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Morgan Tsvangirai Deserves National Hero Status - Harare Mayor

Morgan Tsvangirai Deserves National Hero Status - Harare Mayor

Harare mayor Jacob Mafume on Monday called for the recognition of the late MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai as a national hero for the role he played in the democratisation of Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai, who was the Prime Minister during the Government of National Unity (GNU) era (2009-2013), died on 14 February 2018 after battling colon cancer and was buried at Humanikwa Village in Buhera.

Mafume, who is the councillor for Mt Pleasant Ward 17 (CCC), said that there is no doubt that Tsvangirai should be granted national hero status. He said:

There are some heroes who are yet to be recognised, like Morgan Tsvangirai. They need formal status, heroes who did a lot for the democratisation of this country, heroes who did a lot to accept that we can belong to different parties but still be one nation.

We have no quarrel with the sacrifices made by (Josiah) Tongogara. Neither do we have any quarrel with the sacrifices made by Herbert Chitepo, (Ndabaningi) Sithole and the many other young people who sacrificed their lives for our independence and liberation.

If they respect us, we respect them. If they honour us, we honour them, and that is how a nation should be.

On Monday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that the late nationalists Ndabaningi Sithole and James Chikerema will be honoured among the country’s heroes and heroines “despite their areas of weaknesses”.


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Patriot 1 month ago


Citizen 1 month ago

Bahlanyiswa nguwe

dispenser 1 month ago

when we talk of a national hero we don't mean war hero alone .In championing e cause of democracy Tsvangirai is a national hero. On e other side we have national heros in sporting activities such as Peter Ndhovu, kisrty Coventry just to mention a few

pk 1 month ago

Tsvangison haasi national hero. akaiteyi, kunze kwekungo opposer

Zuze 1 month ago

Bravo @pk.
pk is a national hero because he is a heavy supporter of ZANU. See you at Hùre's Acre @pk.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

It is not only a matter of championing for democracy ,what about his character as a person ,was it exemplary??? Chi h u r e chekuty kana mwana wegrade 7 anosemeswa nacho nxaaaa n you advocate for national heroes status for such a pig.... Dai watomboti the late Learnmore Jongwe pamwe...

Mukuruwambwa 1 month ago

Ah. Learnmore Jongwe? Mhondi yekuvedzenga mukadzi nebakatwa iya? Learnore Jongwe naPious Jamba same fanana. Waiva nehasha dzisingadzoreki nekuzvikudza Jongwe uya.

Anonymous 1 month ago

To be called a national hero is an honour from the president, there's a lot of unsung heroes out there who are actually more heroes than heroes. It wont surprise me that the real heroes of this country are actually unknown, Anonymous characters have done a lot for our independence than the people youre praising. People who hijacked pples revolution and personalised it. People who recolonised Zimbabwe at its independence. People who played little or no role in Zim's revolutionery war but were vocal at pivotal events and they made pseudo heroes out of theirselves when they are not heroes at all. Real heroes are/were out there and they deserve veneration and utmost respect

jt 1 month ago

well said @ Anonymous. i like it like that.



Very few citizens have been declared National Heroes who did not participate in the war of liberation.

But to be fair, citizens like Morgan Tsvangirai should had been declared a National Hero when he died. He worked hard to democratise Zimbabwe. Even if he was not declared a National Hero, I am confident that he will one day be declared National Hero posthumously.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

National hero status is nothing if it does not appeal to every citizen in the country your hero msy not be my hero. It's now time to decentralize this hero status conferment to regional levels . Political parties must be phased out from approving the hero status.

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