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Mines Minister To Commission US$1 Million Vumbachikwe Mine TSF Project

Mines Minister To Commission US$1 Million Vumbachikwe Mine TSF Project

Mines and Mining Development Minister, Winston Chitando, is expected to officially commission a Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) project at Vumbachikwe Mine in Gwanda, Matabeleland South Province, on Thursday, 5 May.

The miner said the US$1 million TSF project will ensure sustainable (environmentally- friendly) mining operations for the next two decades. Vumbachikwe acting mine manager, None Kananji said:

As a major player in our endeavour to put all hands on deck and create a US$12 billion gold mining industry for Zimbabwe by the year 2023 as espoused by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the national vision, we ought to also keep an eye on our carbon footprint because we have to bequeath not only a wealthy nation but an environmentally safe nation for future generations.

As a result, our stakeholders invested in this project to ensure that as we heed the Government’s call for the collective patriotic pursuit of a middle-income nation by the year 2030, we also don’t lose sight of the need to ensure the land from which we benefit is preserved.

According to an online source, Tailings Storage Facilities are engineered structures that comprise the confining embankments (commonly referred to as tailings dams) and associated works and are designed to contain tailings (residue following extraction of valuable material from metal ore processing) and to manage associated water.

TSF contains mixed waste material from mining processes in liquid or slurry form and must be responsibly managed to prevent impacts on human health and safety, the environment, and other infrastructure.

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EasyM 3 weeks ago

1 million it can be, that's a big project,

long john 3 weeks ago

kkkk manje hakuna chakaitwa UKo rakatongo gredwa half pamwe yatove miti paya mari yemurungu yakadyiwaa

Vumba employeee 3 weeks ago

Kkkk ukatosvika paSite pacho unoshaya kuti 1 million yakashanda papi

long john 3 weeks ago

kkkkkk Panema office chete kkkkkk chero 20k yaikwanisa kuita zvose zviya

Blabber 3 weeks ago

Tsf yacho chimbori chii chaizvo?

Kanda 3 weeks ago

motoro nezvidhamhu zvecynide

long john 3 weeks ago

tailings storage facility tsf


Munangagwa 3 weeks ago

Manyaanyawo kuba apa.Izvo zvimaDam izvozvo ndizvo zvingad**** kudaro

long john 3 weeks ago

kkkkkkk 1 million tsf uuuuu pakadyiwa mari apooo

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