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Moreblessing Ali Funeral Service: Another CCC MP Arrested In Chitungwiza

Moreblessing Ali Funeral Service: Another CCC MP Arrested In Chitungwiza

Another Member of Parliament for the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been arrested in connection with the violence that happened at the funeral service of Moreblessing Ali in the Nyatsime area, Chitungwiza this Tuesday.

The first to be arrested was Job Sikhala, MP for Zengeza West, Chitungwiza and the party has since announced the arrest of Godfrey Sithole, MP for Chitungwiza North. Without stating the reasons for the arrest, CCC spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere said:

Hon. Godfrey Sithole, CCC MP of Chitungwiza North & one of the local leaders who led the Moreblessing Ali search mission has been arrested & taken to Harare Central Police Station. Moreblessing was abducted & murdered. The perpetrators are yet to be brought to book.

Another CCC MP, Shakespeare Hamauswa suggested that the arrest was in connection with the violence. He said:

A ZANU PF council called Masimbi Masimbi is the one who incited violence in Nyatsime not Hon Sikhala or Hon Sithole. Masimba Masimba made an infamous declaration making the Nyatsime area a no-go area for CCC. He is the right candidate for arrest not innocent grieving people.

There were clashes between ZANU PF and CCC supporters this week over the funeral service for the slain Moreblessing Ali.

Reports suggest that ZANU PF activists stormed the event ordering mourners to find somewhere else to hold the service thereby triggering chaos as CCC supporters would not have any of it.

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Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

@dmbk Nyaya yaSikhala yataurwa wani INCITING VIOLENCE ....

E.D PFEEE 1 week ago

nyika inovakwa nevenevayo ,# 5million votes

Ndimba Ndimba 1 week ago

We have a captured police force which acts in a manner to please their masters. Surely you cannot arrest the grieving party members instead of arresting Zanu PF members who went to cause disturbances at a funeral. Arrest the MP and Councillor belonging to Zanu PF they are the ones who incited violence. The CCC member whose house ,car and shop were burnt by Zanu PF is not being mentioned .We want to hear that police have arrested the Zanu PF thugs involved in that two. The arrests made so far are to incite the opposition to get more angry and find a way to arrest more CCC members yet they are the grieving party. Police is now a branch of Zanu PF , Zanu PF Republic Police. You could tell that they are on Zanu PF's side from the statement issued by police spokesperson Paul Temba Nyathi that there are people they were targeting to arrest who are not the people who committed the murder of Ali. Lawyers were threatened by police and now one has been arrested together with an MP all from one Party CCC.

Legal Eagle 1 week ago

Tibvirepo.Everyone is aware of the utterances made by Job Sikhala.He should know better, he is a lawyer.


#freejobsikhala. 1 week ago

arrest the killer and inciting violence zanu councillors

Corrections Officer 1 week ago

Job Sikhala is a lunatic. Remand Prison should cool him down.
Are the Ali family mourners still housed at his office?

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 1 week ago

vanosunga vasina basa ngavatange vasunga vekuuraya munhu 0arally kukwekwe vosunga wekuuraya munhu wacho kuchitungwiza nyatsime vosunga wekuuya neviolence pamariro kuti vagosungawo vekufirwa varikuchema avo

factos 1 week ago

only the opposition get arrested how about those who murder in a called blooded

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

The people who should be arrested are one ZANU PF Member of Parliament and a councillor who went to Moreblessing Ali's house in Nyatsime where the funeral is being held and ordered mourners to shift the funeral to St Mary's. CCC political leadership must be careful now. These are the antics ZANU PF will continue applying as we go towards Harmonised Elections.




Law Intern 1 week ago

Its unAfrican but how does asking funeral wake to be moved to another location constitute an offence. Maybe they had anticipated that violence could occur.

Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

@jojo zvenyika chenjera run to the nearest police station and report zvaurikuziva thanks 👍 in advance nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Where is the prime murder suspect???????

Advocate 1 week ago

Iwe ukuzvipindurirei?

Mhazi of Silobela 1 week ago

the prime suspect is in shake shake building where else can police not dare enter and search in a thousand years.

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC

Investigating 1 week ago

Urikuvunza ani???

Chamhamha 1 week ago

Ndipo paunoona kuti vazhinji varimumajere varikupikira dzavasina kupara. Vakadzipara varikurara muma5 star hotel. Cry my beloved County Zimbabwe

Ginious 1 week ago

True mmmm,ndikuona umwe apinda mujere asina mhosva.its sad.Bt mmm our Sister died a painful death.There is a day that is called a judgment day we may escape judgment here bt not there.umwe nemumwe achanomira nezvake.

dmbk 1 week ago

kunze kwekt musunge vanhu ve zanhu vakauraya munhu ,makusunga munhu asina nyaya

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