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Mnangagwa Presides Over Groundbreaking Ceremony For US$130 Million Lithium Mine

Mnangagwa Presides Over Groundbreaking Ceremony For US$130 Million Lithium Mine

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for a new US$130 million Sabi Star lithium mine in Buhera District, Manicaland Province.

According to a report by The Herald, the mine is set to produce 300 000 tonnes of the mineral a year and employ more than 900 Zimbabweans.

The Sabi Star Mine is being spearheaded by Max Mind (Zimbabwe) Private Limited.

Max Mind has reportedly injected more than US$22 million to date. It plans to invest another $108 million into the mine by July 2023.

After the groundbreaking ceremony, President Mnangagwa later addressed ZANU PF supporters who were gathered at Mkwase Primary School in the district. He said:

The investment of about US$130 million by Maxi Mind (Zimbabwe) is most welcome and will go a long way towards our quest to establish vibrant lithium mining and value chain industries in our country.

This project among others will give further impetus to the overall modernisation, industrialisation and growth of our economy.

Government invites more investors to take up opportunities that abound in the exploration, extraction and beneficiation of our gold, diamonds, lithium, chrome, our platinum group of metals, our nickel, iron, coal and methane gas among others.

… It is pleasing that Maxi Mind (Zimbabwe) plans to set up a unique battery-grade lithium plant in Mapinga.

This mining project will therefore directly feed into the Mines to Energy Park in Mapinga, which will house a lithium processing plant, marking the inception of a lithium ion battery value chain in Zimbabwe and the region.

The plant is set to see the company contributing over US$500 million in earnings annually towards the realisation of the US$12 billion mining sector economy by 2030.

This single plant in Buhera, in two years’ time, will be earning about US$2 billion.

Sabi Star Mine plans to realise a target of processing 300 000 tonnes of ore to give between 800 and 1000 tonnes of lithium concentrate per day.

The Mine has 55 mining claims covering 3 800 hectares and about 40 families who have been affected by the mining operations have been relocated.

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Vaye vaye 1 month ago

Apo magetsi hakuna

Vesto 1 month ago

Diarise next Saturday @15:00 hours, tabva kumasowe. President ED Shweeee vari kuuya kuzotora groundbreaking ceremony yeBlair toilet yangu.

unoseka 1 month ago

chete 😂😂😂

@Pindula 1 month ago

Your headline had me puzzled a USD130 lithium mine being opened by the president

pindula@ 1 month ago

you are puzzled because you are a confused CCC cockroach that has fallen into our gamatox powder like Tsvangirai Muzuva and others who succumbed to cancer

.... 1 month ago

What does CCC have to do with this.Clearly you either have a drug problem or you simply need to be admitted in a psychiatric ward.Please do so quickly for your own sake

1 month ago

imbogadzirai zvemagetsi mozotinyepera

tinTin 1 month ago

don't be surprised to hear it's his own personal mine.🤔🤔🤔

1 month ago

Ndeye maTwins


1 month ago

Zvogwadza izvi Chinese havanei nesu they just want resources they are selfish those thugs
Realism concept😔😔😔😔um not going to drive a car unless munhu wainda ku pension ungatopihwaho

1 month ago

machaina Aya anoda kumhanyiswa futi mavhet anoisa infrastructure muma communities adzoke pa development

1 month ago

Apana zvavanoita avo even machines avo they can be dismantled vodzokera nayo kumusha
They develop nothing
Road vanotoparadza NEMA trucks avo
Avaise Tara kungo para para NEMA greder

1 month ago

How will this be done when we don't have power...... First fix the electricity issue before opening mines that will obviously depend on zesa

Muhera 1 month ago

Mkwase primary school iri papi ku Buhera?

Zuze 1 month ago

Yakavakwa last week mujecha rekunaSave opposite Chiadzwa

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