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"Missing" ZANU PF Official Was Visiting A Girlfriend In Mozambique - Report

It has emerged that a ZANU PF official who was allegedly kidnapped by opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters was visiting his girlfriend in Mozambique.

Nicholas Madzianike was reported missing on June 19 and CCC supporters Chengetai Musudu, Hakata Musudu and Aaron Chizemo were subsequently arrested in connection with the claimed abduction.

Police confirmed at the weekend without giving more details that Madzianike who is ZANU PF’s Chimanimani district youth chairperson had been found.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, ZRP said Nicholas Madzianike was being interviewed by police. Reads the statement:

The ZRP reports that the missing ZANU PF Youth Chairman for Bumba District in Chimanimani, Nicholas Madzianike who went missing on 19/06/22 has been found and is currently being interviewed by the Police.

However, sources in Chimanimani said Madzianike was discovered on Saturday soon after returning from Mozambique where he had gone to see his girlfriend.

Sources told NewZimbabwe:

Madzianike was never abducted.

He was in Mozambique where he was having a nice time with his girlfriend. He come back on Saturday in good health.

CCC sources described Madzianike’s return as a great relief as their members were being arrested while some were severely tortured by Central Intelligence Organisation operatives over his disappearance.

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CCC political party is well organised and are not vampires of human blood. Its members abhor blood letting citizens and value human blood.

From the begining, I praised Police for professionally managing Madzianike's alleged missing investigations. Nyatsime disturbances were not professionally managed.



Yours sincerely

Confined 1 month ago

Yaaa muchinda we Zanu uyo is fabricating bcz hanzi arikuti akabatwa nevanhu vane pfuti ivavo ve CCC then vaiva nemota but we Zanu uyu anoti akawana escape akakwira mumuti ivo vakamushaya hanzi vakatopfuura nepasi pemuri waaiva then akafa ba 3 days to Mozambiki. It's a tailor made story to silence CCC

😏😏😏 1 month ago

Inga zvakaoma🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I need a break 1 month ago

Dai mudzimai wa Chinembiri amboviga phone yemurume wake. Please please please. Haabve pano and he comments on each and every article here even zvaasingazive.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Sheet, zidzoro serangu 😂

traps 1 month ago

ndakambomubvisa pano adzoka futi mdra iyeye anenge kachikwekwe...

Chinembiri Fan 1 month ago

lm quite enjoying his comments,he is good in analysing.Bhora mberi

dispenser 1 month ago

a footballer is of e opinion Everyone admire the sport. a thief like wise suspect everyone to be a potential thief. the same applies to murderers they presume in much the same way. wc in actual fact is not the case

》》》 1 month ago

Well said👍


The Adjudicator 1 month ago

This clearly shows how our police is now a ZanuPf police force.They issued a cooked up story to in ordered to arrest CCC members and potray it as a violent party bt unfortunately the supposedly abducted chairman came too early and distorted the idea.Zanupf could hve killed this chairman if they had known his exact whereabouts to make their story authentic.
Now the police is waiting for a statement from ZanuPf HQ to issue to us.
Thats why we say the police is captured,the judiciary is captured,the army and every public institution.

Oskid 1 month ago

Stupid politics outdated uchauraira munhu nyika mamvemve aya.

Murakashi 1 month ago

yeah tinohula zve isu, tikapiwa 15usd tobaya kumabhebhi nekumbanje chete chete. Ma CCC muchishaya ye etym

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