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Moreblessing Ali's Family Demands Answers

Moreblessing Ali's Family Demands Answers

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is being accused of hiding critical information in the alleged abduction and murder of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali to absolve ZANU PF of the crime.

Ali was allegedly abducted by suspected ZANU PF members in Chitungwiza on 24 May and her mutilated body was retrieved from a disused well in Manyame on 11 June.

Speaking at Moreblessing’s funeral wake on Sunday, 11 June, Ali’s family lawyer, Job Sikhala, vowed to pursue the matter until her murderers are brought to justice. He said:

We are so inquisitive. How would even lovers who have decided to part ways decide to kill each other in such a brutal way that Ali was killed?

The police are trying to give a picture that Pius Jamba and Simbarashe Chisango are not of the same mother.

They are just trying to conceal and protect something from the public.

Police are doing that for the purpose to extricate ZANU PF from its involvement, knowing well that Simba is a prominent ZANU PF terror gang leader in Nyatsime.

For them to remove ZANU PF from the equation, they’re trying to conceal that relationship.

We want these people to be apprehended. We are not going to move back. We are going to continue demanding the apprehension of these people who murdered this innocent woman for no apparent reason.

There is nothing whatsoever that can lead to taking human life which is sacrosanct.

We cannot allow this thing to continue. We have had many people who disappeared without a trace.

Itai Dzamara was taken in the public glare in Glen View and up to now, there is no closure to that case.

We want to know Ali’s killers. This thing is not going to end well if this doesn’t come to conclusion.

We will make sure that her spirit won’t rest until these people are haunted. All their extended families shall suffer.

A family member who asked not to be identified told NewsDay that police have not been cooperating with the family during their investigations. Said the family member:

From the beginning, the police were not cooperating with us. At first, the police called Chisango and told him that they wanted Jamba at police and he said he would look for him.

I once told the Assistant Inspector at Beatrice that our case wasn’t being held well.

We spent three days without knowing the RRB (Report Received Book) number.

There was a lack of co-operation until Saturday when I got the message that Ali’s body had been found.

But for now, I don’t know the police officers handling the case.

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605... 1 month ago

the situation is getting tense

navigator 1 month ago

ko ccc hainawo vanhu vanoitawo maprivate investigation here

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

Dai wabvunza kuti ko CCC hainawo vangaurayewo ma Zanu-Pf here ?

bishu 1 month ago

vanotya kupondwa futi. i terror chaiyo 2008 yadzoka. musakanganwa kuti ava vaapo ndivo vaka pressure Mugabe kuti asabvume ma results.

factos 1 month ago

i believe this is how dzamara disappeared

magufuli 1 month ago

skirii rekuzo kandira munhu mu disused pits and wells Boyz rinozvi funda kupi coz it's not for beginners...

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Job Sikhala and his theatrics really got you glued to the Ali story... Chirikunfishamisa ndechekuti why cant people see the situation as it is a Sikhala political gimmick kkkkk Hanzi Sikhala a "family lawyer" that must be a joke ....99% of people in Chitown can't afford to pay their rates to the council ngaangotaure chokwadi kuty he is doing the case pro bono kkkkkkkk and for the obvious reason that to him it is free media coverage kwete kuty he has any concern for the deceased or her family.... chokwadi...

Captain Barbosa 1 month ago

Saka wanga wati zvoitwa sei. This family is lucky to have a lawyer, at times like these, I'm sure they need every help that comes can give closure to the situation.


c-say 1 month ago

munhu akati mazimba akafunda umm mwari ave naye ,munonyadzisa fan .kukanzi tambayi ndombolo mongojaiva iko kuchirira piano

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