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Ministry Cannot Effect A Blanket Suspension Of Teachers - PTUZ

Ministry Cannot Effect A Blanket Suspension Of Teachers - PTUZ

The Progressive Teachers Union Zimbabwe (PTUZ) says the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education does not have the power to effect a blanket suspension of teachers who have been on strike since schools opened for the 2022 first term on Monday.

On Thursday Education minister Evelyn Ndlovu announced that the striking had teachers had been suspended for three months without pay.

PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou called on the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to assist teachers to lobby both the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Finance Minister to capacitate teachers by paying them US$540. Said Zhou:

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education has no power to suspend Teachers. In October 2002, the then Minister of Education T.K. Tsodzo suspended 629 PTUZ aligned teachers in Harare due to a Union led strike.

The courts ruled that the Minister had no locus standi to suspend teachers. All the 629 teachers were reinstated, but of course after some inconvenience of going for some months on half salary and food hampers that the Union could afford then.

So the current Minister is walking along the defective path that already has a precedent ruling.

He added that even the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare cannot blanketly suspend teachers but has to do that by writing letters to individual teachers.

Zhou dismissed the notion that teachers are on strike, but are rather incapacitated, saying the only solution to the problem is to capacitate teachers. He added:

As PTUZ we are ready to take the legal route once any of our members receive a suspension letter.

It is sad that instead of adopting a more considerate approach permeable to reason and facts the Ministry officials and the Government have decided to use defective command and control tactics that have no traction.

That decision is tantamount to closing schools as more than 135 000 teachers out of 14 000 are incapacitated.

One wonders whether this is what she calls an open door policy when her door is closed.

Is it because she is surrounded by criminals, we wonder?

Zhou urged teachers to remain calm and to get in touch with the nearest PTUZ leaders once they receive suspension letters.

He also implored school heads not to be abused by the system which he said had incapacitated them but to bear in mind that the push for a living wage is for their benefit as well.

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KHUMALO 3 months ago

*Ngo2008 ngedate yanamhlanje yikho engadla amachunks ayengelamafutha, ngiwapheke ngenkuni ze5trillion, elemibhida ye 5billion ngafaka isawudo le 17billion, kanye lokulitamatisi kwe 3billion*

Angeke ngakukhohlwa lokhu

Noma 3 months ago

Kkkkkk laze langihlekisa loba kuzwisa ubuhlungu

Tkt 3 months ago

Cde, rambai makashinga nehondo,nehondo
isu takaimba tika kunda nanhai tinongo kunda. mhanyai naro bato renyu ishe, tosangana musi wa27-March and Post-2023

handina mazhinji nemi, taramba anozoti zvabuda musarudzo sandizvo sechi jairira cheva nin'ina venyu vanoku tungamirai kugara vati tikadzyiwa hati bvume kusati kwamvo endwa kusarudzo,

maSIM-Cards amuri kureva aya it seem ndicho chega chinhu chamaka onawo choga as if back then it was ZIM only facing that problem, either way we should have done the same had your guys not interfered in the path

3 months ago


Tkt 3 months ago

@Kestombela... Idi iroro hamu rambidzwe kuona kwenyu ishe, 42yrs substract 22dzaka konzereswa nema empty promises anoitwa ne-opposition.
mozvi onawo hr izvi mkuru wangu, apa tuvanhu turi kungoti pasina isu hapana chino famba kuita here ikoko?

Chapwititi Kestombela 3 months ago

Opposition yakambotonga here yega nhai Cde? The best times when everything changed for better were during the Mugabe under a shared government. Phone lines became affordable but during our time they costed a big fat cow and a calf. We experienced deflation, did you hear it or experience it Cde? Now zvimadhara zvenyu are showing pure failure and nothing else!!!

Zola seven 3 months ago

Ngaa pinde hake

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

how much do teachers generate to the fiscus annually , because some of these demands are outrageous, varikupinza Marii pagore for them to demand that amount as salary

Bigboy 3 months ago

Z,B,C-T,V-RADIO & HERALD. Day (1)Most teachers reported for work just rogue elements. Day (2)Good turnout in schools. Day (3)We are offering (20pc)increase for trs to go back to work. Day(4)Teachers accepted our lucrative offer ALL SO DAY(4) Teachers are suspended kkkkkkkkkkk Confused 🤷‍♀️ 🙀Government 👺👹

My Kayla 3 months ago


Tkt 3 months ago

Pamberi neZANU-PF

Pamberi nema Living Wages

Pasi neasingadi budiriro munyika

Chapwititi Kestombela 3 months ago

Pamberi hapachina chiro Cde, vapedza nyika yese vachiba saka unoti pamberi nei?
Support hairambidzwe hayo but tanga waona mberi nekwakabviwa nezvaibvimbiswa nezvavakazadzisa woita hako supporter anemuono kwawo. Nyika yese zvikwereti zvoga, iwo mabhazi arikuunzwa aya zvikwereti zvese izvozvo. Nyika yese yakuripiswa zvikwereti zvatisingazive kuti marii uye yakashandei. Saka ndati ngatichinjei hurumende iripo timboisawo zvitsva. Zambia yakazviita wani chero Malawi yakazviita izvi. Yibatanei pakurarudza CCC timboona kuti YELLOW BRIGADE inodii. 42 years of promises that aren't fulfilled or half filled 🤔. Pamberi hapana chinhu apa takupaziva!!!

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