mother 1 week ago

so sad RIP mwanangu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

. . . 1 week ago

bhora musango amai, Chao Ra chinhu ichi

hayiwavo 1 week ago

kujaira kumhanyira kumarally eCCC kwavanorambidza vakagara kumberi zvakaiwana ngwarai ndikoko haiwavo

. 1 week ago

training also. there was also lack of tactical preparedness on approaching the criminal. mental preparedness as well e criminal took 2 guns from e scene, vakomana vorasha pfuti vachitiza. am sure besides e scene being tragic, it was also comical.

professionalism 1 week ago

civilians forget that the cops were dealing with a deranged psychopath who was one of the police,s own at some point and he knew exactly how they would come for him and was tactically prepared and mentally more alert since this wasn't his first victim

toro 1 week ago

sad indeed

mutsa 1 week ago

mai varwadziwal

Kule Kule 1 week ago

Ummm, pamwe ndachembera hangu asi vazukuru vangu ava. vairevesa here ava kuinda kunogwisa bhinya ririkudiridza nyere vari vaviri, vaine mugigwa usingashandi uye vachifamba nemota isingavhuri gonhi?

1 week ago

Vainge vasi vaviri.Vamwe 4 vakatiza kule kule.

dddd 1 week ago

pfuti dzavo vanofanira coz maFN avo ndeekare aishandiswa nemabrakwacha and also ine mastoppages akawanda they shld use AK rifles FN kwakudhara woti kurema futi

1 week ago

Ak 47 rifles are outdated, modern rifles are the M6 rifle

Vesto 1 week ago

Age has nothing to do with jamming. it's all about maintenance. Jamming results from sand, grit. dust or other dirt/extraneous matter in the firing mechanism of the rifle. All rifles lose accuracy with time because of the wearing of the rifles within the barrel. But the AK, because of the shorter barrel loses accuracy more than the longer barrelled FN.

Actually the FN rifle is much better than the AK. even the improved version, the AKM. It is more accurate at longer range, doesn't lift as much as the AK/AKM.

So really the problem with the police issue FN has more to do with poor maintenance than anything else.

Vesto ballistics 1 week ago

nhaiwe Vesto wataura ballistics kunge mumwe waJaison Muvhevhi ndofunga makarohwa mese Ku training kuDepa ndakuona une one love naye

Vesto 1 week ago

1. Knowing ballistics doesn't equate to criminality.
2. I won't ever serve the rotten ZANU/ZANUfied system- never employed by government

Da Truth 1 week ago

Waumburudza povo inofunga kuti AK rifle is the best in the world in real situation ini ndotora FN why high powered riffle and accuracy chikoti simple clean the guns in time noise mu dust free armoury chete kwete kunoisa pasi pedura .Plus weapon handling must be a a day to day practice .Ukatarisa M60 ndeye Kuma 1960 uko ASI izvozvi inofuridza ,,Mira mberi kwe LMG tiwone kuti onosara chiii with guns it's not the she that counts ASI dxino pukutwa here pfuti dzacho oil vanayo here netuma cleaning clothes twacho ndopane nyaya FN is gas operated so grim or dust is allowed in the firing system plus can one quickly clear a jammed up gun .Anoziva here 4 cops votadza 1 uuuuuuuu SWAT TEAM must have 1 member stationed at each station .

1 week ago

Bvunza ma Americans vakaenda ku Vietnam vanokuudza kuti AK47 kana yachema kufa kwemunhu.

Kong 1 week ago

Ak47 is the best weapon in Gorilla warfare and it was proven many times..e.g Thailand with FN rifles vs Vietnam with AK 47 ....USA with FN vs China with Ak47.... Pakistan with FN rifles vs India with Ak47.

