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Minister Says 4 000 ha Of Wheat Have Been Damaged By Rains

Minister Says 4 000 ha Of Wheat Have Been Damaged By Rains

The government of Zimbabwe has said about 4 000 hectares of wheat have been destroyed by the rains with the largest portion of 3 225 affected in Mashonaland West province.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet briefing, ICT minister Jenfan Muswere said despite the damage, 58 972 hectares of wheat have been harvested so far. He said:

The nation is further informed that the 58 972 ha which have so far been harvested have culminated in 255 618 metric tonnes (mt) of wheat.

On a sad note, a total of 3 980 ha of the wheat crop was damaged by rains, with the largest hectarage of 3 225 being in Mashonaland West province.

The nation is being informed that the GMB grain stocks as at 20 November, 2022 stand at 561 554 mt comprising 482 554 mt of maize and 79 120 mt of traditional grains.

Using a monthly consumption rate of 49 295 mt (24 295 mt for Social Welfare and 25,000 mt to millers and stock feed manufacturers), the available grain will last for 11.4 months.

Millers and stock feed manufacturers are expected to import grain to cover the gap in their own requirements. A total of ZW$25.161 billion and US$24 million has since been paid out to farmers for grain intake since 1 April, 2022.

A bumper harvest could cushion Zimbabwe from grain shortages triggered by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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Alphred kushamisa 4days ago

Vakagovana gorosi vakunyebara mvura

onlooker 4days ago


4days ago

Vatanga nhema dziya manje Vaiti gorosi regore rino rakawanda zvokuti we won't be importing Let's wait and hear what they are going to say next

Thug 4days ago


Tang ku 4days ago

Allow me to air my sentiments noone must oppose , mnangagwa and zanupf are cursed more than the devil is cursed, everything they do, touch ,see , feel, think,dream,talk is clueless so normal people can't play around , shake hands , with such grootons , last time they said oasterity measures ,Shamhu ine munyu , sanctions ,idya sadza ne veji , but you are still believe in zanupf mafias cursed are those who subscribe to it Tarisai paYellow kana muchida Hutano , democracy, justice education, employment, development itai sezvandareva

ndunge 3days ago

Kkkk vatanga yangayanaya nguvai yaparadza gorosi itiitaba gorosi rinokwana 400hctr

Mlotshwa 3days ago

This is story behind another story.Where is the bumper harvest now?ummm,musoro wangu wanjulunguka.


Totito 3days ago

The usual excuses have started. Next it wil be queler birds then you will be told that the wheat was stolen ne vanhu ve CCC

3days ago

These guys are so predictable You can almost sense what they are going to say next Hahahaa!

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