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Mnangagwa Evades Protesting Zimbabweans In New York | Report

Mnangagwa Evades Protesting Zimbabweans In New York | Report

President Emmerson Mnangagwa reportedly ran away from a group of angry Zimbabweans, who were waiting for him at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Opposition People’s Patriotic Party (PPP) leader, Zvaringeni Samuel Chasi, told that Mnangagwa had a human shield of an estimated 225 aides to stave off the protestors.

Chasi said about 34 Zimbabweans had planned to embarrass the ZANU PF leader upon his arrival, but he used a different exit from the one he was supposed to use where the protestors were waiting for him. Said Chasi:

We were about 34 people, local Zimbabweans and around 80 who joined online in solidarity. We are going to UNGA and his residency.

The citizens have vowed they are going to do a citizen arrest on him. Everyone is going to be down on the ground here today and tomorrow. We are not going to stop. He might not go back to Zimbabwe. He is in trouble.

The picketing was successfully done although he used a different exit from the one he was supposed to use.

He arrived two hours earlier, he arrived nicodemously. It is said he had security personnel of about 225 people.

The protests are not yet over. Everyone is on him. He is on the run.

The protestors want to put pressure on the international community to intervene and arrest Mnangagwa for alleged gross human rights violations, including rape, mass genocides, torture and abductions.

Mnangagwa is currently in New York for the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting where he is expected to address other Heads of State.

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major 1 week ago

bogus as much as l despise the guy. Musadherere Presidential guard in any nation they have a jurisdiction to shoot to kill if ever there is a mysterious commosion.... remember even Mugabes guard who thrashed a USA journalist in such an instance....and he was immune to any persecution....who is PPP . Even CCC knows and understand these things better

Mdala wethu 1 week ago

Unofunga kut ku America kwaka fana ne nyika yambuya nehanda here

1 week ago

Tsano protest haimiswi nepfuti muAmerica hakusi kumusha

kk 1 week ago

ofcoz yes but we all fooled up with these leaders how come ED was allowed to exit with other gate akaregerei kubuda nepanofanira kubuda napo...

Revelation 1 week ago

Remember the Turkish presidential bodyguards who bit protesters in New York....vanhu musatanga yamusingapedze

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

@major, the USA is not like Zimbabwe. You just cannot shoot a protester. Protesting is allowed. Picketing is permitted. Major go on and shoot someone @JFK International and you will get a fast track to Federal penitentiary. Mugabe's bodyguards always had a torrid time. Mugabe himself wad always heckled by the media.

You can instruct DeadBC, but not International media Comrade Major

Patriot 1 week ago

Bayahlanya laba

One man band 1 week ago

The picketing was successful:
1. The President arrived 2 hours earlier
2. He used a different exit
3. He was shielded by 225 aides- vanobvepi?

It all depends on how you measure success!

freizer 1 week ago

@one man band hahaha man you stick on to details

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

It was a flop you have been left with mud on your face.
Dedication song/ Maruza imi cde Chinx🤣🤣🤣🤣🏃💨💨💨


His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa should not have evaded the protesters. He should have addressed them telling them the truth that he is presiding over a captured judiciary, on undemocratic principles, a corrupt government, full of Human Rights violations and
where there is no rule of law.

On Susan Mutami's rape allegations, he should have told the protesters that he is still waiting for Interpol.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

sixpence 1 week ago

@Patriotic Front, ndosaka makazonzi Pathetic Front na Bishop Muzorewa

Patriotic Front 1 week ago

Kkkkkk nonsense.The protestors were sold a dummy.They arrived 2 hours late and they were at the wrong gate


mnhanga 1 week ago

Rovai benzi iri

dambu 1 week ago

baba ava Havana kukwana vanotizirei vana 😂

chindori 1 week ago

saka igwara

kk 1 week ago

u have done yo best Mr President kutiza vanhu vanoda kuita noise vari ku foreign country let them come back home register to vote for change zvinhu zvifambe kwete kungovukura muri ikoko Moda tife tega kuno kiZim here

hokoyo 1 week ago

kunoku tinokuputitsa hakusi ku Zimbabwe

dispenser 1 week ago

bharanzi rakahumilietwa

Zuze 1 week ago

To force a whole President to change his schedule and arrive 2 hours ahead of time, have 225 heavies boxing him in and clandestinely change routes, whoever planned the welcoming committee must be applauded for a job well done.

