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Mnangagwa Declares Ndabaningi Sithole, Chikerema National Heroes

Mnangagwa Declares Ndabaningi Sithole, Chikerema National Heroes

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday said that the late nationalists Ndabaningi Sithole and James Chikerema will be honoured among the country’s heroes and heroines despite their “weaknesses”.

Sithole, who died in 2000 and was buried in Chipinge, was the founding ZANU president but was removed from his post in what historian Masipula Sithole described as the “struggle within the struggle” during the liberation war.

Chikerema died in 2006 and was denied a hero’s status despite being among the prominent nationalists who led the struggle for independence.

In his 42nd Heroes’ Day Commemoration message on Monday, 8 August, Mnangagwa said his administration was committed to presenting a correct account of Zimbabwe’s long war of liberation. He said:

As the Second Republic, we are committed to giving a holistic account of our country’s long war of liberation.

We are therefore rising to the occasion and recognising other heroes and heroines such as the late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole and the late Cde James Chikerema for their historical contributions, despite their areas of weaknesses, with regards to the observance of the correct line of the revolution.

For that reason, we now honour them on the list of our national heroes and heroines.

We forever remain indebted to all the heroes and heroines of our great country for the freedom, democracy and independence we enjoy to this day. Their sacrifices will never die. Tinovatenda, Siyababonga.

Mnangagwa, however, issued a stern warning to what he called divisive elements saying they will be stopped from pursuing their agendas. He said:

Divisive elements which act contrary to the values and ethos of the liberation struggle and national interest have no place in our society. Nyika inotongwa, inovakwa nevene vayo/ ilizwe libuswa, liyakwa ngabanikazi balo.

Zimbabwe is a unitary and indivisible country. We are diverse but one people. No countries, institutions, person or group of persons, must be permitted to infuse toxic and alien agendas into our national culture and psyche.

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pk 1 month ago

dhodha rekanyi remuganga pfeeee pama heroes. bhobho was the problem. thanks ED

Maparamuro 1 month ago

What this simply means is the liberation struggle that we know and is being taught in our schools is all lies

Anonymous 1 month ago

Its called propaganda

🇿🇼 1 month ago

Nhema dzese dziya.

Ntaba 1 month ago

🙊like seriously.

Garwe 1 month ago

Ko vaEdgkar Tekere varipi GAMBA renyika


Its just an electioneering gimmick period. Stakes are high.

lonathan moyo 1 month ago

Pamakagara dare rekuona kti anokodzera kana kti haakodere kuenda pa Heroes acre hamuna kuzviona ere kti igamba, mozviona nhsi , kubvunzawo hangu

dispenser 1 month ago

selfishness lead Bo-Bo astray . Sithole e founding President of Zanu Was denied Hero status. It is bz he together with Tekere were contradictory of Mugabe and crue of seeking assistance from Britain to Fight Smith regime. Britain went even further to put sanctions on Smith Gvt whilst supporting Mugabe , Nkomo and crue to take over , providing assistance for them to have military and knowledge in foreign countries such as China Russia etc. This is where they crossing swords with Tekere , Sithole bz they did not want anything to with Britain.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Comrade Sithole was denied his hero status because he is said to have chosen his family over national issues. He failed to negotiate peace talks because his daughter was sick. Mugabe who was the party secretary then said we cant negotiate peace when all our comrades are jailed. He successfully negotiated the release of jailed cdes who included key figures such as cde Tongogara, Cde Rice, Cde Rex Nhongo and many more who were jailed at ****ma (m b o ro m a prison/zambia). So Mgabe brought these guys out of the jail in the absence of N Sithole who was the president. Mugabe then used propaganda to denounce sithole that he neglected his duties to attend his daughter who had period pain. Thats how Sithole lost his popularity and all the cdes were now saying Pamberi naMugabe. Sithole is a national hero


Taneta 1 month ago

looking forward from the dead ndiko kunonzi kupererwa uku, pane chinobuda here apa

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Yavamabhonzo ayo taurai vapenyu kani. Ndosaka zvese muchingoita zvakafa

