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Mnangagwa Promises 50 000 Biometric Title Deeds To Epworth Residents

Mnangagwa Promises 50 000 Biometric Title Deeds To Epworth Residents

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured Epworth residents that his Government will give them biometric title deeds to regularise their homes.

Mnangagwa on Saturday reaffirmed the promise he initially made when he launched the ZANU PF by-elections campaign in Harare’s dormitory settlement early this year.

Addressing ZANU PF supporters at a rally in Epworth on Saturday, 23 April, to celebrate ZANU PF legislator Zalerah Makari’s by-election victory, Mnangagwa said the process to offer title deeds to residents was delayed by the proliferation of fake title deeds.

He said the title deeds for Epworth residents would be of the same type as the recently introduced electronic passports. Mnangagwa said:

We promised you title deeds, I remember telling you the last time that we had completed the geospatial mapping, which allows us to see the state of the settlement and we were ready to give title deeds.

However, our security told us that some crooks were printing their own title deeds. We had to go back to the drawing table and find a way around that, we are now introducing biometric title deeds with security features.

These are title deeds which cannot be fraudulently printed by individuals. These title deeds have the same security features as e-passports.

We procured equipment from Germany, which allows us to print secure documents with impenetrable security features.

Mnangagwa also promised to solve all of Epworth residents’ challenges that were forwarded to him by Makari for action. He said:

Yesterday, your MP (Makari) told me that there is a struggle for water in Epworth.

I have four Presidential borehole drilling rigs, three that are in Harare and one in Binga.

So yesterday around 6 pm I called the team running the scheme and I told them of this event, I told them that they should spend the night drilling one borehole.

I am proud to say by this morning they had completed drilling the borehole and installing the whole system.

It will take time to solve water challenges because there are structural issues which need to be taken care of.

But in the meantime, we will put two boreholes in each of the seven wards in Epworth.

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passion 1 month ago

eeeh ngei....

Bonzo 1 month ago

Vakuru nyepai muchisiya pamangwana taneta tosangana 2023

guru 1 month ago

these are nauseating lies straight

🤣🤣🤣🤣 1 month ago

Tiffany waonesa vanhu chokwadi. but Zanus are uneducated people. they do not think even for their future and children. . tired of this ruring party( true)

千凵几Ꮆ Ҡ凵 1 month ago

INickname yakhe izaba nguChibhorani , umdala ufile ngamaborehole lo , ubanhena left ryt n down kkkk

Blot 1 month ago

stop promising...deliver ..wake up and act and stop promising lies...u are the leader yet you keep promising..why can't you deliver so that people may see your seriousness


🤣🤣🤣🤣 1 month ago

father of empty promises. shut up. tired newe. Mr Chiwenga the vice president apa ndopavekuda operation restore regasi.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 1 month ago

school fees first kuma teacher Mr President

Tiffany 1 month ago

Wananchi ,it is Sunday and many of you were packing churches ,listening to every drop that came out of the Preacher s mouth .

Searching for answers ,searching for truth.

Many of you are searching for that reaffirmation of the goodness of man ,and the point of existence.

At our Church today, we were blessed by the towering presence of Bishop Chad Gandiya.In his message ,he asked of our new confirmants and I guess to all of us,why were we created.

Why are we here ,what is the purpose of our existence.

These are deep questions that philosophers ,glossators ,and scholars since time immemorial have battled with and are still struggling with even today.

To those of the Christian faith ,the answer to these questions is simple.We were created to serve ,to acknowledge and to worship.


But outside this world ,what do those of earthly disposition say.
I wonder how all the autocrats ,fascists and dictators over centuries in existence would answer this question.

I wonder how those of the chaos faction would answer this question. Indeed how would those of the Revolutionary Party answer this?

What complicates matters further is that many of the world s top architects of destruction and gloom have in fact committed atrocities in the name of The Lord or in his defense thereof.

Many are still vandalizing the people on the basis of some spiritual calling.