We know the gentleman in question always has 100 armed goons around him at home. But for him to ferry 225 of them to New York must be a record breaker.

It reminds me of Mandela. When he came to Harare for an AU summit, our security conscious government went into overdrive when he went out of his hotel with only one bodyguard and nothing happened to him.

I can't imagine HE travelling with one bodyguard. Smith at one time challenged Mugabe for a stroll Highfield (then Mugabe's constituency) without bodyguards, and guess who declined the offer

Zuze 1 week ago

@Security advisor, do you have information to the contrary?

Security Advisor 1 week ago

@Zuze: I hope we read the same article.Where did you get info that the President changed his itenarary because of the protestors.
From mere allegations by the organisers??

economist 1 week ago

multiply 225aids allowance and number of days in new york....... ndopaunoona kuti taxpayers money is being abused......

Zuze 1 week ago

@economist, these are just security personnel. Add attendant ministers, officials, secretaries, hangers on etc you are talking of a plane load of 500 plus. . You forgot the hotel bills food and drink....

Comrade Ndaska 1 week ago

Vapfana musade kuonererwa tokuputisai mukada kuonererwa nevarungu

Tickey 1 week ago

Zvinotoda imi ana Comrade Ndaska Canada kuonererwa nana President Nxaaaaa wekuSenegal (sorry can't bother getting his name) who is also Pretending (Acting is pretending hanti?) AU President, who doesn't know the difference between national sanctions and individual sanctions, who cannot differentiate between sovereign democratic rights to pass laws and interference in domestic affairs

lioness 1 week ago

they should take that money n pay government workers than spending on unnecessary things,, yikho ukuba selfish khonalokho if government workers ask for good wages they're told we don't have money, but balemali yoku hire 225 aides for wat exactly

cde Chipopi 1 week ago

ko iye anotizirei vanhu. Ngaapiwe security yakakwana obvunzwa mubvunzo ne vanhu iye achipindura chete.People want answers! Akagona kupindura zvinoto improver image yake pa international standing esp to our beloved Western countries like EU and USA.

Sixpence 1 week ago

Madame @Lioness, ED hires 225 security aides because he is afraid of dying. He us afraid of being killed. And you think he cares about teachers and nurses?

You got it right lioness.... SELFISH....

Sixpence 1 week ago

Comrade chipopi, chirungu chekupindura mareporters hachitambe. Zvakanzi naChamisa huya tiite debate 1 on 1 paTV akatya. Dai wakaona video yekutenga just before Easter ndipo pawaiumburuka nekuseka - Mukuru asingazove musiyano weChristmas neEaster.

I surrender 🙌🏾

Tt 1 week ago

Dai ango addresa machair sezviya

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

In as much as many people wish bad on our honourable president he showed the goons that he was a better man as arguing or addressing fools the international community will not be able to see the difference kkkkkkk Many more years of supreme authority to my glorious president and continue using taxpayers money as much as you like,you deserve it Cde

interesting news 1 week ago

ndikuona hangu drama racho munhu ane 225 guards achitiza so funny and the protesters are very brave

kervins 1 week ago

nhau dzemanyepo tiregerereyi woooi.....

Tateguru 1 week ago

Vanhu ngavazive musiyano waH.E. E D Mnangagwa naPresident weZimbabwe. KuUN kunoenda President kwete vaED.

kuti kudaro 1 week ago

Kana vachibvumirwa kutizira munedzimwe nyika kuti vasasungwa, koo kuzoti vachatonga ungavadii
pane mface akarohwa 1 chibhakera akanowira kure ne body guard ra Bob ikoko ku europe

Pindula ukasvora hazvibudi 1 week ago

but opions has to be shared on though coz its not a polical group nhai

Tkt says 1 week ago

H.E the President of Greater Zimbabwe was allowed to evade the protesting community in the US simply bcoz US Officials had scanned for the truth and let him use another peaceful exit
They know that all allegations are FAKE!

t 1 week ago

nyaya ye fake
kutiiitisa vana vadoko

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