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Mnangagwa Deceived In St Mary's - Sikhala

Mnangagwa Deceived In St Mary's - Sikhala

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice-chairman Job Sikhala said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was deceived by ZANU PF officials into believing that the party has thousands of supporters in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, when in fact, people were bussed from across the country.

Mnangagwa addressed thousands of people wearing ZANU PF regalia at a star rally at a school in St Mary’s on Wednesday.

The party’s national chairperson, Opppah Muchinguri-Kashiri claimed the people were not bussed but had travelled on their own accord to the rally.

However, posting on Twitter, Sikhala said ZANU PF bussed people from as far as Mutorashanga. He said:

Mnangagwa has been sold a dummy in St. Mary’s. Old women from Mutorashanga are still loitering for transport asking where Chigovanyika is as we speak to be ferried back.

Coming from work I parked my car and had a walkabout at Huruyadzo and in seconds nearly one thousand people were cheering and following me.

Earlier, Sikhala mocked former MDC officials who defected to ZANU PF saying they are being treated as fools. He said:

My advice to Blessing Chebundo, Simon Chidhakwa and crew is that, please stop being paraded like fools talking nonsense about us.

You lie around to fools in ZANU PF as if you were senior members of the party while you know you were nothing.

… What this desperate and unpopular party, ZANU PF is good at, is busing.

There are more ZUPCO buses than the people from St Mary’s who will attend their charade.

St Mary’s National Assembly Constituency is up for grabs in the 26 March by-election. The contestants are Nobert Jinjika (ZANU PF), Adam Puzo (MDC Alliance), Dickson Tarusenga (CCC) and Marcos Sanyanga (Independent).

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