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Mliswa Criticises Government's Move To 'Cancel Valid Passports'

Mliswa Criticises Government's Move To 'Cancel Valid Passports'

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa has criticised the government’s decision to cancel valid passports by 2023 saying members of the public went through a lot to attain the travel document.

The government announced statutory instrument (SI) 273 of 2021 which stated that the “current type of passports… will cease to be acceptable internationally by the 31st of December 2023, and will therefore need to be replaced by e-passports in terms of these regulations.”

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage on Monday says the passport will be valid until they expire, which could be before or after the 31st of December 2023. In response to the development, Mliswa said:

The move to cancel valid passports after only two years when someone struggled to raise over US$300 for it, is immoral to say the least. Normal and standard procedure is to let the old document run its time until it expires and have people get the e-passport.

Why does Gvt have to operate as some capitalist private enterprise out for a profit? This move is insincere and while moving with technology is great, all that is lost in the insensitive trap of making people repeat the passport process twice for a total of over US$400.

The Registrar General’s office has a huge passport backlog as the government is failing to procure enough resources to print passports.

Many Zimbabweans have been applying for the travel document as they seek to escape the biting economy.

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Tambai Njuga 6 months ago

These Africans!!!

Shampoo 6 months ago

I think vane ma passports asati a expire ekudhara vanofanirwa kusiiwa vachi mashandisa until a expire because vakabhadhara ma US dollars avo. Or kuvapa manyowani acho without any cost. FAIR.

R`G 6 months ago

It should be free of charge its not our problem its theirs we should not be involved in their upgrading negatively like this

Edmund Makubaza 6 months ago

It's very surprising for the government to announce that there will be new passports. My wife acquired a passport two months ago and is expected to get the so called e-passport after having forked out US318 to get the passport.inThis is being insincere on the part of the government.

Traveller 6 months ago

Gaya wakatora passport watambura pasina 2 years wobva wanzwa kuti wakufanira kutora imwe fut🤔😩

Kakistocracy 🤣 Muchakaka 6 months ago

Zimbabwe inorwadza hamaweee. Mwari tibvisireiwo madambudzo muupenyu. Tinosvika riini tiri munyika izere uchi nemukaka kudai isu nevana vedu tichitsukutwa nenhamo vashoma vachiguta. Kuda kuti usimudze musoro kudaidzira rubatsiro unosangana netsvimbo. Umm Zimbabwe YATIKAKISA IYI MWARI. TUMIRAI NUNURO VARI KUMATENGA WOYE TAKAKA ISU. KOTI ZIMBABWE NDIYO IJIPITA IRI MUMAGWARO MATSVENE. AIWA MUPONISI UYAI ZVARWADZA.

Zimdollar 6 months ago

Its now all Nostro & Vostro, and God for us all.


Man of the moment 6 months ago

Ini ndirikumasure munorewa kwane passport inodzi ed here
Saka pachaitwa zve n- passport kana D- passport
Zvakamira sei🐸

fulgore 6 months ago

Dzimwe brain dzevanhu vanotitungamirira sooooo 😂😂😂😂

🧐 6 months ago

Kana tiri kutadza kuita produce iwawo atinawo what assurance is there that we would be able to produce the ones with enhanced security features? So, everyone who currently has a valid ordinary passport (that would ordinarily have expired after 2023) anenge atoitawo join the queue yekuwedzera backlog! Chokwadi, the level of thinking that creates a problem cannot be trusted to come up with a solution to that same problem.

Gogodera 6 months ago

Dzinobuda after wadzinyoresa

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