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Minister Claims Only A Few Nurses Are On Strike

Minister Claims Only A Few Nurses Are On Strike

The Leader of Government Business in Parliament Ziyambi Ziyambi on Wednesday claimed that only a few doctors and nurses were on strike.

Public health workers at major hospitals have been on strike since Monday, demanding that their salaries should be paid in United States dollars.

In Parliament, opposition MP Sipho Mokone demanded to know what the Government was doing to end the strike. She said:

Minister, on Monday we saw the nurses and doctors downing tools, which means that no one can access healthcare right now in Government hospitals.

The situation is very bad, especially for the expectant mother because there is no one who is there to assist the woman when she is due to give birth.

Ziyambi denied claims by MPs that the strike had paralysed the country’s healthcare sector, saying only a handful of nurses and doctors are on strike.

He also ruled out the government giving in to demands by the workers for US dollar salaries. Ziyambi said:

It is not very correct that the majority of them were on strike, it is only a few who were on strike yesterday or the day before and they have been advised that negotiations for a salary increase are ongoing and they must go back to their stations.

We are working towards removing whatever factors are influencing the decline of our currency.

However, we cannot and will not determine salaries on the basis of the USD.

We will work around improving our economy and strengthening our currency but will never go to a scenario where we peg salaries using the USD.


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Joe Brownn 1 week ago

Poor Ziyambi, denying others the USD while they earn all their salaries and hefty allowances in USD.

Lo 1 week ago

Saka vashoma ivavo ndivo vamatumira riot

Asalif 1 week ago

Where did these guys came from?? Mnangagwa's cabinet is full of drama Kings and queens

Kazembe Kazembe 1 week ago

Iwe Ziyambi Ziyambi ndosaka maziso Ako achigara akatarisa kuNorth Pole. Mugabe arimupenyu waingo zhinyura zhinyura. Dai ukaita mwana naMonika mese munongo zhinya zhinya.

Observer 1 week ago

So why peg services offered by the government in US$ when you cant peg salaries in US$??

Ziyambi et al 1 week ago

Propaganda propaganda. This is wht the likes of Jonathan used to do. Now its our time to play the propanganda game

Gafa 1 week ago

Munhu akashandira Zanu anoshaya brain.Few indeed we hev few nurses and doctors already.


Swagger 1 week ago

varikuenda kubasa zvavo zviribo

Purse 1 week ago

Gadzirisai chaita kuti musoro uteme

Mubaiwa 1 week ago

Why those few go on strike ,gadzirisaika ipapo pashaikwe chero mumwe anoenda pa strike pacho

Escobar Escobar 1 week ago

tirikuenda kwatirikubva zvedi

Tyn 1 week ago


zoe 1 week ago

ziyambi are you aware that the hospitals had few nurses already. they are short staffed and now the few are on strike so it means there's noone

Da Truth 1 week ago

A few 🤫

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