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Mining Union Urges Parents To Rally Behind Striking Teachers

Mining Union Urges Parents To Rally Behind Striking Teachers

National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ) President Mr Kurebwa Javangwe Nomboka has urged parents to rally behind striking teachers by not sending their children to school this first schooling term of 2022.

Nomboka said it was morally right to take a diplomatic stance in standing with teachers’ Unions that have been fighting for wage adjustment above PDL – Poverty Datum Line.

Teachers have been calling upon the government to restore their 2018 salaries (US$540) but the employer has not yet paid heed to the call saying it was incapacitated to give them what they are requesting.

The government Thursday suspended striking teachers for three months without pay. Nomboka believes teachers need parents’ support. He said:

I urge parents right across the country of Zimbabwe to support teachers’ quest for decent work and they can do that by refusing to send their kids to school this first term until employers resolve the demands for salary adjustment and as a union representing mine workers nationwide we’re herein standing in solidarity with teachers in downing tools.

All workers Unions in Zimbabwe should rally behind teachers and that as I have above must involve the contribution of parents as the improvements of teachers’ working conditions will simultaneously improve on the quality of education and affordability in terms of fees and other amenities.

He said 2022 was the year of workers’ rights, and decent work for the worker.

Meanwhile, NMWUZ President has hinted that employers meet the standing demands of mineworkers or risk facing unending protests and strikes in 2022.

Mineworkers are demanding their employers to give them COVID-19 monthly allowance and salaries in USD – United States dollars that are above PDL.

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