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Mliswa Says Nemaisa Should Be Put In Charge Of CID Homicide

Mliswa Says Nemaisa Should Be Put In Charge Of CID Homicide

Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) says former Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Inspector Joseph Nemaisa should be brought back to the ZRP and be appointed Officer Commanding of Homicide.

This comes after Nemaisa gunned down three armed robbers, among them two serving members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), who were holding his family hostage on Monday night at his Chadcombe home.

Posting on Twitter, Mliswa said Nemaisa was corruptly purged from the ZRP, alleging that the institution is no longer professional and has been personalised. Said Mliswa:

The Nemaisa case has got so many issues and questions but the reasons are simple. He is someone who has many enemies because he did well at his job as a police officer. Even when he left @PoliceZimbabwe it was because of a corrupt purge.

Institutions are no longer professional and have been personalised. If I were in the system I would bring back this guy, promote him and make him Officer Commanding of Homicide. He is educated, is a lawyer and let him teach others so that the country is protected.

He is our Rambo and we need champions in whatever we do. As I have said if you go to prison they will tell you that when he was on duty you did not mess around. Hamungavengere mumhu chipo chake nekugona basa.

The three robbers shot dead by Nemaisa have been identified by the police as Charles Chirara (30), Tariro Gora (21) and Brian Koga Tendere (38).

Two robbers who were part of the 5-member gang escaped unhurt but were subsequently arrested.

The duo was identified as Ex-Constable Francis Takura (33) and Private Virimai Nyandoro (37) of the Zimbabwe National Army.

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Some people have taken to social media to express scepticism over Nemaisa’s account of what transpired on the fateful night, accusing him of stage-managing the robbery incident.

Critics claim Nemaisa was part of the group but the partners in crime ended up fighting against each other over the sharing of proceeds.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on Friday said Nemaisa’s family was a case of the wrong target.

He said one Shine Tanaka Nyamhunga had given his accomplices some information on some cash transactions by a company where he is employed.

He allegedly told his accomplices that the money is kept at his employer’s house in Chadcombe.

Nyathi said Nyamhunga was in constant touch with Gora with a view of having his employer targeted by the armed robbers.

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PURGED 5 months ago

I agree when you say corrupt purge nekuti ukasunga hama yashefu nepavanodyira havachakude musystem they create nyayaz for u to eliminate you hakudiwi vanoshanda uko

PURGED 5 months ago

I agree when you say corrupt purge nekuti ukasunga hama yashefu nepavanodyira havachakude musystem they create nyayaz for u to eliminate you hakudiwi vanoshanda uko

Mr Bush 5 months ago

I remember ndivo vekupedzera mukoma Boris

### 5 months ago

Hoo nhai saka avaite zvekutamba ka

### 5 months ago

Bla themba pamuromo munapo iii mu paliament munoita kushaya pekugara yaa dai maigona kurova ka maikwatura vanhu


Arnold Shwazneggar 5 months ago

Well done Nemaisa. I was also getting sceptical but now ndokudzosera sando dzako. Zvekuzoti udzoke kubasa izvoooo hmmm nooo. Gutsikana nehuRambo hwawakaita paden pako. And persue zvimwe.

Arnold Shwazneggar 5 months ago

Maita basa MuDoThis. Ndosaka muripo kunongedzera papotswa.

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Chirungu chondinetsa, pursue yakaita sei 🤔

V 5 months ago

Uummm Covid yapinda Mliswa nemubrain chaimo😂🤣

Conquring 5 months ago

Kr makuenderera manje aaaaa siysnayi nenyaya dzisiri fzenyu asi maoedza self quarantine here

Mkomana 5 months ago

Kungopora nekutotaurisa

Analyst 5 months ago

Are we not getting too carried away too soon there Mr? That a person could have managed to deal decisively with a group of people who allegedly targeted a "wrong house" may not necessarily mean that they automatically become best suited for the top post! The demands for the top post are not necessarily similar to those at crime scenes. While I agree with you that, if the gentleman was truly discharged from the force because he was fighting corruption, he deserves to be reinstated (provided that is what he wishes for), could it not be more beneficial were he to be roped in as a crime scene consultant or even advisor to the CG while he would also be hired to train material police officers a thing or two on how to handle similar crime scenes.

Nemaisa 5 months ago

Ko covid mazodii nayo

Shampoo 5 months ago

Vakangomu promoter zvadhakwa kuma purisa ane huwori. Of which they are plenty.

S 5 months ago

Achibvisa vasingagone basa vari corrupt. Vano collecta mari dze bribe. Kumapurisa variko vakawanda. Vanhu vanzwa nekutorerwa mari dzavo ne mapurisa ari corrupt.

Gogodera 5 months ago

Colleta mupurisa here nhasi ndaseka

Mugabe 5 months ago

ngaatopinda pana chiwengwa mkomana opinda hake pana mnangagwa

Officer in charge 5 months ago

Achibvisa ani

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