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Mnangagwa Considering To Fire Minister July Moyo - Report

Mnangagwa Considering To Fire Minister July Moyo - Report

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly considering sacking local government minister July Moyo for allegedly harbouring presidential ambitions. reports that the axe has been hanging over Moyo’s head for some time and recent dramatic scenes from his Midlands home heightened tensions between Mnangagwa and the local government minister.

Moyo is reported to have influenced Mudha to deploy Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives to help certain candidates win despite having been unpopular with voters.

Mnangagwa is said to have summoned some nine ministers and senior politburo members seconded to supervise proceedings in the provinces to two meetings on Monday, where Moyo’s name feature prominently “in a very bad light”.

The ZANU PF leader also reportedly met with some losing candidates he has a soft spot for and told them to calm down since he has plans for them in the not-so-distant future. reports:

So, from the look of things, it appears July Moyo’s days are numbered. Remember he is where he is courtesy of the president’s benevolence. The president handpicked him after he had lost the election for the Redcliff (National Assembly) seat, and he really has no roots of his own except in the presidency.

Someone reported in those meetings that during ahead of the provincial elections, Moyo was frequently being referred to as Prime Minister in their conferences.

Last year, exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo claimed that July Moyo was using witchcraft in his efforts to topple the ZANU PF. He tweeted:

JULY MOYO IN A FIX WITH ED: In 2020 he saw a N’anga on how to succeed ED; was advised to buy shoes; he got them in TURKEY; N’anga put juju on shoes and asked July to give ED as B/Day gift. Plot leaked to ED’s N’anga. July delivered shoes in Kwekwe & all OCCULTIC HELL BROKE LOOSE.

The former information minister added that as July Moyo delivered his birthday gift package to Mnangagwa at his Kwekwe farm, the First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, intercepted it to see what was in it. He added:

…when she saw a fancy pair of shoes, she screamed, ‘shangu dziya, shangu dziya’ [those shoes, those shose]; Mnangagwa then asked July to leave immediately with the shoes, “buda, buda! [get out].

Independent MP for Norton, Temba Mliswa, has also previously accused Mudha and July Moyo of plotting to destroy Mnangagwa’s political life.


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BujUH 7 months ago

Padzinotungana dzemudanga ma1 anenge atanga isu ziii zvedu

booster jab 7 months ago

Kkkk ungati idrama repa deadbc,regai tinyatso relaxer tione takapeta makumbo pa sofa.

Elder chimut 7 months ago

Iwe moyo wanga wajairaa ku suspender maypr wedu vamafume pasina mhosva hona kwawava manje mwari akutsiva omene

Makelanwi 7 months ago

Ngaaende,and is the most incompetent minister so far,but Presidium in witchcraft storm,ummm,hapana kwatirikuenda aos

Chief Nqumbi 7 months ago

Slowly but surely,the chickens are coming home to roost🤭🤔

Uncle Tosh 7 months ago

Kkkkkkk kuzakhala indoda kuphela lapha.ED you won't survive APA cx you gave these rogue dogs too much mustard and they will bounce back unless you crush their heads. Midlands yangosara neka o kuti ive a rebel stronghold cz of mudha n yo other lieutenants

Jombo 7 months ago

Shangu dziya ehangu dziya😂😂😂😂😂


Tafman 7 months ago

Regai zvitashurane, those who live by the gun wl die by the gun.ukapinda neCoup unobvisiwa neCoup, let's enjoy the drama as it unfolds

🤨🤨 7 months ago

Kkkkkkk zanu iya ichanakidza iyi a temba wo Fti

chiyangwa chipedza 7 months ago

Ummmm Temba is just too much zvaanotaura Vakuru vanozozviona I remmmbr him sometym back telling such words to the former H.E,RG Mugabe

kim luta 6 months ago

2030 ndenge ndiripo

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