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Moreblessing Ali Did Not Deserve To Lose Her Life - Nick Mangwana

Moreblessing Ali Did Not Deserve To Lose Her Life - Nick Mangwana

Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana has said Moreblessing Ali, a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, did not deserve to lose her life.

Ali was allegedly kidnapped on the 24th of May by her alleged former boyfriend, Pius Jamba, and her body was found dumped in a well in Beatrice. 

Witnesses told The Herald, a state-run publication, that Ali’s disappearance was triggered by a beerhall brawl between the deceased and her estranged boyfriend and had no political hand involved.

In an interview at the funeral wake, Ali’s workmate and neighbour, Ms Kirina Mayironi said they left their residence for Chibhanguza Night Club, a joint about a kilometre away, for a beer drink. Said Ms Mayironi:

We left with Moreblessing around 7 pm together with her dog, soon after we had returned from work to have some drinks at Chibhanguza. We drank until around 9 pm when we decided to return home. Moreblessing was the first to go outside as I briefly remained behind talking to another neighbour of mine.

When I came out I saw her involved in a brawl with a man and by that time, she was being dragged. When the man saw me holding a beer bottle, he probably thought I wanted to attack him, and he then pulled out a catapault and fired at me, hitting my chin and I ran back into the bar. 

She said they came out together with other patrons “but none managed to help because the man began to throw a lot of missiles so much that all patrons ran back into the bar.”

Commenting on the article, Mangwana said:

Moreblessing did not deserve to lose her life. Her body did not deserve to be so savagely violated. She deserves Justice. She will get Justice. She doesn’t deserve her memory further violated by some washed-out politician trying to make political capital.

CCC supporters had accused one Simbarashe Chisango, who is a ZANU PF district chairperson in the area and a half-brother to the suspect, Jamba.

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Chemwandoitapasina 2 weeks ago

but nyaya yacho yese iri tricky people are you telling me kt muface uyu akatanga kukanda matombo zvekutadza kubatika here ende paaikanda matombo it tells well kuti anga asina kubata Mobby wacho kaa bcz catapult inoshandiswa wakabata nemaoko 2 kaa meaning to say Mobby akatorwa nevanhu vakawanda otherwise, vanhu ngavanyatsootiudza chokwadi chakaitika ava something is missing in the whole fiasco

Purse 2 weeks ago

Chimwe chizanu zanu hachishandi Pius ngabatwe ndoachaviga enga chitunha chaaivhiya kungenyama yehuku kusasvoda varoyi vevanhu

Purse 2 weeks ago

Chimwe chizanu zanu hachishandi Pius ngabatwe ndochaviga enga chitunha chaaivhiya kungenyama yehuku kusasvoda varoyi vevanhu


Imwe Mbeu 2 weeks ago

Remember, it is Mayironi who gave that statement and she says they had been drinking since around 7pm - 9pm. She said that on camera on ZBC news didn't she.

Captain Jack Sparrow 2 weeks ago

People have become mentally disillusioned from reality to the extent that they can't just accept reality as it is... Guys one person can make the whole beer hall run away ... Mangwana facts are better than your washed out CCC Sikhala statements....









VaDy 2 weeks ago

this person who kidnapped and butchered Moreblessing must sent to the evil forest........

Mwana waMambo 2 weeks ago

Kana ukadonhesa plate, ine sound yainoita kuti yadonha, vanhu vobvunza kuti chii, iwe woti padonha dish towel. It doesn't make sense. Ndizvo zviri kuedza kuitwa namangwana uyu. He always utter rubbish, as though he doesn't chn and relatives who also can die. Uchabairwawo wako uzonzwa kuti zvorwadza sei. One day the baboon will miss the branch. Mark my words.

Mondo 2 weeks ago

his proper name is mungwanagwa

Visionary 🙄 2 weeks ago

Ava vanotumwa kuuraya vanhu asi ropa ravo haribatwi nengozi???

General maontso 2 weeks ago

Rlp more blessing. zinorwadza shuwa. vanhu vazhinji havasisina rukudzo ne humwari. shuwa..This world is not my Home.. justice should take it's part.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 weeks ago

If u look closely at Nick Ndavaningi Mangwana's spherical mouth u can easily tell he is a liar. Ali was kidnapped under orders by Zanu Pf. Pius Jamba is just a proxy in this abduction movie. He will be found,arrested and will be told to say Ali akadya Mari yangu she was my girlfriend. He will b sentenced to 20 yrs in jail and will be released before elections nxt year. To campaign for Zanu and kill again.

gandangaguru 2 weeks ago

you know these guys very well you must be one of them

Chamhamha 2 weeks ago

Something is missing somewhere. This story does not add up

Mkanya 2 weeks ago

This tells us he was not alone someone was holding her. And remember it's said she was bundled into a car again who was driving that car because if he was alone she could have escaped

The Adjudicator 2 weeks ago

I like yo line of argument @Jar Tsvari.It seems the is half baked truth.If its really what her friend is saying then there is something she is hiding or its just cooked Herald propaganda.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

He pulled a catapult and hit her on the chin fine, patrons came out but he fired more missiles. if he was firing from his catapult ovias he was using both hands and where was Blessing?

gandangaguru 2 weeks ago

@mutoriro... 2100 thats during the night no one dares aproach someone armed with a catapult surely you cant identfy his position and target properly hence povo opted for cover....

gandangaguru 2 weeks ago

probably unconcious.... since she was seen being dragged.(nolonger walking)... read order of events and you will notice that

Mutoriro Movement 2 weeks ago

I asked myself the same question. Some statements do not make sense. And how many were they that one person using a catapult could overpower them?

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Aripi boyfriend yacho Toda msoro wake ku court tinzwe heduuuu u can run but u can't hide.

boss tito, 2 weeks ago

iwe mangwana ziva hakuna munhu wesimbi mukufawo chete itai yamurikuit iyoyo nxaaaa

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