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More Details Emerge On Fidelity Building Police Vs Robbers Standoff

More Details Emerge On Fidelity Building Police Vs Robbers Standoff

Armed robbers Saturday pounced on Fidelity Building located at 11th Avenue and Fife Street in Bulawayo’s Central Business District (CBD) and reportedly sneaked out with US$6 270 as well as ZAR5 000 from one of the offices in the 12-storey building.

Reports suggest that the robbers escaped before police arrived and cordoned off the area.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident saying the suspected robbers pounced on a Women Empowerment Trust housed in the building that also acts as a money transfer agent.

He said they also harassed customers who were queuing to get their money who they allegedly locked into a room. Nyathi told The Sunday News:

The ZRP is investigating an armed robbery incident which occurred at a Women Empowerment Trust at 6th Floor, Fidelity Building, Bulawayo where two armed robbers pounced and got away with US$6 270 as well as R5 000. The company is also involved in money transfer. They also harassed customers who wanted to collect and deposit their money.

He said police reacted swiftly to information and cordoned off the building with initial reports indicating that the robbers were still inside the building.

Asst Comm Nyathi said on entering the building, the police realised that the robbers had already sneaked out when they got to the scene.

Sources said police then looked at the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage in the building, and observed the two suspected robbers in the act.

The suspects reportedly fled in a white Honda Fit vehicle, and by the time security personnel in the building alerted the police, the suspects had escaped.

The robbery comes barely days after armed robbers pounced on a CBZ bank outlet situated along the same street. Police said they were on the hunt for the suspects.

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Uz student 4 months ago

Ndokumbirawo scholarship president 😔

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Yanga waenda kuBorder Gezi Institute.
Kana wanvako, woenda kuChitepo School of Ideology.

If you qualify ndokuratidza Chinonzi Chinhu ChaDaddy ndokuti uwane skorashipi

honda 4 months ago

honda fit haishaike munyaya dzakadai kkkk

Ndadzoka zvekare 4 months ago

they should stop just seating at the offices and deploy heavenly armed police should be patroling in every street every Avenue.
that is what should be done not to just be busy chasing around khombi drivers instead of patroling on each and every street that will reduce this madness.

Government should now invest more in police patroling vehicles that are up to standard, and fit for the patrolling task.

for instance look at countries like US you will be seeing police patroling vehicles every street.
When talking about patroling am not talking about using mountain bikes please...

Maduro 4 months ago

Saka Ku 4th floor koitika armed robbery , ground floor ine masecurity they all failed to do something . Even neighbors who share the same complex failed to realize that there was a robbery .

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

It's a police stage managed robbery they are not street robbers every building has security guards who make people sign on entering checking IDs they should have details kana zvisinakudaro saka mahobho anoitei padoor batai mukuru wemapurisa muvharire nxaa.

manjex 4 months ago

ichokwadi mahobho bepolice vese mukati


Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Zvingagonzi police vs robbers kunge vakawana marobbers acho achiripo Ivo vakatotaura navo kuzosvika vabuda was nxaa

Moyo 4 months ago

Same street?? Different financial institutions??

ccc hater 4 months ago

yaaa rhobbayi ma USD ese evanhu ve CCC toda kuona kuti vachashandiseyi paku campaigner

Sir African 4 months ago

We definitely ne to share the nation's cake so good robbers.If it's not enough hit then again.That's what hunger does .

CCC Lover 4 months ago

you CCC hater you are foolish disgusting old imbecile man what do you gain from zanu go hang ****

charlie charlie 4 months ago surprise change your trousers ,under wear and shirts when they are dirty or outlived their time...why do you hate political change.Nero is just a kid who wants change for the good of all citizens..

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