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Mnangagwa Relives 2017 Gwanda Poisoning Incident

Mnangagwa Relives 2017 Gwanda Poisoning Incident

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the advanced medical equipment that he was exposed to in South Africa after he was airlifted to the neighbouring country following a poisoning incident in Gwanda in 2017 inspired his vision of a better health delivery system in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa suddenly fell ill during a ZANU PF rally in Gwanda in 2017 before he was airlifted to Gweru and later to South Africa for treatment.

Speaking during an interactive meeting with the business community at a hotel in Kwekwe on Friday, Mnangagwa said:

Most of you would remember that in August 2017, I had an incident of poisoning in Gwanda and I was airlifted to Gweru.

General Chiwenga then came to pick me up, airlifting me to South Africa.

In South Africa, I was exposed to some expert medical attention and that’s when I made a decision that this kind of medical technology should also be there in Zimbabwe.

I had no idea then that they had decided to fire me back home.

Mnangagwa had opened the Midlands State University National Pathology and Diagnostic Centre in Gweru before he addressed the business meeting in Kwekwe.

He challenged Zimbabweans to work hard for the country’s economic recovery, saying people should not continue to cry because of the sanctions imposed on the country by Western countries. He added:

Of course, there are a sizeable number of people in the economy who are saboteurs, but if we work as a unit we will conquer them.

There might be some pain felt along the way, but we will get there. What is needed is to focus on the positives and forget about the minor challenges.


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inizvangu 1 month ago

Kudada nekunorapwa kunze kwenyika hamusvodi. What improvements have you made to the Health sector, since you came to power - dololo.

Mukadota 1 month ago

You were inspired and what did u do back home. Pagomo parikudyiwa sadza nedovi. Woti heee chakati Heee chakadai. Nonsense

Soup man Sadza 1 month ago

Ndarota munhu wese achipiwa Ice Cream nemachinda angaapfeka ma scarf vachingoti ukatora Ice Cream voshedzera kuti Pfeee ukaramba kuti voshedzeta kuti Atizviiidiii.. ummm ndirikutsvaga vanoshandira 😭☝️☝️☝️

Muntuza 1 month ago

Zim has got the facilities , only your money counts. ED' s govt should invest more in high priority projects like health, not in shady Zupco bus deals or defence when the region enjoys peace. The Gwanda poisoning was just stage managed just the same as the White City bomb incident.

c 1 month ago

CCC real change

Dzakutsaku 1 month ago

And so between 1980 and August 2017 it never appeared to you that the country needed advanced medical technology. Zvimwe zvinhu nyararai lest you expose your daftness, looting moron. So everyone else didn't matter until you were at risk yourself. Itai mushe sekuru!

Chichie Bae 1 month ago

Mazimbo munogona kutaura chete...


Laylow 1 month ago

That escape from death means something, ED has got a mission yet to be accomplished, this guy escaped many deaths wait and see give him time you'll praise him one day or soo.......

poorvho 1 month ago

....he will be gone for good

Gwanda citizens 1 month ago

ngavavure chipatara chacho ku Gwanda pakatangira nya yacho

giresi 1 month ago

lets do it over again

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

What type of poison was this cynide ,Karate,actelyic dust, DDT, Russian Vodka ,Jack Daniel,Glernmoranch,ICE CREAM OK.🍦🍦

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