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Minister Says ZANU PF To Lead Delimitation Of Electoral Boundaries

Minister Says ZANU PF To Lead Delimitation Of Electoral Boundaries

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said that ZANU PF will lead the delimitation process to demarcate constituency boundaries for the upcoming 2023 harmonised elections.

Ziyambi’s remarks may be construed by critics of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) as confirmation that the electoral body doesn’t have full control over electoral processes.

According to the electoral law, ZEC is solely responsible for conducting the delimitation exercise to ensure free and fair elections.

Addressing ZANU PF Mashonaland West delegates attending a provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting held at Mazvikadei Resort over the weekend, Ziyambi said:

We, as the governing party, will lead the delimitation process.

You cannot say that you are ruling and do things that result in you getting out of power.

There is no political party that boots itself out of power.

As ZANU PF, we must do things that we are all agreeable to as we come up with electoral boundaries.

We will have another meeting to discuss how the delimitation process is going to be conducted.

Delimitation of parliamentary constituencies and wards is determined by the number of registered voters in an area. The exercise is done soon after the population and housing census.

Ziyambi also said delimitation consultations within ZANU PF will start soon in Mashonaland West, before rolling out to the other nine provinces.

The Zvimba West legislator hinted that the province, currently with 22 parliamentary seats, could have two or three additional seats to be created by the upcoming delimitation exercise.


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😞 1 month ago

im beginning to lose hope for CCC

poorvho 1 month ago

Dont worry, they are shooting themselves in the foot

real voter 1 month ago

good morning and welcome to reality

Anonymous 1 month ago

Who cares

Harvested House 1 month ago

Variseiko Sisi Fadzai Mohadi.

William Sonboy Chinembiri 1 month ago

Delimitation is just elimination of dissidence. Dissidence is just ascendency of mathematics. Mathematics is the mechanic of life forms




Yours sincerely

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Nhasi ka pfambi kanonzi Mahere Kari ziii then you ccc bastards want to tell us about moral ethics. Most likely the whole ccc top brass has had a shareit moment with her.

shatrisha 1 month ago

KO akadanana naye zvebasa. Rei

itai zve party yenyu munei naye

Tigu 1 month ago

mahere is being accused by a man who tried his luck on her and failed..yet zanu pf forcefully made the vice president of the country resign because of being a womanizer...Muhadi nekukura kwese izvezvi kuti imire akutoda ma Viagra ari tsoma tsoma nevakadzi and here you are talking about moral ethics.. The remaining vice president is busy abusing mary and her children.. and you talk about ethics

ZINASU 1 month ago

Presidium yose yakadya bota saka chances of a disciplinary hearing are zero.The only way out is for her to resign to save the party.


Pendennis Shopping Centre 1 month ago

Mt Pleasant hokoyo, tikuda kukanda Fadzai Mohadi to a Mazowe constitency.

Crocodile 1 month ago

Asi chikuru ndechekuti zvakuratidza kuti pane party imwe yashurungudza varume vakuru kusvika vazofunga kuita izvo ko makore ese aya mairegererei kuzviita

Mmmm 1 month ago

All this rigging exercise will come to naught for the people will make sure to vote zanupf out. The will of the people will prevail.

Vote for vote ❎ CCC.


Advocate Ziyambi Ziyambi is confirming what we have been saying that rigging starts from census, delimitation, campaigning, voting and counting of votes.

The law is very clear on who is involved in delimitation. It is ZEC. Where does this political animal called ZANU PF come in from at delimitation ? No matter how Priscilla Chigumba may deny it, here is a fully grown Minister, in the name of Ziyambi Ziyambi who has admitted that ZANU PF is also meddles in delimitation to the of Constituencies to the fullest extent.

Let me venger into Advocate Fadzai Mahere's alleged love affair with a married man. The position at the moment is that she has denied the issue as it was said by Edmund who went on to say he will not retract his story. From the beginning, Edmund is a trogen horse. He is being ridden by a very heavy man. He is doing what he is doing for bread crumbs.

If this story is true, still it is very small compared to what has happened in ZANU PF circles. A whole president, I repeat, a whole president slept with his married secretary in his offices until that marriage crumbled and later he married her.

Two years ago a full Vice President was relieved of his duties on allegations of flirting with his married secretary.

After all ladies and gentlemen, this seem to be destined for greater heights, the courts. I want to advise those illegally swimming in this matter to wait for the courts to deal with this matter.




Yours Truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Women in Law 1 month ago

Tibvirepo bush lawyer.You do not compare adultery or rape cases uchiti iyi iri better.
The alleged adultery inoshungurudza another woman. Iri better pakudii??

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Oh shut up Sonboy you sychophant your own former dead leader did it with 3 woman and didn't resign his post of premier during GNU. So it is you who needs to learn!!

Gold Coin 1 month ago

Mapapi nema gold coin

Cable Guy 1 month ago


please 1 month ago

kuda kubira uku

Legislator 1 month ago

even Zanu pf ikada kubira or rig in whatsoever way ,the nets are so tight ,the actual vote is not geographically positioned rather it is positioned somewhere hidden ,inside -inside ,you may see people and think they are yours ,alas the same people now think and know the truth , people will decide ,even the rural folk ,they are not as dull as Zanupf fools itself, people due to economic doldrums have actually abandoned Zanu pf

Legislator 1 month ago

turning to Mahere issue ,kupomhegwa mhosva iko,neimwe nzira kuzogwa madhaka kuda kuvhiringidza pundutso negwara regutsa ruzhinji ,those are attempts of a desperate grouping of the so called ruling party of which even the kindergarten will tell you that group has already seized to be the ruling party indeed it's an economically tommented group that is trying to parade itself as a governing body.

fun time 1 month ago

The last thing we want is a disputed election. All economic problems are a derivative of this democratic illness. nauseating publicity, @Ziyambi, you were a great minister until you started talking, your silence was commendable, I wish you could maintain it.

Nahoreka 1 month ago

One person has summed it up here......kudimburwa dimburwa kwe maconstituency hakuna basa...the peoples' vote is safely hidden somewhere the heart. So, tinondoisira x wedu patooda chero kwavatiisa ikoko..

Ndimba Ndimba 1 month ago

Waita hako Ziyambi kutiudza musi inouya mbavha kuzotibira vhoti nemabiro avanôda kuita. CCC will counter those moves. Zanu PF haichadiwi nevanhu vopona nekurigger, thieves and looters.

povho yaramba 1 month ago

azvide this tym vakuonera

mopedzerana vaakuziva tsoro yacho munavo mamuri imomo ziso richiona

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