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Mliswa: I Have Not Had Any Communication With Susan Mutami

Mliswa: I Have Not Had Any Communication With Susan Mutami

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa (Independent), has denied claims by his Australian-based ex-lover Susan Mutami that the two have agreed to raise “their” child together.

Last week Mutami claimed she had reached a truce with Mliswa and the two had decided to co-parent their minor son.

Mutami and Mliswa have been involved in ugly verbal spats on social media over the upkeep of the child.

Posting on Twitter this Sunday, Mliswa insisted that Mutami should use traditional procedures channels to resolve their differences.

Mliswa also insisted that a paternity test should be carried out to determine if he is indeed the biological father of the child Mutami claims he sired. Said Mliswa:

I want to make this clear. Despite the new position being shown by @susan_mutami I would like to make it clear that I have not had any communication with her.

She has indeed tried to use the legal route, @cdesetfree & others but my position has always been clear.

I come from a family centred on traditional values and will not deal with the issues relating to my kids on social media.

Susan said a lot about my mother who has never been on social media. She was taken aback by how her benevolence in giving a chicken had been abused.

Secondly, Susan also attacked my sister, Mary who potentially could have been vatete vake (her sister-in-law). I didn’t respond to all these issues.

She accused me of seeking to kill the President’s son& being involved in the Bulawayo bombing. So she has a lot of issues that she raised.

Now the proper route for her for us to discuss the baby issues would be through my young sister Mary. Now how would she do that after all her negative aspersions against her?

As for the kid I have never denied paternity but stated that I would need a DNA test first!

Proper traditional channels and processes should be followed for the child to be admitted into the family. Subject to a DNA test.

But it has become clear that she was a project for Mudha all the way!

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shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

of all the people kutadzawo kuenda kwakadzikama zvaaida kuita ngura ngura dzake 😂 😂

take a break 1 month ago

ko 😂 wavo uyu wekumbooka muchibage 😂

snooze and sleep 1 month ago

kkkkkk nekavaviro kanoita mashizha emabagwe wonzwa kuti munhu anoita rura rura ik
imomo 😂 sarenda

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

ku hu ra muchinyanya .... mliswa ndiye abhero asingagoni kusingirira ngoro yake inongosiya vana pose pose....

snooze and sleep 1 month ago

Hakuna akambopinda muzanu PF asingahuli huli 😂 vose vanomitisa vana wevanhu... pfende dzevanhu

themba 1 month ago

susan is a spy being used by Chris Mutsvangwa for my downfall ciz i defeated Chrus heavily in Norton

all these shenanigas are being sponsored by Chruss

iam reliably infirmed by my clise friends
chrus want me to be in courts then decampaighn me in my constituency

i bought verious vehicles for Nortin ZRP to aid their day to day operations but the vehicles were parked for almost a year on Zrp camp

Chris directky calls Norton Member in charge and say dont accept any donation from me like cars coz Themba want to capture police force


Me 1 month ago

Themba chengeta Gero rako

Chen 1 month ago

Susan just another Mary Mubaiwa who goes after the big wigs to syphone their mulaaa, your time will come as well. Your guts of going on line just to give us false news shows how cunning and gold digger you are. Your time to reap will come my sister, lady,maaaa

Thula Msindo 1 month ago

😒Mutami at it again trying to bribe Mliswa into silence. Askana you messed up. Mliswa is right in what he says. MaLadies, we want to appear like they are victims when half the time we victimise men and run to take refuge behind women's rights and feminist policies.

It takes two to make a bed unless you want to be like Ruvheneko who buys a sperm and be both father and mother. You need Tete Mary Mliswa-Chikoka not Tete Social Media wena Mutami🐩

🤧Hey Wena, Suzana, Thula Msindo🦍

Executive Zvimbazi 1 month ago


Jinx 1 month ago

And then she came....

Jinx 1 month ago

Waiting for Thula Msindos comment...
She likes these romance articles 🤣

Executive Zvimbazi 1 month ago


Aiwa ka 1 month ago

😭😭😭😭😭Thula huya pano

Chief Nyoka 1 month ago

Nhy Susan waiting unosvikepi nemudhara uyu,were u blind or you were blinded by cash. Shame on you,we are sick n tired of your stories. Newewo Temba ummm chi**** chirega wakura

ZANU pf hardliner guardian of faith 1 month ago

ok traditional Them ba ko waiti unoudzwa nema ancestors wadira Bute pasi uchiuchira saka DNA unoidii

ZANU pf hardliner guardian of faith 1 month ago

ok traditional Them ba ko waiti unoudzwa nema ancestors wadira Bute pasi uchiuchira saka DNA unoidii

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