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Mnangagwa Promises National Documents To Gukurahundi Victims

Mnangagwa Promises National Documents To Gukurahundi Victims

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said his government is going to expedite the provision of national identity documents such as birth certificates and ID cards to communities that were affected by Gukurahundi.

Gukurahundi is a term used to refer to a military operation carried out by the North Korean-trained 5th Brigade of the Zimbabwe National Army in Matabeleland and Midlands in the 1980s which resulted in the death of an estimated 20 000 Ndebele people.

Writing in his weekly column in The Sunday News, Mnangagwa said those affected by Gukurahundi were right in feeling that they were being marginalised. He said:

In my interaction with many rural communities, especially in those areas affected by disturbances which visited us in the early years of our Independence, it became very clear to me that many of our citizens did not have birth certificates, or identity cards, let alone passports.

Those affected felt they lived on the margins of citizenship, and rightly so.

For families in communities affected by the early disturbances, this amounted to a healing delay, indeed a painful reminder of the trauma they had endured and lived through, a pain which continued to manifest through their failure to access these key national documents.

Investigations revealed that this unhappy state of affairs owed to many factors, among them the onerous and rigid registration requirements the authorities demanded issuance of these vital documents by which citizenship is either validated or rendered nominal or even denied, depending on access.

The other reasons related to costs which both a centralised and city-centred service imposed on those who needed the service the most, yet afforded the costs of getting it the least.

We resolved the matter through a series of decisions which, among other measures, simplified requirements for issuance of documents; measures which brought the service closer to communities through mobile registration and issuance units, and through decentralisation and making the registration process free.

I am now happy that access to birth certificates and national identity cards has vastly improved, with many who had lived in the twilight zone of citizenship feeling they now belong and are empowered.

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Angry Citizen 1 month ago

Vote buying ­čśé ­čśé ­čśé ­čśé ­čśé

Victim 1 month ago

Ngaatibvire, this is just a campaign strategy

jonso 1 month ago

Especially in those affected areas when ziyambi said it was nationwide

Zimyouth 1 month ago

Photo iyo iri kutitosvora maziso, it should be sensored.

King 1 month ago

Ngaatibvire pepooo uyo

Majority Rule 1 month ago

The same people their mental trauma can never be restored by giving them a cheap metal identity

Majority Rule 1 month ago

And all who perished,are thy going to be woken by a metal identity, some people need to be respective and considerate


Freed 1 month ago


Gugurahundi victim 1 month ago

We dnt want IDs we want perpetrators of Gugurahundi prosecuted fullstop.

Kinzhal missle 1 month ago

President vauya nenyaya yakanaka ... vanhu Ngavapiwe maID vavhote

chikara 1 month ago

maitabasa tiwane kukubvisai 2023

Gwedu 1 month ago

Dnt keep them bleeding ED poor minded man

Umntwana behlabathi 1 month ago

Akhusukhe mthakhathi

Vandem 1 month ago

You are the one who killed our parents , nw you are campaign muchishandisa mazita evashakabvu ava kumutsa maronda anga ava kupora shame on u. Ndipei chitupa chacho ndivhote maresults muchamaoba cm 2023

Vandem 1 month ago

Ed ari kuda kusiya aripa mosva dzake ozobva pachigaro

pk 1 month ago

why is it that people from matebeleland cry as if you are the only victims of gukurahundi. dissidents also killed the shonas. it's only that dissidents were defeated. just get your IDs and say thanks president

Django unchained 1 month ago

Hameno zvavo naMwari wavo.

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