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Morton Jaffray: ZACC Investigates Minister Moyo's Alleged US$9 Million Tender Scandal

Morton Jaffray: ZACC Investigates Minister Moyo's Alleged US$9 Million Tender Scandal

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has launched investigations into corruption allegations involving the funding and procurement of services for the rehabilitation of pumps at Morton Jaffray waterworks in 2019.

The Herald reports that ZACC spokesperson Commissioner John Makamure yesterday confirmed the investigation but declined to give details. He said:

I can confirm that ZACC is investigating issues around the tender but will not divulge any further details.

But a statement, now leaked, from ZACC general manager investigations Mr Peter Zivanayi Rwodzi to the local authority goes a lot further.

It states that there are indications that the issue was discussed in Cabinet through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works and the project was funded by the Treasury.

It also states that the City of Harare which was the beneficiary of the project was involved in the rehabilitation works.

ZACC said to assist in the investigations, it was requesting:

a). documents including specifications of rehabilitation work at Morton Jaffray water works funded through Treasury in 2019. 

b). details of the consultant and contractor for the pump rehabilitation works and details of the role played by the council in the procurement of the services of this consultant and contractor including copies of the contract between the council and the contractor.

c). council resolution for the procurement of services of the contractor and the role played by the Ministry of Local Government on the project and all correspondence between the city council and Ministry of Local Government referring to the project.

d). records of payment to the contractor and delivery notes for replacement pumps and accessories plus the correspondences between the council and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development over funding.

d). progress reports on the project and status report on Morton Jaffray after the rehabilitation works including any benefits accruing to the City of Harare following the rehabilitation works and then any other documents relating to the project.

Norton lawmaker, Temba Mliswa, in March reported Local Government Public Works and National Housing Minister, July Moyo, to the ZACC accusing him of corruptly awarding the US$9 million water pumps tender to his alleged associate, businessman Paul Kruger.

The multi-million-dollar contract was awarded to Petricho Irrigation, which was represented by Paul Kruger in Zimbabwe, allegedly without going to tender.

Treasury released the funds for the deal at the height of Harare’s crippling water crisis in October 2020 after Moyo presented a paper in the cabinet asking the government to intervene.

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Dhuterere 1 month ago

He shld be suspended to allow investigations to go on without interference

PVC 1 month ago

This minister at times is not the route of problems but his administrators he is overloaded so zvakatanga anongonzi ndiye we are in it we have seen a lot

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

ZACC is now doing the right thing. It must investigate all superious who have been mentioned in suspected dealings. This action cleanse those who will have been mentioned in the suspected corrupt activities. Minister July Moyo must be cleansed or




5 Star general 1 month ago

July pauri panotyisa wangu unogona kupinda mkati bcoz ukuvhura hombe dzoga kkkkkk famba july unosiiwa nenguva 2023akusvika uyu rovera kuyenda

Zuze 1 month ago

Maiweeeeee zvangu, nhai July Moyo, July 2022 anosvika uri kunze here? Zvakuwandira sezvaJudas.

Pomona nekuno, Morton Jaffray nekoko!!!!
Futi kuChikurubi hakuna Whisky and Carbonated Perrier water (from France). Uchaisuwa hama.

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