They are many too who worship him so much but will at the same time do unbelievable ,heinous crimes against fellow citizens.It is almost like they are two persons in one,the Christian and then the murderer or criminal.

I know for instance that many in the Revolutionary Party are or purport to be Christians.Some are Catholic ,some Pentecostals ,Methodists ,Lutherans ,they are all there.

It is not for anyone to judge another.That is for that person and his creator.

But for me it can not be one s purpose in life to serve and worship power.To commit genocides,crimes,to malign people s reputations in gutter newspapers , to rig elections ,cause such untold suffering on the people .This is not on.

This is not the purpose of existence or the justification of one s life.

When people commit evil against other people do they ever bother to unpack the consequences of their action on their victims and their families.I think not.

So if you write vile articles against the person of the Prime Minister and his wife ,do you not have conscience.Do you ever stop to think that ,before everything else ,Morgan Tsvangirai is a human being,a father, a son ,a husband,an uncle .In other words ,just a plain simple guy who is just like you and me.

That Elizabeth Tsvangirai is also just another individual.A mother ,a wife,a sister ,a daughter an aunt ,a nephew,a cousin.

In the quest of power ,do we then sink this low ,and hit below the knees.

This is not the Zimbabwe I know and I want to be part of.If anything these kind of things simply confirm ,the correctness of our cause.

They simply refuel our insatiable resolve for a free democratic Zimbabwe where our people are free to pursue their lives without hindrance.

They may kill us ,torture us ,murder us ,malign us ,but they will not break our resolve for change in this country.

This country can not continue to be run on the fuel of conflict,attrition ,of exclusion and such deep seated hatred.

Wananchi ,tomorrow is Heroes Day and the elites of the Revolutionary Party will be in Warren Hills in their numbers,paying their allegiances.

The truth of the matter Wananchi to any democrat ,is that the struggle for liberation and decolonization was key in this country.

Colonialism was a fetter on our country ,a yoke that had to be liquidated.

That much is incontestable
So those of us who were to young to go to the war owe a lot to the generation that executed the struggle for generation.A few whose remains are in Warren Hills.

Our problem however is Independence itself has not come with true liberation and genuine uplift meant of our people .No it has not.

Thirty three years after independence ,the majority of our people live in sub optimal existence on par with ,or even worse off than their status quo in 1980. This is not politics but scientific fact.

Not only that while colonialism was a form of apartheid ,to the majority of us ,the very fact of your non participation in the war has generated in its own right a new form of apartheid.

Idioms of exclusion and delegitimization have been created and cooked.

More importantly ,even though the struggle against colonialism was a national project ,the same has been privatized and totally taken away from the Wananchi.

It is now an elite extension of the Vampire State. A private bazaar where licenses to looting and extraction are given.

Put in different terms ,the elites in the Revolutionary Party have captured and privatized the war of liberation.

They have vandalized it so much so that there is no national ownership of the same.Wananchi has thus totally divorced themselves from it.

Further 33 years after independence you can not have a constant definition of the hero,which in any event is eclectically applied.

How do you explain that the founder of ZANU Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole is not there and yet pretenders like Chenjerai Hunzvi are buried there.

What criteria do you use in saying Va Mudenge is buried there and not Chindori Chininga.

But more importantly surely the concept of a hero needs to evolve.This country in the last thirty three years has produced man and women of great valour who deserve hero recognition .

.From the church labour ,the arts ,the sciences we have produced many a hero.

I could give you a host of names from every field.

It's a question that the old master ,Oliver Mtukudzi asks in one of his solo hits
"What is a hero,a national hero.To me Safirio Madzikatire,is a hero,a national hero,mukadato"

That in fact is the tragedy of failed nationalism.

The thing is Wananchi , nationalists who took over our country have in fact been the biggest and most vicious attackers of nationalism and the concept of nationhood.

By executing policies of exclusion and discrimination they have in fact failed to build a nation state with one common identity ,one voice and one pride.

They have failed to create brand Zimbabwe,and Team Zimbabwe .

Traveling to places like America ,China and the Far East,I have been shocked by the fierce levels of nationalism and nationhood that exists.

