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Mine Workers Get Over 100% Salary Hike

Mine Workers Get Over 100% Salary Hike

The Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe and the Chamber of Mines have agreed on a more than 100% salary increment for mine workers.

Under the deal, the lowest-paid mine worker will take home $93 074 up from $44 640 while the highest-paid mine worker will be getting $215 872 up from $103 535.

In a notice, the National Employment Council (NEC) Mining Secretary-General Taurai Kabote said:

This notice serves to bring to your attention the following new minimum rates of pay for grades 1-3 which were agreed upon in dual currency (US dollars and ZW dollars) by the Associated Mine Workers of Zimbabwe and the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe, on 19 May 2022 and will be subsequently sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Services for registration and publication.

The agreement carries an exemption clause as stipulated in the Principal Agreement Statutory Instrument 152 of 1990, Clause (Exemptions Variations and Savings).

Non-foreign generating companies, upon being granted an exemption, may be allowed to pay the full US dollar amount in ZW dollars equivalent using the official Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) auction rate.


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tallaz 1 month ago


Rtgs 1 month ago

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THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

These are very vital and important in our economy Kwete zvema Evil Servants ­čśé­čśé­čśé

Bright 1 month ago

So long iri rtg apana apana

­čĺú 1┬ámonth ago

thank you and we need more...

chikwama 1 month ago

zvenyu vamwe ko vashandi vehurumende yavo yanziwo kudini­čśş­čśş

stallion 1 month ago

hapana chinhu charwadza munhu muZimbabwe sebond infact zimdollar is the most poisonous thing in our country

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