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Mliswa Queries Number Of War Veterans

Mliswa Queries Number Of War Veterans

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa (Independent) has accused the government of corruption and misinformation after the number of war veterans rose from 34 000 to 142 000 since 1997.

Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube announced plans to disburse US$57.5 million to war veterans when he presented his 2023 national budget before Parliament in November.

However, during the debate in the National Assembly last week on the 2023 national budget, Mliswa queried how the number of ex-combatants has grown from 34 000 in 1997 to 142 000 in 2022. He said:

The war veterans population shows the highest level of corruption, misinformation, and its criminal nature that there is no way war veterans can increase from 34 000 to 142 000 in 2022.

Despite that increase, what boggles my mind is that 142 000 war veterans have been given $46 billion, which is US$57.5 million, 1% of the total budget while social protection has been given $50 billion, which is about US$63 million, 1.12% of the total budget.

Mliswa argued that the funds should have been used to feed and pay school fees for millions of children who are in dire need of assistance. He said:

This is despite the fact that the Zimbabwe Social Protection Unit is in a dire situation with 3.8 million rural people facing food starvation and 1.6 million facing urban starvation.

There are 4.6 million children living with severe acute malnutrition and 4.8 million in need of the Basic Education Assistance Module, known as BEAM.

Therefore, if one is to take into account these allocations, it is fair to argue that the budget is not inclusive and it disregards the plight of the marginalised and vulnerable citizens.

The 2023 national budget was passed by Members of Parliament last week, which means that the allocations will be effected. | NewsDay

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ooro 1 month ago

ha Zvakaoma

1 month ago

While zanupf only thinks of their own welfare, the struggling suffering majority will be thinking of voting zanupf out of power.

Dzvamu 1 month ago

Zvichashandei iro rakatopasa kare budget. Anonyepera kusvora asi ari mumwe wevanoda hunhu ihoho hwekusakoshesa povho

1 month ago

It was a debate in the National Assembly,which means the situation needs to be addressed and corrected in the next budget..zvekuti yakatopasa ya drama

me 1 month ago

in as much he may not be a darling to all.... Themba raises pertinent issues but anozongokurirwa ne Whipping system in parliament. Still I think this should hardly knock sense into everyone 's minds

Ghetto Gladiator 1 month ago

manje so!

Mhazi of Silobela 1 month ago

Themba the explanation is simple - mwana we mu warvet is a warvet. simpuru.

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC


Dofo 1 month ago

Bvapo Mliswa ko ma 500k ne ma 40k akapihwa dai akapihwa the marginalized vaukutaura


I have found a colleague in Temba Mliswa. Why does the number of the war veterans keep on ballooning ? Are war veterans' children become war veterans as soon as they become of age ?

This disparity must be explained by a high ranking Government official who should tell the citizens why, why and why this number keeps on ballooning. This is corruption in the making and in high offices.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Dhibhura 1 month ago

@Mhazi of Silobela,you have nailed it

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Worst part is after receiving these payouts the same war vets will demand free health care, free education for their children and grand children which must be paid for from social services fund, they will demand free food after receiving free farming inputs.

This gvt is bankrupt of ideas. The $57mln could have been invested in social services for everyone and the whole country would be benefitting not just 142000 people

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Sadly for Temba though he was at the forefront justifying the $40kUS loans so his noise is hypocritical

this idhiyoti have started again 1 month ago

you mliswa extended zanu go and join it you love it why can't you join the bunch of failures

shenet 1 month ago

This was deliberately done to lure them to vote for Zanu of in the coming elections.Simply vote buying.

Zbc 1 month ago

Pa ma laptop amaitengerwa ema US 9200 hauna kana Kumboti bufu nhaiwe Mliswa

Dubs 4 weeks ago

It's the case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Dubs 4 weeks ago

By the year 2028 the number of war vets will balloon to 200000.

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