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Mliswa Vows To Block The Return Of Land Developer Adore Gold To Norton

Mliswa Vows To Block The Return Of Land Developer Adore Gold To Norton

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has vowed to block the return of land developer Adore Gold saying they are coming to fleece the residents after failing to service the stands earlier. In a series of Twitter messages seen by Pindula News, Mliswa said the land developer was ordered by the High Court in 2008 that it should transfer rights to develop the stands to residents as the company had failed to execute its duties and responsibilities. We present Mliswa’s messages below:

This is a flagrant exhibition of corruption and relevant law enforcement agencies should come in. Adore Gold are returning to Marshlands again to fleece people of more money years after they declared bankruptcy and said they could not service the stands.

In 2006 the High Court ruled that Adore Gold should develop the area and service the stands within 3 months. They failed and the Court decreed if they failed they should transfer ownership to the applicants who were residents.

After Adore Gold failed to service the stands a 2008 High Court ruling ordered the transfer of rights to residents as the company abdicated its duty. Thus there is no legal basis for the return of the company today. Residents should make their own initiatives to service stands!

These are land barons who should be stopped in their tracks and should be jailed. The Marshlands case has dragged for over 20 years because of the confusion brought by these people. That has to end. I won’t sit back while people are swindled of their money.

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Sir 2 months ago


ndadzoka zvekare 2 months ago

Themba Mliswa u should become president ,😏....
next case go for godini mall why it hasn't been completed until now..

caiphus 2 months ago

uuuuuuummm themba ari ryt but pakuzoitaa president uuuuuummmm nyikaa inopera nevana vake sezvirikuitaa veuyooo uyoooo

wamambo90 2 months ago

themba ndinokutemba

dandy crazy 2 months ago

a real member of Parliament representing his people dai vose vakadii zvaifamba

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