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Mnangagwa's Advisor Urges Government To Accept Zim Dollar Tax Payments

Mnangagwa's Advisor Urges Government To Accept Zim Dollar Tax Payments

United Refineries Limited (URL) chief executive, Busisa Moyo, has urged the government to accept tax payments in the local currency to increase confidence in its use.

The businessman, who is also a presidential advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa made the remarks on the sidelines of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) 2021 congress.

Speaking during a live radio talk show on the weekend, Moyo who is also the chairperson of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), said:

The US$1: $200 and US$1: $100 rates have caused a lot of challenges in the industry, a lot of things are being chocked.

I do not think you should pay taxes in US dollars, you should pay taxes in the local currency. The government is the issuer of the local currency, the first backer of the currency is government itself.

You cannot invite me to your house and say I am buying myself a KFC when you are the one who cooked. If you invite me we eat together.

The local currency which is now trading at US$1: ZWL$99 on the official market and as high as US$1: ZWL$200 on the popular black market, has been losing value at a parafin speed since reintroduction in 2019.

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Dodge 6 months ago

Koino ruza value sei Tina muzvina fundo porofesa chaivo gara Zviya pakudzidza mberi kwa porofesa kunani help ipapo.let,s stop and check out on the way we do business here in Zimbabwe .In South Africa the govt has a policy which deals with the currents they don't allow ministers to control the reserve Bank here .Mangudya is a puppet he doesn't do his on things.Let him work freely and u will see good results.Muthli is the same he needs to work independently not on a remote control working system .Were some one behind the scenes is operates the whole banking system of the country . Parallel market money changing scheme who is behind it we know .Help Mangudya and Muthuli to stop instead of squeezing them to stop the madness whilst we are responsible for the madness.Unowana munhu aine ma 20nema 50 bond matsva asina kana kumbo Shanda abvepi tell me Zimbabwe .Anogona kuwana 2 million bond odira mi street ndiyani .?????? Muthuli has tried his best but holes under his feet are too many he will fail just like his predicessor .Zim banking system is highly corrupt u won't win the very pple who are suppose to protect it are using their political muscle to milk the system .It has been tried before with no luck.Come next year massive looting before elections will be done everymonth.Goodluck Muthuli and Mangudya I feel pity for you guys you are in the wrong bus going in the wrong direction in the wrong country 😡 .

Tito 6 months ago

Economics dzemuZimbabwe dzinongoda minister akaita saChinamasa panguva yake arimu office akangodeedzera kuti dhongi nemombe zvakafanana 1:1 zvinhu zvikatofaya, zvinopakazouya bamnini magirazi🤓 vakuita kunge vanoona sterek vakuti dhongi nemombe hazvina kufanana now yave 1:200 , Zim economics hadzidi fundo dzinongoda mbabvu chete😁😁🤣🤣

Terence zidya 6 months ago

Mmmmh Boyz musazidaro

NakaDhula 6 months ago

So the Gvt itself dosent accept its own currency?🤔🤔🤔#mapepasaka

Ma1 6 months ago

Be exemplary pakuremekedza local currency yenyu and show the world kuti inoshanda.

Chogu fire03°^∆ 6 months ago

Truth ipapo ma one taurawo navo ipapo....

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