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MORE Details On Death Of ZIDA CEO Douglas Munatsi

MORE Details On Death Of ZIDA CEO Douglas Munatsi

ZimLive has posted a series of messages on Twitter adding more information on what could have transpired on the night of the death of ZIDA CEO, Douglas Munatsi, who died in a house fire on Monday morning. We present the thread below:

DOUG MUNATSI: Here’s what we know He has a visitor at his luxury penthouse at 9 PM Sunday, someone called Colleta (or close). She left at around 1 AM. At 2.50 AM a neighbour says heard commotion and raced to the balcony. Says Munatsi called out to him to call the fire brigade

The fire brigade was on the scene at 3.11 AM, but they could not completely put out the fire until about 5 AM Munatsi’s penthouse is massive. The bedroom, where the fire was concentrated, has a door leading to the balcony When the fire was finally put out, Munatsi’s body was found in bedroom.
What’s puzzling is why Munatsi would ask a neighbour to call fire brigade, while making no effort to escape House has several exits, including one leading to the steps. The fire did not reach the kitchen – where he could have tried to hide 3/
There was no electricity at the time, which rules out electrical fault as the cause Fire brigade is preparing the report, and it’s understood they will likely conclude a candle may have caused the fire.
Munatsi’s family says he has been receiving death threats in recent weeks, believed to relate to a report on “land barons” he sent to President Mnangagwa Munatsi had an appointment with Mnangagwa at 7.20 AM today.
The police, meanwhile, are believed to be leaning on the side that the fire was started deliberately and that Munatsi had been “immobilised”, possibly drugged, to prevent him from escaping. Mnangagwa said in a statement that the circumstances of Munatsi’s death were “unclear”

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