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Mobile Number Hacker Uses WhatsApp To Steal $2.5 Million

Mobile Number Hacker Uses WhatsApp To Steal $2.5 Million

A suspected fraudster hacked an Econet Wireless mobile number and used it to gain access to several WhatsApp groups where he purported to be exchanging Zimbabwe dollars for US dollars at a favourable rate.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said several relatives of the victim of the hacker responded positively to the message and in no time they had deposited $2 580 000 into three ZB Bank accounts.

In a post on their Twitter page, ZRP said when one of the victims tried to call the number, it was not being answered, prompting him to alert the bank to freeze the account.

The police did not indicate if the money was withdrawn from the accounts or identify the individual in whose name the accounts were opened. Police said:

The ZRP is investigating a case of fraud where an unknown suspect hacked mobile number 0772967506 on 16/02/22 and accessed some WhatsApp groups where he advertised for an exchange of RTGS transfer for USD currencies.

Several family members responded positively and $2 580 000 was deposited into ZB Bank account numbers 4506676529200, 4506301678200 and 4528281444200.

After depositing the money, one of the victims tried to call the number and it was not being answered prompting him to alert the bank and freeze the mentioned account numbers.

In an unrelated incident, ZRP called on parents and guardians not to leave their children with strangers, especially girls.

This comes after a 12-year-old juvenile was allegedly raped by a herdboy aged at Gohole Village, Chief Nyangazonke, Maphisa on Thursday.

The victim had been left home with the suspect as the aunt went to the fields. Police have since arrested the suspect and he is expected to appear in court soon.

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fokofo 3 months ago

ndiro bhasa reZRP iroro not ravo rekurova bsnu

Sponono 3 months ago

Vanhu zvavanotorwara kutenda kuzvinhu zvakadhakwa


Zvazvanga zvingori 3 months ago

The person is known.How did he or she get the bank account.The proper banking and line registrations are known.A near Ponzi scheme

Fraudster Zvinoreveikoiwe 3 months ago

Remember this person is fraudster. What you must know is that a fraudsters can actually have a complete set of identity documents that they can use to open bank accounts. At the bank the account will actually be having all the KYC documents ie ID, proof of residence etc but all such documents would have been obtained fraudulently.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

People should wake up, ZRP always tells us about the dangers around us but still you find people going for them seeing easy money.
people get robbed after getting into private cars then run to the police who say don't use them...

Fortune Muchuchuti 3 months ago

Econet needs to give users an elaborate step-by-step explanation of how this hacking takes place so everyone becomes equipped against these techno-savvy criminals

Voter 3 months ago

I once got a call from ecocash to choose 1 ecocash acc , I had 1 acc according to my knowledge but no I had 2 accs of which the 2nd one i ddnt register. but ecocash agent gave me the number n suggested i select the one i use frequently n if i ddnt register the other line to hv it sim swapped to make the other one invalid to the person using it n i dd n i found $43 000 in the acc after i had the pin reset . I went to ecocash n they told me if it in my acc its mine since the other user stole my id to register i cld as well use the money. I dd . I registered the number on whatsapp n boy dd tht thief hv clients n all of them refuse to say who was the user of tht line . My advice check wth yo network provider if u hv those sim cards u knw only registered in yo name or mayb some1 is using yo name to do sinister deeds . U might be keeping some1's millions safe somewher ungakwazi . I hv never lost any IDs i dnt knw how n when that sim was registered , the user even used my address .

Yvt 3 months ago

Dont give OTP Code u receive via sms to someone ati i have send it by mistake, once u give out that OTP Code the hacker takes over your whatsapp account. Vamwe can take over facebook and email addresses. The rule is do not click unknown links and give out those 4 digit (OTP) codes to anyone even if they say ndeve ku econet or from your bank !!!

Tboz 3 months ago

Why dd they deposit the money in those accs when they had not met the guy?! Sometimes we give police extra work because of our own stupidity. This is fejafeja gambling wth a hint of technology

Mnyisi 3 months ago

Lami ngeke ngifake imali kuAcc umuntu engekho even my own friend

Tboz 3 months ago

Still I wldnt send money to some1 in exchange for cash in his absence no no no I want him to be ther when i send the money n he hands me the cash. Simpulu ..$2.5m n noone thought to do that ! I just dont trust anyone wth money to that extent , mayb thats a problm kkk

Mbombi 3 months ago

You have been told wani kuti the person hacked a number and gained access to WhatsApp groups. So here is the trick, you Tboz are a forex dealer and you have groups where you usually post your adverts. Someone then havks your WhatsApp and begins to post on those groups as you. So all those who usually deal with Tboz will just think that it's the Tboz they usually deal with. By the time time they realise that the real Tboz has been hacked money would have been transferred already.

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