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Missing 1-Year-Old Girl Feared Snatched By Maid

Missing 1-Year-Old Girl Feared Snatched By Maid

A 29-year-old woman is appealing for information about the whereabouts of her one-year-old daughter who went missing Sunday morning in Budiriro 4 high-density suburb.

Prisca Dindinga told NewsDay that she went to report at Budiriro 2 Police Station but was asked to make a formal report for a missing person after 24 hours.

She said she suspected that Mitchell had been snatched by a woman who was employed as a maid in the neighbourhood. Dindinga said:

In the morning at around 7 am, I was doing my normal household chores indoors and my child went outside, as usual, to play with her siblings.

When I went outside to check on my children, she was missing. I inquired about her whereabouts from some people who were around and someone told me that they had seen a maid from the neighbourhood with my child.

She said the maid cannot be accounted for.

Harare provincial spokesperson Inspector Mwanza said the police were yet to investigate the matter.

Dindinga told NewsDay Sunday evening that attempts to locate her child had been fruitless and was now “hopeless”.

Anyone who might have information about the missing child can contact Dindinga at 0783 711 975 or the local police.

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Treasure 6 months ago

Pakaipa musasiye vana pazhe

Merc_Kudra 6 months ago

Hmmm this is touching....chimbofambai

Beasty boy 6 months ago

Ummm imagine 1yr old kusiyiwa echitamba ega out of the gate thats being careless,but anyway apa zvakuda kuti uroye vanhu..enda kwana Sekuru Banda vambotuma makudo ,kana kuti mhene imbovasembura mbinjana becoz police hmmm azvibudi.Roya vanhu faster faster sister mwana vanomudzosa.

Sir 6 months ago

Musasiye vana vadiki kudaro pliz

P.MATANGE 6 months ago

Saka maid pacakamubvunza akati chiii

Mrs P 6 months ago

Maid haana kuwanikwa

Gogodera 6 months ago

Shame pray

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