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Missing Person Alert: 15-year-old Kirsha Chipunza Goes Missing

Missing Person Alert: 15-year-old Kirsha Chipunza Goes Missing

The Chipunza family is appealing for information which may lead to the location of Kirsha Chipunza (15).

She allegedly went missing on the 18th of July 2022) around 4 pm when she was going to Stoneridge coming from Highfield.

Kirsha’s mother told Pindula News that a police report for a missing person was made at around 3 pm on the day she went missing. She told this reporter:

She was last seen boarding a kombi (commuter omnibus) and it’s not known what transpired in between because she never arrived in Stoneridge. I’m the one who was waiting for her but she never arrived. I only started looking for her in the evening when I realised she had taken more than enough hours to arrive. I delayed asking around because I thought she could have been delayed by congestion at Mbudzi Roundabout.

Asked if they had tried to contact Kirsha’s friends, she said the missing girl had one friend who accompanied her to the kombi. She also does not know what could have happened to her friend.

They have also contacted Kirsha’s relatives but no one knows where she is. 

Anyone with information on Kirsha’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Chipunza family on 0715780571/0777089721.

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Mukanya 3 weeks ago

so sad

parasite 3 weeks ago

Maybe akatizira.

Mai parasite 3 weeks ago

ehe akatizira baba wako

Tsindi 3 weeks ago

Don't rule out kutizira its possible. Kana anga achienda kuchikoro endai munovunza kushamwari dzake dzekuchikoro pamwe vangabatsire

i 3 weeks ago

15yrs haangatadze kuziva kumbaka .ko imi maimumirira haasidzoka kumba ega here becoz zera rake iro anofanira atove form hatingataure zvakawanda hedu bt toshuwira kuti anodzoka

ndini ndadaro 3 weeks ago

Pindula mukwane imi how can a report be made before munhu ashaikwa? report made at 3pm munhu oshaikwa 4pm muri right right here or murimaZanu

Gwedu 3 weeks ago

This is sad whatever reason, report where is she plz. kana akatizira let it know than being silent


Wasu 3 weeks ago

mwana wakatize mukumbo aina anweni wake wachingoenda akati Betta kusiya zvekuenda kuskuru

Mdara Odza 3 weeks ago

As her friend about her love life; possible she eloped to a boyfriend or she is on a romantic rendezvous with a lover

legislator 3 weeks ago

under age

zoe 3 weeks ago

probably kidnapped. it's the new thing happening these days. you board a Kombi with 2 males and 6 females. once you are inside they take your foni. so guys be serious not just saying atizira

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