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“Mnangagwa Must Resign, Or Bring Back Mohadi!”, Social Media Reacts To Mutami's ED Allegations

“Mnangagwa Must Resign, Or Bring Back Mohadi!”, Social Media Reacts To Mutami's ED Allegations

Some Zimbabweans have taken to Twitter to demand that President Emmerson Mnangagwa either resigns from office or bring back his former deputy Kembo Mohadi, who resigned last year after his affairs with married women and subordinates were exposed.

The calls come after Australia-based Zimbabwean health worker and socialite Susan Mutami alleged that Mnangagwa raped her when she was 15.

Mutami narrated the alleged abuse at Mnangagwa’s hands while at his Sherwood farm in a four-hour-long Twitter space that attracted over 12 000 listeners.

She also claimed that one of the President’s young brothers, Patrick and former state security minister Owen Ncube also forced themselves on her when she was still a minor.

One Majaira Jairosi wrote: [@mutami_susan had 13500 listeners on her space where she detailed some of the most disgusting experiences she went through because of a paedophile @edmnangagwa. A rapist some deluded people call the president. Mnangagwa is the epitome yeHumbwa. If Kembo Mohadi resigned, Mnangagwa MUST.

Malvern Dengu wrote: @edmnangagwa akati anongoisa musoro ka hwani ka two kuna @mutami_susan when she was in Form 3 in 2004 akamupa 2million mwana we chikoro And he was HIV positive. @PoliceZimbabwe should investigate him for child rape. He is a paedophile.

CCC’s Cecilia Chimbiri, who was allegedly abducted and sexually harassed by suspected State agents in 2020, said:

Susan’s story is sad, when she said ‘I died at 15’ I felt that. It’s a political dynamite to Mnangagwa’s criminal enterprise recklessness & their mendacious efforts to cover it up will this time hand pretext for citizens to demonstrate their power.

Another Twitter user, @LynneStactia, said “ED Mnangagwa must step down or give Mohadi his job back !! #JusticeForSusanMutami”.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba dismissed Mutami’s claims, while ZANU PF director for information Tafadzwa Mugwadi claimed she was working for CCC president Nelson Chamisa.


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Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

Mnangagwa must be locked up he raped the minor.

Leave a comment 3 weeks ago

Lynne and Mahere ma****. Have they stopped dating married men

@leave a comment 3 weeks ago

You have the mentality of a mentally challenged child. Shame.


Then the pfambi Mahere must go too

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

And before you raise it, Kembo Mohadi is still holding his party office. So your call for Fadzai Mahere to go is invalid

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Mahere doesn't hold public office

My comment 3 weeks ago

Y don't you blame those married men for dating Lynne and Mahere?

bhambi 3 weeks ago

this country has reduced the standards of all zimboos.. the most affected. are the women who end up giving in to married men like soft tomatoes... wht is happening is caused by the scarcity of resources.. these ladies give in to the mohadis... nxa sebesuthi sebesuthi Yi abuse... even this mahere .. where were here parents when she was trying the size of the head of penis several times

me 3 weeks ago

society yedu inoblamer vakadzi as if ndivo vanoenda kunoti ndinokuda

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

The story need evidence to have weight...

. 3 weeks ago

As a married woman myself story yaMahere irikundirwadza. We won't allow to be led by sluts. She is a man snatched someone s man and got away with it veduwe 😢😢😢😢😢😢

@Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Muka ubike doro

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Tell Mnangagwa and Mohadi to stop raping children or they lose in 2023

@Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Tell Mahere to stop dating married men otherwise CCC will lose next year

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Madame why are you not calling for Kembo Mohadi to resign as Deputy President of ZANU?

. 3 weeks ago

Mahere should resign as the party spokesslut. Wasn't she taught by her parents the importance of closing legs. Someones marriage collasped because of her and you hear someone busy sympathising and applauding her for her leg opening marathon.

mkk 3 weeks ago

inin I'm also a married women but I can't blame mahere because harisi bass rake rekufamba achibvunza varume vanenge vamuda kuti are you marked or not. even akabvunza most probably anongonzi handisi hee mukadzi wangu akafa

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Madame, I feel for you. You make Fadzai Mahere look like a cross between a Nymphomaniac and an Amazon. First is it confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that she dated a married man? Assuming that it is true, is it Fadzai who proposed to the man or could it be as is usually the case, the man chased after the woman?

