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Minister Of State For Harare Province Oliver Chidawu Has Died

Minister Of State For Harare Province Oliver Chidawu Has Died

The Minister of State for Harare Province, Oliver Chidawu has died.

A source close to the family confirmed the development.

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king 3 weeks ago

shame R.I.P

Civil Engr 3 weeks ago

Yaaa wakati rasikei company iyo was doing better ###

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

An enterprising businessman who soiled his name by entering into politics.

Sad loss for KuChi Construction

Cplaint 3 weeks ago

Development ipi manje apa ....RIP

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

rest in peace . let's hope wafa uchiziva Mwari bcoz kwauri kuenda ndo ma 1 manje

Job Sikhala 3 weeks ago

usanyeberaa vanhu wakambokuinda kudenga iwe

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

U can rig elections but can't rig death .Hope u are in gud books with the heavenly Father 🙏😇 .Amen.

chief Nemauyu 3 weeks ago

death is a trusted true friend.


Oskid 3 weeks ago

Mwari ndovane yese see it yoself there Zanu yasara no more tomfoolery there

july 3 weeks ago

m.h.s.r.p. Sorry comrade, mayenda musati madya mari ye Pomona deal neye ma Fire Engines eku Belarus.

🤑 3 weeks ago

Rest in Peace Cde. Kwamukuenda uko majoki azere ikoko ana Moby ishara ude.

. 3 weeks ago

kufa hakuna member

Xxx 3 weeks ago

C h i h u re chine prize, kana waiva we zanu waiti magumo chi

chihera 3 weeks ago

wakuru wanoti wafa wanaka
how do you feel insulting a dead person
how insensitive, do you know how you're going to end up.sometimes i regret being zimbo

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Once you are associated with ZANU, then you are fair game, dead or alive. There have been deaths reported on Pindula e.g. Magaisa, and very few people celebrated his demise. There are people today in power who if they were to collapse in the middle of the street, there would be street parties.

Read the signs- people are fed up of/with ZANU. You reap what you sow.

Mkanya 3 weeks ago

Mwari torai uyo asara atishungurudza vana venyu Tachema. Oliver go and join your ancestors, yu were a useless greedy and corrupt person. We shed no tear baya iwe

legislator 3 weeks ago

pidigori waenda, wainyanya kuvhaira🦴💀👀🦿

Nzou 3 weeks ago

kufa hakuna member ☠️

Preesha vs Rudraksh 3 weeks ago


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