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Minister Criticises "Black" Teachers For Selling CALA Tasks To Learners

Minister Criticises

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Evelyn Ndlovu has criticised “black” school teachers who are allegedly performing some Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA) tasks for their pupils for cash.

Responding to MDC Alliance MP Edwin Mushoriwa in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Ndlovu said the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) should intervene and restrain the corrupt teachers.

Mushoriwa had said the corrupt practice by some teachers threaten to “downgrade” the country’s education if it is not dealt with decisively. In response, Ndlovu said:

There is the risk of downgrading. Yes, but I think we really need to engage the Anti-Corruption Commission.

I have said that even in Cabinet that as Zimbabweans, we should learn to respect ourselves.

The culture of wanting too much money every time and being greedy is a problem in our society. It is the same when you look at our cities.

So I think it is the cultural mindset change among our people that is needed to make sure that you do not cheat.

You are cheating the child and tomorrow that child will be destitute because when he/she goes to university, he/she will fail.

I do not understand why a black woman or black teacher should sabotage a child by doing work for them.

Ndlovu said ZACC should go into schools to identify the culprits. She also implored parents and guardians who have information about the alleged corrupt tendencies of teachers to report to the ministry.

CALA is a government programme, which is part of the new curriculum that requires learners to perform, and demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in their learning areas before the main exam.

Under the regime, ZIMSEC candidates’ academic aptitude is assessed continuously (coursework) to contribute 30 per cent to their final marks.

The framework is being implemented on Grade 7, Form 4 and Upper 6 candidates.

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Advocate 2 months ago

why can't you just drop that CALA thing

Gbv 2 months ago


Tkt 2 months ago

Drop the CALA thing, STOP the corruption you're talking about

Maintain CALA, maintain CORRUPTION

bishu 2 months ago

politics of the stomach. if you dont feed layers they lay less and eat the eggs. if u dont feed pigs in pens they cannibalise the young. having ministers who get everything is a problem in that they dont experience our problems and words like "selfish" and "greedy" are used by the very selfish and greedy ministers to describe our scrambling for survival

Teacher 2 months ago

Saka munoda kuti tidyirepi..mbudzi inofura payakasungirirwa.If corruption stops at all government institutions then nesuwo tomirawo kwaRegistrar,talk about Zrp, Hospitals corruption yega infact bhadharai mateacher period

Da Truth 2 months ago

Ko police munodii kutuma Zacc ikoko .Zacc yosewra ichidzingirira ma CALA KKKKKKKK .ZACC ngaiiti tsvagire vanhu Ava 1.Akaba ba diamonds ekuchiyadzwa
2.Akaba mabillion EMA diamonds.
3.Akaba Mari yema solar panel project 5 million.
4.Akaba Mari ye covid.
5.Akaba goridhe renyika 5 kg akabatwa pa airport.Mukarova ipapa Zacc mashanda zve 30 yrs to come .Tangai ipapa tione

Gafa 2 months ago

Mai ava vanongohukura nzara yemari ndiyo yakonzeresa teacher arikuzhamba kuti mari ishoma hamuzvinzwi.Worse off mukabvunziwa maCala qns egrade7 hamuapinduri iyemi.first stage of corruption zvoda Zacc izvozvo zvirikuitika broad day


tinto 1 month ago

Bvisai CALA yacho maremedza vana at a tender age. Vanozviona vaaku secondary izvo. Kuwanzira vana basa yet Zim education yacho isiri kubatsira locally. Kudzidza kuti uzoita vendor, hwindi, mukorokoza and the like. This new curriculum thing sooka.

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