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Mnangagwa Chides Ministers Over Unnecessary Foreign Trips

Mnangagwa Chides Ministers Over Unnecessary Foreign Trips

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday warned Cabinet ministers against globetrotting with no tangible results and instead focus on developmental programmes in line with Vision 2030.

He said the unnecessary foreign trips by Cabinet ministers must stop immediately.

The President made the remarks while addressing ministers at the first 2022 Cabinet meeting at the State House in Harare yesterday. He said:

… I have observed a worrisome trend where, as ministers, you are now prone to foreign travel, along with your senior officials. This unbecoming culture should stop forthwith.

Former Finance minister and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice-president Tendai Biti dismissed Mnangagwa’s statements on foreign travels as a trick intended to attract attention and mislead the public. Said Biti:

It is deceit and lies. No Cabinet minister travels out of the country without Cabinet approval and it’s Mnangagwa who issues Cabinet approval.

No minister travels out of the country without the approval of the President.

This is just a statement full of dishonesty because Mnangagwa is the one who signs the approvals for the trip.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance chairperson Mathew Nyashanu told NewsDay that most foreign travel by government officials was unnecessary. He said:

While foreign travel is necessary for appreciation of best practices across the globe through benchmarking exercises and for research and development, some of the travels by government officials is extremely wasteful and unnecessary.

This is bleeding an already burdened fiscus. The President’s comment is in line with the ongoing Public Finance Management reforms, where we are trying to tighten screws on public expenditure.

We are in the process of strengthening our Public Finance Management in order to reduce such leakages.

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Tkt 2 months ago

I say may H.E stop going out of the country forthwith, what is the purpose of the Ambasadors? To represent the country is it? And the President too, then if he stops all 2022 scheduled foreign trips, invest that money for the good then by the end of the year a serious Gvt owned company which benefits the public would have been, established.


2 months ago

Jenet J 2 months ago

Insecurity kkkk ko pandaienda Davos wat dd zim benefit? LOSS .
Ma visits to Xi Xiping ma mega deals dd dzimba dzema stones benefit DOLOLO
Ko kuna Putin ?



Madhuve 2 months ago

Haaays ED ndiye #1kuflyer unnecessarily now wotanga kuwawata zvisina basa

MR NICE 2 months ago

Afraid kuti they will meet the G40 cadres akazorongerwa yakapenga

Zimdollar 2 months ago

Iye ndiye number one kuflyer flyer but chinobuda ipapo zero. He must lead by example.

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Taura hako. Iye ED paaibuda neprivate jet hapana chatakaona chisvinu chaakabura


SWAT 2 months ago

Does this mean that they go on these foreign trips without idhi's knowledge

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