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Mliswa: Imagine What Parliament Would Be Like With Myself, Biti, Chin'ono, Chinotimba

Mliswa: Imagine What Parliament Would Be Like With Myself, Biti, Chin'ono, Chinotimba

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, has suggested that the Parliament would be “live” if it had himself, Hopewell Chin’ono (journalist), Tendai Biti (former Finance Minister), Joseph Chinotimba (ZANU PF MP for Buhera South).

He made the remarks while discussing the ruling party’s recent threats to take Chin’ono’s goats which they say he benefitted from a government project but failed or neglected to pass on to other farmers.

Mliswa, a former ZANU PF legislator, said the attacks were mere propaganda. He said:

Having seen the concerted attacks against @daddyhope by state media and other organs my message to him is to be strong. It shows how big you have become @daddyhope (Hopewell Chin’ono). The same happened with me but the more I got arrested& harassed the more I got popular.

In my years as a politician what I have learnt is that the public isn’t stupid as to be swayed by such contrived state propaganda. They can see through it and understand the reasons behind it all. Just stick with the truth and you will be vindicated.

People can see through all the propaganda and machinations. You have to develop a thick skin and withstand it all. If I were you I would go for a constituency now because state media is already campaigning for you.

With your robust and articulate approach to national issues I can only imagine what Parliament would be like with you in it with the likes of Biti, Chinotimba, myself in it. It would be livelier and robust. God is the biggest judge @daddyhope & in due time will rule.

It’s also unfortunate to have state media marshalled against a private citizen because of national issues they have raised. This is abuse of power and offices.

Mliswa also said respect for property rights is already an issue in Zimbabwe, therefore, inflaming it again will only make things worse.

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yayatore 1 month ago


ngorima mushava 2 months ago

it will be chaotic , waste of resources

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

it will be Looney toons

Mafirakureva 2 months ago

Temba should have added VYBZ Ketero to make it a Quintet of Looney Toons for sure.

Dira rizare Honourable Comrade VYBZ (Retired)


Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

The worst nightmare 😆

munya munya 2 months ago

une dzungu

R'G 2 months ago

Yae sometimes kuoma musoro kunokuitisa mbiri

daddyhope 2 months ago


“I am at Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe.
This company is mining lithium in Arcadia Goromonzi. It used to be owned by an Australian company called Prospect Resources and recently sold to Huayou Cobalt (a Chinese company)

The handover take over ceremony was done on the 20th of April 2022 so now it's 100% owned by the Chinese giant.

The challenge now is this Chinese company is bringing all it's skilled and labour from China on the expense of locals. Right now everyone in the company is deputing a Chinese from Human Resources department to production departments. At the site there are already more 100 Chinese and am reliably informed that about 600 more Chinese are coming.

We the citizens are not going to benefit from this investment at all. The lithium product goes to China and the employees come from China. With this current unemployment rate in Zim this cannot be tolerated.

Please make some noise maybe responsible authorities might look into it and secure Zimbabwean jobs to Zimbabwean citizens.

There's is absolutely no special skill required from China, in actual fact, we training the Chinese and one day they will take over.”

》》》 2 months ago

i also read this story sent to fadzai mahere by one of her followers. so touching.

Chikas 2 months ago

Biti ndiye makuruwani

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I ant to side with Temba MLISWA that himself, Biti and Chinotimba debate issues in Parliament lively.. There was a member of Parliament known as Dexter Nduna. He used to debate issues lively before he stole his membership through captured judiciary from a CCC winner in Chegutu. Because of this shameful act he now withdraws into his chair and listens to others debating. The Old People's Home has praise singers only in Parliament.


Maparamuro 2 months ago

If only Zimbabweans could learn to vote with their brains and not stomachs. Zimbabweans will support anyone seconded by a political party of their choice even if the person has an empty head like the majority of these MPs.
Fadzai Mahere lost in Mt Pleasant because she was not seconded by a party even the MDCA rejected her then and yet she has become a cornerstone of the CCC party now. The same people who rejected her are now full of praise for her

Machiavelli 2 months ago

I agree with you @Maparamuro subject to a couple of provisos.

In Zimbabwean politics Independent candidates don't add value. Temba Mliswa, for all his shouting has added Zilch to the development of this country. Mahere, and a few others including the LEAD leader ate good people as individuals go but because we need volumes in Parliament that is why people rejected them.

Individuals are not bigger than institutions. Jessie Majome tried it in Marlborough and was roundly rejected. Not because she isn't sharp, but she thought she was bigger than MDC Alliance.

Nkosana Moyo would be my ideal presidential nominee but because he has chosen to lead an inconsequential party, I can't go for him because it is a waste of votes, splitting the opposition.

I hope you get what I am trying to say. First, let's get rid of ZANU, then we can pick the best technocratic brains for the right technical jobs.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Temba, you are not in the same league with Biti and Hopewell. They are way ahead of you.

Your clownish behaviour and womanising puts you in the same WhatsApp group as Chinotimba, where you belong. Yes, you have your entertainment value, but as far as medulla oblangatta, Zilch. Zero

Pinky 2 months ago

Well said

parasite lite 2 months ago

ana parasite mowana sei service delivery yaBiti imi musiri mugari wemuMt Pleasant
apa unogara kuGokwe nembudziya so uda kuti Biti auye akuisire creche ikoko

Parasite 2 months ago

Temba, Biti you are doing nothing mu parliament imomo. Ever since we started to voting for you you have never pushed for 1 electrol re-forms. Your noise in the parliament doesn't do anything good for Zimbabweans. We want tangible results that is wat we have voted for you . Romance haina mwana

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

nonsense idzodzo dzemunoita ,ever since you were voted into Parliament , what have you done ,what reforms you make NOISE about have enacted? Politics is a game of numbers.....
not kungoita ruzha kwemunoita ,worse

Dzvamu 2 months ago

Ku parliament if you don't have majority there is little you can do. Ndiani asingazvizive izvozvo. Mabills haapaswe nemunhu 1

citizen 2 months ago

who did u voted for kkkk. yr comments already shows that u voted for ZANU

Svy 2 months ago

greedy is the name of our government

THE FIEND 2 months ago

Vybz Kartel Mfana wesi Ndebeleni..

nc 2 months ago

daddyhope MP I like it

Wamambo90 2 months ago

Apa mataura vanhu vane people at heart muzim parliament they represents their people vamwe povo irimo maself motives

Vote-Out-Illeterate Goats 2 months ago

Mamwe maMP kungoinda kunovata kuParliament

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