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Ministers "Fight" Over ZANU PF Posts


Two government ministers, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka and Kindness Paradza are reportedly fighting after the former imposed her ally on the  Makonde District coordinating committee (DCC) chaired by Kindness Paradza.

ZANU PF is conducting a restructuring exercise and Mary Mliswa-Chikoka reportedly abused her ministerial and party provincial powers to impose Ruth ‘Boko Haram’ Chikukwa, supposedly at the expense of Stuart Yasini whom the DCC had already co-opted.

The move, which is said to be in violation of the Zanu PF constitution, left Paradza seething with anger. He has since written to the DCC declaring Mliswa-Chikoka’s move as null and void.

In the letter, Paradza who is also the Information deputy minister criticised Mliswa-Chikoka for interfering in Makonde DCC business. He wrote:

Please note that the Makonde DCC, at a properly constituted meeting last Saturday, co-opted Cde Stuart Yasini as Secretary for Science and Technology. That decision still stands. I have since written officially to the province notifying them of our collective decision.

I am told there was a meeting yesterday in Chinhoyi between the provincial chairman and district leadership from Chinhoyi constituency, which was not sanctioned by me, as DCC chairman, and which I did not attend because of ZITF (Zimbabwe International Trade Fair) commitments. I am told this meeting nominated Ruth ‘Boko Haram’ Chikukwa to be in the DCC executive in place of Yasini. This is null and void.

Paradza said the meeting called by Mliswa-Chikoka did not have the legal basis to co-opt anyone into the district organ adding that Ruth Chikukwa failed national security vetting, the reason she was disqualified to contest as a councillor in the last (26 March) by-elections.

He reiterated Provincial Executive Committees (PEC) or districts have no authority to co-opt anyone on behalf of the DCC.

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Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Why is Mashonaland West Province a noisy province ? Both Mary Mliswa Chikoka and Kindness Paradza have been involved in these squabbles at one time or the other. Ziyambi Ziyambi used to be one of them before he was promoted to Politbro.


dhuterere 1 week ago

co-opts were stopped by the commissariat but it can be done from consultation from the top ruling bodies central committee , polituburo hameno from their approval be it an election or the vice may take over until the next election if the is no need the post may stay unoccupied until next election co options were stopped because of personal gain by the one anoisa munhu on that post it's either for power or financial gain

Anonymous 1 week ago

agh inini i dont understand this at all, handit munoita co-opt vanhu vese varipo here then you say comrades we have coopted fo nhingi because of this and that kana zvaramba then you cast votes

Ribvungu 1 week ago

Boko Haram's case for assaulting a member or MID still stand and this is what boydo capitalised on in ward 3, however the Prov chair should respect the decision of the DC chair. however the ccc have already won the seat. take it easy guys

Asalif 1 week ago



Mr j 1 week ago

vote for Chamisa

Asalif 1 week ago

co-opts were banned she should go for a hearing for desrespecting the commissariat and that party's constitution like what happened to Owen Ncube

Asalif 1 week ago

Mary Mliswa shes like her brother she's troublesome she's into power wrangles every now and then don't know why she is not displined Mudha was fired why don't you do that to her too or she has a boyfriend in polituburo anoita chero yaada at any given time Shem

Blessing 1 week ago

some people are there in the party to destroy the part from within I'm sure all this does not have anything to do with the people tht voted all these people into those positions it has everything to do with self interests which is something tht ends up tarnishing the name of party as well as our Presidents' name . My advice to the president is to deal with such people in a slashing mood so that they go out of the part and form up their private companies where they can persue their self interests not using Zanu pf powers we want Zanu pf our revolutionary part to last for years so tht the next generation will know also abt Zanu pf

Blessing 1 week ago

My friend Yu see now wat yu are saying abt the president now is bcz of all those guys who misuse his name n party I'm sure you personally Kno a lot of good things frm tht man to the nation yes there are bad because he's a man like other people but all this I think goes with generations if you Yu started to Kno the President from 2017 UpTo today yes Yu have the ryt to speak lyk tht those who kno him frm back will speak different language with you they are not mad n you also Yu not mad it's how people view things

gweta 1 week ago

Does your president have any name or reputation that anyone with a sound mind should worry if its tarnished?

1 week ago

Tang. Ku 1 week ago

Mamisanai **** dzevanhu h o ro dzenyu vanhu ve zanupf kubva pane vekutanga kusvika vekupedzisira

😖😖 1 week ago

wanga waverenga nguvai. vamwe vanhu vanoswera pa Pindula vakomana.
anyway let's vote CCC 2023

facts 1 week ago

anondzi paradzai
achamuparadza mese
watch out

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