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Mnangagwa Congratulates North Korea On Its 74th Independence Anniversary

Mnangagwa Congratulates North Korea On Its 74th Independence Anniversary

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has congratulated North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the occasion of the Asian country’s 74th Anniversary of its founding, reported KCNA Watch.

Zimbabwe and North Korea have cordial relations that date back to the days of the southern African country’s struggle for independence from colonial rule.

Soon after independence, North Korea sent military instructors to train the Zimbabwe National Army’s (ZNA) crack unit, the 5th Brigade which was established in 1981.

The 5th Brigade was tasked was deployed in the southern parts of Zimbabwe to curb the dissident menace during a period referred to as Gukurahundi.

In a message received by Kim Jong Un, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on 26 August 2022, Mnangagwa wrote:

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Government and people of Zimbabwe, and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to extend to you and through you to the Government and people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, our warm congratulations on the occasion of your 74th Anniversary of the founding of your great Nation.

As we join you in commemorating this auspicious occasion, I note with satisfaction the cordial relations that exist between our two countries. I reaffirm my commitment to work closely with you to further broaden and deepen these relations for the mutual benefit of our two countries.

May I take this opportunity to wish you personal good health, as well as peace and prosperity for the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration

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Mthwakazi 4 weeks ago

You are congratulating the Gukurahundi masterminds

Anonymous 4 weeks ago


R.G Mugabe 4 weeks ago

Shamari siyana nevanhu ivavo vanhu ava vakatibatsira kuurayisa hama dzedu kuMatebeleland but now vanhu vacho vatakauraisa vaakundinetsa kuno ku gehena uchazvionera wauya hanty waakuuyawo

Tio4 4 weeks ago

Kkkkkkkkkk maZimbo ka kkkķ

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

Uyu ane nhamo yake uyu. Ana North Korea inyika dzekuti ungatoti independent idzodzo? Ne situation iriko ikoko ndokuti hell on earth ka kuya. Ana tinzi tataura ndimi mukuti simudzira mhepo imi. Nxaa

kniga smerty 4 weeks ago

Today we witness the redefinition of the term "independence"

clueless 4 weeks ago

Kkkk bhoo here mazimbabwens north Korea is at war with its south Korea but that does not mean they don't celebrate there independents so it's gd to have friends even if there at wreckage


🔫 4 weeks ago

Birds of a feather rule alike

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

In high school we used to say, "Aviary species of identical plumage perambulate in habitual proximity"

Kumusha vakuru vachiti, "Dzinofura nzivani"

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 weeks ago

North Korea? ,independent? Vanhu veko havana maTV no music,movies,education asi fun fact,their capital city is so modern with sky scrappers and clean roads😂😂kuno kwema growth point muchingokuza
When will our president learn kuty varungu ndivo vaneyese 💵,utwu tumazhing zhong twavanoda imbavha chete nepfungwa dzehondo hapana choziikanwa


North Korea is a pariah state. Therefore, where does the Republic of Zimbabwe stand ? Question mark nga.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

Zimbabwe is a one party state! A lesson that many find hard to swallow kkkkkk Look at our founding principles kkkkk Bush S H I T lawyer

Mujibha 4 weeks ago

North Korea is very much independent. They are a prosperous industrial nation. Even smoking marijuana is legal in North Korea. They are not puppets.

Billey 4 weeks ago

😂😂😂 open up your dictionaries...if smoking marijuana is legalized,then that means independence, Zimbabwe is not yet independent.

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Is this the new definition of independence?

Thank U @Mujibha for enlightenment. Kudziidza hakupere for sure.

Tomorrow I am going to get myself some weed and I wont be a puppet 😳😳😳

mdara Loli pop 4 weeks ago

Vese ma communists

Tintin 4 weeks ago

nyika dzinotamba nezimbabwe dzinonyadzisa.zvakangofanana kuona baba vako vane shamwari zvidhakwa chete .

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