Rex Nhongo 1 month ago

Inga wani waivamo mupolitburo meeting muchitaura kuti uyu haaite kuisa paheroes acre ....uriwe**** dambudzo

Zanu pf youth member 1 month ago

@dispenser@Anonymous zvamunotaura makazviwanepi. I history dzemuma book here or i oral history or imimi maitovako kuhondo

@dispenser 1 month ago

ichokwadi chisinga putsi ukama Smith had created something which differed from what Britain expected

dispenser 1 month ago

advanced or tertiary education History . yu don't know e concept of Leicester conference bz it ordinaralised . Britain was fighting Smith Regime to impose Nkomo and Mugabe ,bz Smith declared this country an independent state (Rhodesia). .This was in contravention with their agreement s as British people .By so doing Smith gvt was imposed sanctions by Britain ,and whilst funding e rise of a revolution.

Night xul Graduate 1 month ago

Very soon chikomo chinenge chazara thanks to comrade Oliver &comrade Robert for refusing to be buried pachikomo

hameno 1 month ago

kutsvaka uta nemugate kutsvaga ma votes ku chipinge manje mandau akamutsa haabatirwi pa CCC ipapo tsveeeeeeeee X

CHAWABVUNZA 1 month ago

For good record purposes, CDE Edgar Tekere was declared a National Hero and was laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre.

Akusiria 1 month ago

Mukuru arikuvhumuka achingoti Chikerema, Ndabaningi pamwe oti Gushungo.

Chimbwido 1 month ago

zvinotipeiko izvozvi nhaiwe Emmerson. pple are suffering uko busy kuda kufukunura vanhu vakazvizororera havo, zvekugadzira Nyika tsve
izge paghetto mvura taamu6 days with even a drop hanzi hee hatina mushonga Hee hatina mushonga even chero mushonga wacho munawo mvura yenyu yakambobuda yakachena here. Harare yese hapachina munhu achiri kunwa mvura yekuZinwa imvura yekuflasher maToilet iyo. manje zvino maakuda tife neCholera ka coz you don't give a fxck about us. Zvichapera hazvo nothing will last forever

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

This flashback exposes the hypocrisy embedded in Zanu Pf. It does not in anyway sanitize the wickedness of the Zanu pf leadership. They persecuted the veteran politician and accused him with fake charges, Mhsrip.With that conscience displayed by Mnangagwa, I think he should go a step further and apologise to the gugurahundi victims for the genocide. Sithole's only sin was that hewas of the Nguni stock...mere tribalism.


This is a campaign gimmick because if it was genuine, His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa would have declared the two late heroes their heroes status as soon as he became the President of ZANU PF and President of Zimbabwe.

President ED Mnangagwa has not told the citizens what his opinion at that time was. His Excellency told citizens that these two were not declared Heroes at that material time because of their "weaknesses."

President ED Mnangagwa did not tell members of the public how they chose their heroes at that material time and what their new template is now.

There has been discord in the Politbro on how some people have been declared National Heroes and others not declared National Heroes.

Citizens were left in darkness as to whether the now National Heroes were going to be reburied or not. The truth is that His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa wants to capture the "Ndau" votes.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Greyhora 1 month ago

Another stunt a gimmick to be precise. What capital can he gain by confering hero status kune vanhu vakainyimwa.

jasi 1 month ago

pakanga paresvewa ipapo

Zuze 1 month ago

Wakainonokera Colgate Masinire
Mazino awora...
Too late to play the Heroes Card

New generation is not interested in graves, but lives and livelihoods

CCC woyeeeeee
paMazoe ipapo ☝️☝️☝️

Gafa 1 month ago

Zvehondo dzakare ndozvatisingachadi kunzwa nokuvhukunyura mabhonzo evakafa kare muchitadza kugadzirira vapenyu zvinhu kwazvo.Kuromba nezvitunha

Maduu 1 month ago

Kutsvaka mavotes kuchipinge ,manje vanhu vasvinura havachadi izvozvo

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