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Mother And Son Struck By Lightning

Mother And Son Struck By Lightning

A woman from Chirumanzu was fatally struck by a lightning bolt while her two-year-old son who was strapped on her back sustained severe stomach burns.

ZRP spokesperson in Midlands Province, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, was reported as saying Elisa Zhou (47), was coming from a church service on Sunday when she was struck by lightning.

The baby was then rescued from his mother’s body by passers-by and was ferried to Mvuma Hospital.

Meanwhile, in another lightning incident, a 27-year-old Lupane man and his three-year-old daughter died when they were struck by lightning on Sunday last week.

Evan Moyo (27) and Samantha Moyo from Ndimimbili Village under Chief Mabhikwa were seated in a kitchen hut when they were fatally struck by a lightning bolt.

Matabeleland North police confirmed the incident, saying the deceased were also in the company of Nomatter Moyo (23) who was seriously injured in the incident. Police said in a statement:

Moyo and his daughter (Samantha Moyo) were struck by lightning while inside the kitchen hut.

Moyo died instantly whilst his wife was seriously injured on the face and Samantha passed on whilst being transported to Gomoza Clinic.

The circumstances are that on Sunday around 5 PM, the deceased Moyo, his spouse, and his late daughter entered the kitchen hut for shelter since it was raining.

They were struck by a bolt of lightning while inside the kitchen and the hut caught fire.

Police said the incident was witnessed by the victims’ neighbours, Pison Moyo and Metivity Ncube who saw the kitchen in flames. The police said:

Upon arrival, Moyo and Ncube noticed that Nomatter Moyo had burns on her face while Samantha had burns all over her body and was still alive.

They also observed that Evans Moyo had been burnt all over his body and had already passed on.

Ncube and Moyo then went with Nomatter Moyo and Samantha Moyo to Gomoza Clinic using a donkey-drawn scotch cart, but Samantha Moyo passed on before they reached the clinic while the mother was referred to Saint Luke’s hospital for further management since she was critical.

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Tintin 2 months ago

zviriko here izvi?

worried citizen 2 months ago

eishy this is so saaad ummm,may their souls rsst in peace

CIO 2 months ago

Mwari ivaiwo netsitsi
Dzave mheni dzevanhu idzi ndosaka ndisingaendi kumusha

CID 2 months ago

nheni inongokachidza urikachana kudero esp kana usingatoendi kumisha hainetsi kutumira imi vari kure

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Mheni dzevanhu 4 shoo...

citizen 2 months ago

so sad

Anarchist 2 months ago



Nemo 2 months ago

what a sad story

ttn 2 months ago

rest in peace mheni dzacho ma1. we ma gore rino kune makunakuna

bosboss yah aka megadee 2 months ago

may their soul rest in peace

boss yah aka megadee 2 months ago

many many condolence

roy 2 months ago

may they rest in peace

Why 2 months ago

why only in rural areas are people being struck by lightning

reason being 2 months ago

voting Zanu pf.vadzimu vakaysamwa.

j 2 months ago

kumusha ndiko kune mheni dzinotogara mumukoko we yechicken....hw kungotumira especially ukada kuita murimi

chairman 2 months ago

may their souls rest in peace

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