The truth is despite their political differences (,just think of the political fights in Japan or in the American Congress for instance.), these people are united by a common bond of nationhood.

A common set of values that transcends religion and political party .

The revolutionary party unfortunately failed to create this.

By continuing with straight jacketed policies ,crafted from a narrow parochial power centered matrix ,they alienated Zimbabweans and moved them far away from a rigid divisive ,ra****t or exclusive concept of Zimbabwean-hood

I am proudly Zimbo.But I am not ZANU Pf.Alas you can only be Zimbo if you are ZANU Pf .

.That Wananchi is the tragedy in the motherland.

The story of our times.


Yoooh 1 month ago

ZiComposition rese iri rinoverengwa Nani?

ED PFEE 2023 1 month ago


ZANU-PF OFFICIAL 1 month ago

we know that you are lying.2023 bhora musango Mira uwone.chero ukatipa ma deeds bhora musango is our mission.

Dzvamu 1 month ago

In this day and age boasting about boreholes really? Kkkk its backwards. People need taped water. We need money in our pockets with real value not imagined or predetermined auction rates. Markets are the arbitrars of exchange rates. No one believes the auction rate even the RBZ governor trying to put up a brave face. Imagine a whole economy depending on those paltry weekly forex allocations. Whenever a gvt tries to subsidise anything it always ends up in disaster. Remember gono days. Remember mealie meal subsidies. Auction system is doomed. It won't work. The economy is dead. Tobika mvura here?

Machiavelli 1 month ago

For a President who has just presided over the collapse of the Health Service, I have no doubt that he will extend to Epworth the same Scotch cart ambulances that he has unveiled in most rural district hospitals.

And service delivery is getting worse and worse. First urban centres used to get piped water. Now they are getting boreholes. Next there will be ED wells and Blair latrines in all urban areas.

That's ZANU's idea of progress my dears.

Ali 1 month ago

Ndozvandaigaro taura again kuti unonzwa president vachiti am drilling boreholes in town saka basa rekanzuro rozova rei maStupid evanhu ava nxaaa

😁 1 month ago

kuEpworth here hakuna nezvevanhu. They are all for ZANUPF nevimbiso idzodzo. kkkk

😝😝😝 1 month ago

In Earth Quack Doing we know what
It's Mugwazo
where we Belong

Iwe Nhingi 1 month ago

Hapana zvawataura apa. u are very childish. U think boreholes drilled overnight is the panacea to our ailing economy. We have had these promises sin die,ad infinitum and ad nauseam. As u spew your political nonsense the dollar is heading north to 1:350. The price of every basic need is reaching unparalleled levels. U don't think that's why u call yourself Nhingi

Warthog 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Shit taura hako bhudas

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Citizens are being Hoodwinked by the gymmick of stands deeds. How can they accept to be fooled like that. How can they believe that they will get deeds at unserviced stands. This is a campaign gymmick which he is now going to fool voters with in all urban settlements.


nhingi 1 month ago

it's funny how ed campaigns. it seems comic but he's gaining votes. these little things are making him even more famous in Epworth. in everything he's doing, he's is making sure that the brand goes first. look at the ED bread... it's something that even a streetkid will notice. in Binga hes making strides there. where is the oposition? CCC retained most of their seats but up today no thank you rally has been held so far. the voter is noticing. the day that opposition political parties will start respecting individual voter ndopatichatanga kutaura ipapo. not this belief of saying mateachers are incapacitated so they will vote for them... that assumption is as bad as rigging your own votes!

K Commander 1 month ago

Unoziva ndogara ndichizvitaura izvi everyday kut ko vakomana vakumbonyararirei chaizvo

D evil 1 month ago

You are true but une nhema

ini 1 month ago


Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

Layaan munopabuda here pa2023 nezvamurikuitwa ne economy iyi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Apa hamumire kuita promises henyu 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Water problems achasara pasi nezvamuchaitwa naiyo economy yamunosiya vana Vostro nanaNotsro vachiita izvi

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