If the latter is the case, then blame man, and not the woman. In short sungirirai imbwa dzenyu


Tollie Tunu 3 weeks ago

If politic is this type of game ,mmm I will never join it ,, people are talking shocking things mmmm if that girl was raped lon 2000s why was she quiet

Zuze 3 weeks ago

On point @Yoweeeee. Godfrey Majonga is in a wheelchair. He knows who did what to him. He has kept quiet all these years.

We know who did what to Majonga

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

U live in Utopia. People who rape also kill. And because they kill u will normally not talk for fear they will get u and kill u. Many people who do this have maimed. Remember Godfrey Majonga. When he died he had been maimed & reduced to a wheelchair bound. Akazviita ndiye same person wokudya Suzan. PaGweru apo a number of young girls have been breached by these garrulous politicians especially iyeye. Uyo mkuru wacho

@Tollie Tunu 3 weeks ago

If you were intelligent you would know why.

??? 3 weeks ago

Wy can't pple discuss nyaya iripo, ZANU is always there to divert people's minds, issue ndeya ED not vanaMahere, paitaurwa vana mahere hapana kumbotaurwa zvaED.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

If Zimbabwe was a democracy with ethical leadership, Parliament should by rights be investigating Mnangagwa, just like South African Parliament is investigating Cyril Ramaphosa for unethical conduct following the theft at his farm in Limpopo Province. In fact the Public Protector is already investigating him on the same issue.

In Zimbabwe a whole President is facmore serious charges of paedophilia and rape and noone is saying anything. To crown it all, a civil servant, George Charamba has the temerity to call such serious allegations "rumours" when the victim speaks publicly to over 13 000 people.

Mnangagwa must be put to his defences in a court of law

fun time 3 weeks ago

I warned Kudzayi when he started the Mahere story about this. Now look at what you have done to ED.

XXX 3 weeks ago

International law ngaitorewo zvee matanho munhu arfove pasi uyuu. MaChina , July Moyo , Henrietta Rushwaya, Chimbavha chePomona deal ichi and all their accomplices with the likes of Tagwie varove pasi .......

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Still speaking of judicial harassment, we have 2IC who has mobilised the entire judiciary against his ex wife so she cannot get medical attention outside the country, to a point where she risks amputation of her arm. Yet the very same big boy does his life to medical attention in South Africa and China.

We have another Party 2IC who left public office because of adultery and he I'd still a party functionary.

What I find inexcusable this attempt at vilification of Fadzai Mahere eho has yet to be found guilty of adultery. Her only crime being that she is an articulate emissary of CCC which is causing the ruining party and government sleepless nights

The President and 2 deputies (in the ruining party) should face judicial scrutiny

Mthwakazi 3 weeks ago

Mahere et al will b brought to book when we are office next year

Mindboggling 3 weeks ago

What is making Susan sing like this? Please check if she is not hungry. Susan is working something right now. But I sense that she is using bas strategy because she might not get what she is tryi g to bargain for.

XYZ 3 weeks ago

@Mindboggling, read the posts just made by Mazibeka in the Susan Mutami saga about ED.

Bruzhnev 3 weeks ago

Susan aikanga nyama,
Kapoto kachitenderera

Aratiji Yesi 3 weeks ago

Wakaita basa iwe Edmund wekubata Fadzie kkkk hona zvawaitisa Shefu wako manje...bhinzi/beans dzese mwarara pasi manje kkkk. Chawagona hapana. No evidence linking Fadzie to your claims but there goes V11 Mutami kkkkk.

pk 3 weeks ago

iko Susan kaitambira kumadhara sei kachisiya vakomana vezera pachikoro. hakana kurairwa. kutambira kunodyira mashefu nembinga

to hell nako ka Susie. varume hobho vakakarakasha. kaitowanzawo

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

If Mnangagwa has a conscience must step down like a good boy the way 4cups did. It's quite disturbing that those two Zanoid creatures are defending Mnangagwa over a case commited in his privacy 🔏.