Wekunyanya 1 week ago

Zim Police are so pathetic,it's a taboo to celebrate one's death but sometimes our police need to learn that they are also human..they terrorize CCC members 24/7 so the only retribution they get are shootouts with robbers or this Muvhevhi type...Pasi ne Zrp

pk 1 week ago

nguva kana yakwana hapana zvamunoita. vana RG vakafa vari muzvipatara zvemhando yepamusoro. mafiro anosiyana, unofa uchidya sadza unofa uri mumota ine zvese

pk 1 week ago

taura zvako iwesiyana nembambaira idzi APA Pindula moderators vari kuita kutamba maposts edu isu

Comrade 1 week ago

But mangwana unenge uri kukamba kwavo uchida help dnt be hateful for nothing

1 week ago

Mai varwadziwa kani 😭😭she literally poured out her heart out and told everyone the truth, now my question is will she be arrested and be called unpatriotic and vonzi that speech was written by the west?. Same as winky D , he poured out his heart and sang what the majority feel . Sorry for your loss amai. We are now facing this because of corruption and a decay of the economy caused by these zpf pple, crimes have increased to unprecented levels

pk 1 week ago

Ini hangu ndiri benzi

Hamlet 1 week ago

Very painful. Mai varikureva idi. police should be given efficient tools. Ma robberies anogona kuwanda vakaziva kuti zizi harina nyanga. test in peace youngman. Chii chinoitirwawomunhu anenge afira pabasa saizvozvi ne hurumende? munhu asiya ma dependants akawanda anga achirarama from him so votambura here iyo hurumende iripo ine mhosva yokuisa ota equip its officers effectively

. 1 week ago

mapurisa airova manurses achita demonstration, kuti vari kuda Mari AND zvekushandisa muzvipatara,
hezvo nhasi zviri kwavo vakuuraiwa becoz they have substandard tool of their trade,
I think this is a good lesson to these zanupf police officers.

. 1 week ago

mapurisa airova manurses achita demonstration, kuti vari kuda Mari AND zvekushandisa muzvipatara,
hezvo nhasi zviri kwavo vakuuraiwa becoz they have substandard tool of their trade,
I think this is a good lesson to these zanupf police officers.

sad 1 week ago

it is soo sad .May Save's soul rest in peace

bozslady 1 week ago

Bvunzai veGokee vakazviita sei kuti zvisanetse zvakungoda action dzomumhepo otherwise mutemo chaiwo mmmmh so sad mama

SWEDEN WIZARD 1 week ago

Mama tibvigwei apa ,
Mwana wenyu ndodzimwe dzedzimwe mbavha munyika
Plus dei ipfungwa dzebenzi saka muri Short wire ....
Geeeet awwwwaaaaay ...

Bm 1 week ago

Hauna kukwana musoro wako uzere matuzvo nxaa

1 week ago

Reign of Terror.⚠
@..cid ma****iiie ako shaar, ita order

1 week ago

Reign of Terror.⚠
@..cid ma****iiie ako shaar, ita order

mlambooo 1 week ago

CID dzikama pnevnhu ndokuziva

🚭 1 week ago

Mwari anotsiva .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

G Wagon 1 week ago

Muvhevhi should have killed at least 10 cops and he was going to be a big hero in Zimbabwe. Why did l say so because the Zim police force is after money only. I think it's a good lesson kuPolice force. Here in Zimbabwe we are using maAllions Honda Fit Caravan C200 Benz. Why can't the police buy those cars and brand them. They is this incident that happened in Byo the police force arrived after 2 hours because they did not have a car and the robberies were using a Honda fit. Matanga please be serious

1 week ago

Nematambudziko but police payatanga huori ( corruption) ndopaka pera diligence. Munhu kudhiza kuita mprisa ( recruitment) wozoti pane basa ringashandwa ndokufa kwenyika thanks vekuMozambique vakamubata.

1 week ago


bvoo 1 week ago

President .todii nemunhu uyu gaatongerwe rufu haana kodzero yekurarama takutotya kufamba muno Muhedza

Aaaaaah 1 week ago

Why are you afraid kufamba mu Hwedza??ko hanty Muvhevhi akabatwa....ko mazuva a Blessing Dzikai aigara mumwena kwa Chizema makapona want ita mushe

Musa 1 week ago


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