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Mnangagwa Promises Title Deeds To Harare South Residents

Mnangagwa Promises Title Deeds To Harare South Residents

Harare South legislator, Tongai Mnangagwa, has assured residents that they are set to receive title deeds to their residential stands next month.

Most of the houses in Harare South don’t have the services normally required to gain the title deeds.

Speaking during the launch of the area’s road rehabilitation programme, Mnangagwa said 5 000 households are expected to be handed over title deeds to their properties next month. He said:

This is a national project starting here in Harare South whose main thrust is to assist residents in underdeveloped areas to obtain title deeds since about 90 per cent of houses in high-density areas have no title deeds.

At least 5 000 households in this constituency are going to obtain documents for their homes by next month.

Some of the Harare South residents are victims of land barons and without title deeds, it is difficult to access loans and credit facilities from financial institutions.

Stoneridge Residents’ Association chairman, Trymore Kanopula, said they are working on programmes to regularise settlements in the constituency.

He said people who have built houses in areas planned for other amenities such as schools and hospitals would be relocated.

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MaFyt 3 months ago

However on the plight of teachers, their concerns are genuine. I support ZANU-PF but kana maticha aona kuti maauthorities aramba kubhadhara ngavasa enda kuma.xuls STOP, anoda maticha achava mari,inoita kuti vadewo basa SANDIZVO HERE

Goodfellas 3 months ago

42years no development when was the last time a crane was seen in the capital city building a sky scrapper.NRZ inherited a vibrant railway company from Ian Smith regime but look it's now run down.Hospital with no drugs.Civil servants now reduced to paupers what else can Zanu Pf offer besides old tired politicians who are past their sell date.It boggles the mind when you some youths wanting to vote for old politicians yet we have a young and vibrant young man let's give him a chance.France is one of the richest nations on earth and is nuclear armed it has a young leader and daily french lives are uplifted.Our livelihoods are drifting backwards to stone age.Zimbabweans let's stop being bought with few pieces of silver surely we can do without donated mbeus a bag of fertilizers and 2kgs of rice let us not be charity cases. These leaders are not powerful it's us citizens who are powerful let's make the right choices for generations to come

Chimudara 3 months ago

Kuda nekusada kuvhotera zanu inowina mark my words

Zvekumbunyitswa taramba 3 months ago

Even yakahwina hatidye Mumba mako pasi nezanu 2023 Ed out

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Kkkkkkk pliz pliz once and for all ZANU pf stop buying votes,look at Chamisa he isn't spoiling anybody but he is a Giant.ZANU guys we are now tired of you get it!!!!Ilizwe selifile,sure ama Urban citizens are now surviving nge WFP and other NGOs,how do you expect the unemployed youths who are orphans,living with disabilities etc to take care of themselves,their siblings and their parents?

Stop being selfish guys,other SADC nations have given new faces some chance to lead and they have transformed the livelyhood of their countryman.We are suffering because of the leadership.

WaveOfChange 3 months ago

@Hulk Hogan that true tabhoo neZanu,42 years of destruction


Jinn 3 months ago

Chero tikapiwa ma tittle deeds acho,Zanu out

suu whoop 3 months ago

#Thanks@ Jinn
........ ........#NO VOTE ON ZANU

Jinn 3 months ago

@suu whoop am WITH YOU brother

suu whoop 3 months ago


Tk 3 months ago

#CCCwith a yellow smile☺☺☺

T@aaa 3 months ago

Kunyange ndikapiwa madeeds angu handivhotere zanu .Kundipa kana kusandipa ndinoziva ndichangoawana .Kana nero avapanyanga tinongoawana haana mwoyo wezanu wekurwadzisa vanhu.

Majeke 3 months ago

@T vote yako haina kana basa iwe Harare yagara it's an opposition no go area.Kavote kako kagara hakana basa Zanu pf yagara inongo hwina uko bp ndiyo icha kukaurisa

Citizen 3 months ago

Makanonokera collgate. Chaora ichi

Vachingovukura iyo Zhou ichingoinda, 2023 ED panyanga, Office ndeyenyu Shumba 3 months ago

Pamberi neZanu PF

ZimCitizen 3 months ago

Unobva wangowonekwa kuti uri we Zanu pf kusarongeka.

Vachingovukura iyo Zhou ichingoinda, 2023 ED panyanga Office ndeyenyu Shumba 3 months ago

Chero rikaita 100 lines zvinei newe, kukwana kana kusakwana hazvitadzise Zanu kuhwina 2023

Central Central 3 months ago

Campaigning strategies

Central 3 months ago

Campaigning strategies

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