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"Mnangagwa Has Been Working Very Hard, Performed Well In Certain Areas" - Mliswa

Norton legislator (independent), Temba Mliswa has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED) has been working hard and has performed well in certain areas.

Mliswa, a former ZANU PF Member of Parliament (MP) said Mnangagwa’s success stories are not enough to overshadow the socio-economic and political crises in the country. Pindula News presents Mliswa’s posts:

It can always be argued that ED has been working very hard and has performed well in certain areas, especially infrastructure. It’s a good argument and we cannot dispute that. However, that shouldn’t massage the alternative facts of gross issues elsewhere.

Focal being the prevalence of corruption within the current administration and a poorly performing economy. The failure to deal with bread&butter issues for the larger population. The abject impotence against corruption in high offices which has decimated any positives.

I have said we should have lifestyle audits against all the high office holders. Let’s bring transparency, accountability and resultantly confidence in the system. @Zimra_11 should do these without fear or favour.

Whoever fails it, the property is forfeited towards the Consolidated Revenue Fund. @ZACConline has been moving along those lines but more needs to be done. More political will. More support. More impetus.

Let’s face full-on the issues plaguing us on the ground. Councils are crying out against July Moyo who has a litany of corruption charges which haven’t been pursued. Local authorities are under siege from him and nothing is moving there.

How can we keep quiet in the face of such political profligacy? We have said Devolution is the way to go and yet the Minister is hoarding and abusing power. All these are issues which are detrimental to the positives and take-off the glow of achievements elsewhere.

Failure to face and speak about these is actually a travesty that is dangerous to ED. There are a lot of social issues which Gvt has failed to respond to. As I have always argued any economic progress has to be felt in the day to day lives of the people! Economic successes don’t have to be announced in the paper to be known. We have to see and feel them! The roads are bad in rural areas and no transporter wants to go there. It’s expensive travelling there. The hospitals have no medicine. The SDGs how far have we gone? The poor salaries against a rising inflation. These have to be positively impacted if we are progressing. We have raised issues of corruption as @APNACZim. We have connected individuals like Billy Rautenbach. He gets a mining concession Todal, worth billions for the country& without even mining there sells it for US$400 million. No benefit for the country! No one bats an eyelid.

How do we progress with such recklessness? We have the resources but we are failing to marshal them into a coherent strategy. They are all over the place. How much is in our Sovereign Wealth Fund? We have created policies and laws that are never effectualised.

The Zimbabwean economy which has been going down in the past few years recently took a sharp nosedive with authorities blaming the development on the war between Russia and Ukraine which has disturbed trade on global markets.

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shame 1 week ago

Mukuru wedu chero akada kushanda haana wekushanda naye anonyeperwa nematsotsi akamukomberedza. Izvezvi pamwe haatozivi kuti mupurisa anomugadha anotambira marii achingonzi haaa zvese boo mudhara

Banana Republic 1 week ago

anyone can talk about corruption
but WHO will TAKE decisive ACTION against it?
All bark & no bite won't keep the criminals away!

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Dear Thembai

Idhi knows about all the shortfalls of his administration and he is not attending to them because they benefit him personally.

Gafa 1 week ago

Zvipikovo ungavhara zvipatara nezvikoro uchigadzira ma dam nezvibhorani....saga

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Nzeve haiviki takunzwa my name u on point 👌🏽

SEER 1 week ago


B 1 week ago

Muliswa chibaba icho


Asalif 1 week ago

kunaka kwezvimwe kushata kwezvimwe how can you focus on infrastructure development in a crippled economy , in countries like South Africa and even European countries infrastructure is developed under build operate and transfer basis or loans , you financed infrastructure then education, health, social welfare, agriculture, industry and commerce and welfare of government workers were will you get the funds from and most those needs cannot be financed on credit lines besides health it's all fake

ABSA 1 week ago

We know if you belong to zanupf you won't go to jail for fraud &corruption.they control the judicial system High court,supreme court, constitutional court all belongs to zanupf.

M1 1 week ago

The bottom line Garwe has failed the country and must step down as early as yesterday. Remember he Garwe came to power by a coup and illegitimately took over presidential sit against zanu constitution. One thing is clear the way he handles workers, education and corruption totally a disaster. ED a failure and power public orator lacking presidential dignity, full of pride of an ant

g 1 week ago

nyararai zvenyu... seat redu renorton takurida. kiss goodbye to parliament

hi 1 week ago

muchariwana kuhope .....sit iroro haribveko

dispenser 1 week ago

This corrupt Gvt have to driven out . How come someone is known of thieving but is not arrested bz he belongs to Zanu.

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