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Mnangagwa Urges ZANU PF Youths To Shun Violence

Mnangagwa Urges ZANU PF Youths To Shun Violence

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged ZANU PF youths to shun all forms of violence and intolerance but to uphold the highest standards of morality and ethics in their conduct.

Addressing the 7th ZANU PF Youth League national conference in Harare on Friday, 6 May, Mnangagwa, who is also ZANU PF First Secretary, said:

Violence, intolerance, self-hate, and the denigration of our beautiful country are alien to us as the people of Zimbabwe.

I call upon all young people to reject and shun those malcontents and detractors who drive this agenda. As ZANU PF we denounce violence in all its ugly forms.

… Remain vigilant, honest, focused, and loyal in defence of the party.

Stay committed to what is right, ethical and morally acceptable.

I also urge young people to desist from abusing the various social media platforms.

Instead, use your platforms to promote our national development discourses, identity, unity and peace as well as production, productivity, innovation and ingenuity among the young people of our country.

Mnangagwa also exhorted ZANU PF youths to mobilise voters to vote for the ruling party in the 2023 harmonised elections. He said:

We must begin now, to win the 2023 harmonised elections. It is all systems go in our party’s mobilisation drive, tinoda kuvasvasvanga, polling station by polling station, ward by ward, constituency by constituency, province by province and finally at the national level, towards a thunderous victory for ZANU PF.

Let us never leave anything to chance. We should not fall asleep or procrastinate.

In everything we do, let us have a greater sense of urgency, across all wings of the party.

The Youth League is indeed obliged to serve the young people wholeheartedly and to win their hearts and minds.

In this regard, I challenge you to develop and implement precise, realistic, and scientific mobilisation strategies, based on our rallying call “musangano kuma cell”.

Zimbabwe’s elections are generally characterised by violence. An opposition CCC supporter, Mboneni Ncube, was speared to death by suspected ZANU PF members in Mbizo, Kwekwe, ahead of the 26 March 2022 by-elections.

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Dr Herc 1 month ago

Who s talking

Rio 1 month ago

#shutdown Zim
#time for action
#zim lives matter

kudzanai chipanga 1 month ago

Noted with thanks your Excellency

rey 1 month ago

ko friday in mabvuku u said zanu pf youth go and take money from money changers ,today u are shunning violents

a u for real

STALIN 1 month ago

Asi ED apa akutaura chokwadi violence haina kunaka but anyway VOTE FOR CHAMISA


GUKURAHUNDI 😁 Mastermind asking for an end in violence



GUKURAHUNDI 😁 Mastermind asking for an end in violence

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Madii matanga kuudza vachiwenga coz ndovanokurudzira noise

biy 1 month ago

sure stop vhayorenzi ED its very bad tell generari also

Analysis 1 month ago

No one is.right
Nelson and Emmason what want is.leadership not hetret

Asalif 1 month ago

I didn't think you can tell the youth you should tell those who send them to do violence and murders you should address that kuconference vese varipo

1 month ago

mubocha 1 month ago

kwaa musadaroba akomana zviro zvachooo

Machiavelli 1 month ago

He should start with his Vice President the war monger

Asalif 1 month ago

taura hako vana vadii vachingotumwa

🙄 1 month ago

Look who is talking about shunning violence. It is as good as the devil himself preaching again sin. ED stop it!!! You should be ashamed of yourself as a human being.

Addy 1 month ago

true baba he should

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

He shld also tell other law enforcement agents like the police and army to be non partisan to include the Judiciary also.

Mr j 1 month ago

please vote for Nelson Chamisa

chigunwe mudenga👆 1 month ago


youth 1 month ago

🌶️mhiripiri sauce

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