Svasvangist 3 weeks ago

Ummmmm sure ukaona uchisupporter murume mukuru anoita basa tekusvasvanga vana bika umuke doro

Laimon Gumbwanda 3 weeks ago

Ananias naSafira vakafa nenhema
She was raped at 15 akatadza nei kutaura?
Kuenda kunze kwenyika kushandisa njere akadii kushandisa njere idzodzo kunotaura kuMapurisa???
Inhema idzo tinokumbiravo kuverenga zvinemusoro Editor

Live 3 weeks ago

I don't want to comment based on Susan' s side but truely speaking how many organization are calling for vari mavictims of rape / ****ual abuse vasingataure , havasi kutaura kwete nekuti havade but some deep threats dzavanopiwa vanhu ava they choose to keep on suffering to save themselves brother especially kunyanya ktakatotarisa position yavaE Mnangagwa at that time against her claim age nokutyiwa kwaitwa E D kumidlands kunyepa chero dai waiva iwewe hawaitaura kunyepa chaiko , I wonder vanhu varikuti airegerei kutaura kare vanhu vangani vakafa vaedza kubudisa huipi hwevamwe vakuru vachitori varume what more a 15 year old girl musadaro varume , vakadzi vakuru chaivo vanova mavictims vachinyarara wani hakusi kupata no , there serious sensetive threats behind every abuse to the victims nguva dzese

Ndini Uyo 3 weeks ago

Why does a married man go outside marriage to look for a mistress? It means the wife is not doing what she's supposed to do in that marriage. So, who is to blame? The man? The wife? The mistress? Ukaona ndiina mistress pa side, chitofara kuti at least you're still my wife and you're still in my house. Otherwise I'll chuck you out because hauchandifadza mu marriage iyoyo. Problem with you women, kana magarisa mu marriage, munozviregerera, then you start blaming other people for your failing to maintain your man. Look at yourself first, kuti pandirikutadza ndepapi, wogadzirisa kuitira kuti murume asatsvage umwe mukadzi. Unondiitira ma attitude, wondinyima bonde, and you expect me to seat back and relax?? Ndinotonotsvaga umwe mukadzi to fill zi gap raunenge wasiya iroro. And one thing that women must understand is: "Varume takasikwa takadaro". Whether you like it or not. Whether ishumba kana kuti inzou kana kuti imbwa kana kuti ihwiza..... Varume takatosikwa takadaro. If you can't setisfy me in bed, I'll definitely look for an alternative. That's a fact....
Siyai Mahere akadaro. Her type is very necessary to society, otherwise varume tinotokurumbidza kufa ne stress mudzimba umo....

Ini zvangu 3 weeks ago

Wataura semurume apa. Ndinoku bigger👍

Ndini Uyo 3 weeks ago

The problem with you women is that when you're married you tend to relax too much. Unondiitira zvima attitude wondinyima bonde and you expect me to seat back and relax? I'll definitely look for a mistress to fill zi gap raunenge wasiya iroro. Whether you like it or not, takasikwa takadaro varume. Whether ishumba kana kuti inzou kana kuti imbwa kana kuti ihwiza, ukandinyima bonde ndinopihwa na someone else.
Siyai Mahere akadaro. She's necessary to society.
Munoda kumhanyira kus****podza vanhu vasina mhosva. Ukaona murume wako ana mistress, chitofara kuti uchitorimo mumba imomo. Otherwise I'll chuck you out because hauchandifadza mumba macho. Stop blaming other people and look at yourselves, kuti ndirikukanganisa papi, wogadzirisa to maintain your man.
Dai pasina vanhu vakaita sana Mahere, varume taitokurumbidza kufa ne stress mudzimba umo....

tee 3 weeks ago

Is this true

Elder Moyo 3 weeks ago

Susan Mutami anoshanda ku intelligence chete, why is it anongo linka nevanhu vane ma high profile. They use their legs as a biological capital to lure men in order to get information from them. Politics is just dirt and shouldnt be taken serious at all. Unofira mafufu

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