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Mine Owner Robbed Of US$24 000 At Girlfriend's Place

Mine Owner Robbed Of US$24 000 At Girlfriend's Place

A 44-year-old miner was robbed of US$24 000 during a visit to his girlfriend in Trenance suburb, Bulawayo.

The miner, who has not been named, was robbed of cash, his car, and explosives by two gun-wielding men.

B-Metro reported a source close to the investigations as saying the man, who cannot be named for professional reasons, runs a mine in Inyathi, Matabeleland North Province. Said the source:

He got 391 grammes of gold from his mine and travelled to Bulawayo’s Parklands suburb where he sold it to a gold buyer and fetched US$24 000.

After that, he drove to his lover’s place in Trenance suburb. While he was parked in front of the gate at around 8:30 PM this week on Monday two gunmen emerged from the darkness and confronted him and pointed a pistol at him while demanding money.

They grabbed a small bag that contained the US$24 000 and they also took his explosives.

It is further alleged that after the robbery, one of the robbers headed into the house to fetch the miner’s girlfriend. Said the source:

He found her preparing to come to the gate and he warned her not to scream while threatening to shoot her.

He force-marched her to her lover’s car and when they got there they ordered the miner to disembark from the car and instructed the pair to lie down on the ground and in the process, they fired one shot into the air.

Soon after that, they drove off in his car leaving them lying down on the ground.

The miner and his girlfriend later reported the robbery incident at Sauerstown Police Station.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Bulawayo Province, Inspector Abednico Ncube, confirmed the incident.

He appealed for anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the robbers to contact any nearest police station or call Bulawayo police on 029-60358. | B-Metro

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mthwakazi ka ndaba 1 month ago

yu can not name the guy for "professional reasons" ok I see
bt we know all the powerful people who have claims in Inyathi

1 month ago

@zanu big wigs professional reason

CID 1 month ago

Two suspects come into mind,,,waakatengesera gold or the girlfriend ,,,by the way wat was the purpose yekunotora gal friend Mumba after successful robbing the guy I think it was a drama ,,, mapurisa rovai vanhu girlfriend ne gold buyer,,,,kkkk unotanga wasvika ne 24k ku girlfriend before kumba kwako for safe keeping ,,,this story have a lot of loopholes

1 month ago

taurai henyu CID

Gweja 1 month ago

Kkkk comedy chaiyo.

Advocate K 1 month ago

This is a syndicate. the gf knows ana mbavha avo and the buyer as well. The minor became a victim coz of that. kana wabata mari secure the bag first usati wainda kuma lovers. Aive atoudza gf kuti ndirikuuya ndine mari hapana ma armed robbers anongokaruka abudikita mhani

CHAWABVUNZA 1 month ago

The girlfriend is a Prime suspect. Why did the robbers come at the right time ? [ MAPURISA BATAI VANHU ].

1 month ago

The other angle maybe the girlfriend and the miner are into it together that's if his money has a claim if stolen before safely securing it. Also the other angle how did they know the girl friend is coming ti the gate also that the house has no dogs or any kind of security like CCTVs..

This is now too much Zimbabwe is now stinking with armed robbery cases everywhere be it genuine or staged we no longer feel safe.


Machiavelli 1 month ago

MaShefu edu eZANU munozvinyanyawo futi zvenaSmall house. Kungoita kamari nayo kuSmall house. No wonder you want half a billion dollars kuvakira mahùre enyu blocks of flats

Buyer 1 month ago

Maybe the buyer might be having relevant information about the robbery

pk 1 month ago

iyo mari yakatorwa nevanogona kuishandisa zvine musuro. uyo shefu gweja anoda ma****, chero midzimu inenge yakupa haifari ichiona uchipinda negwalangwa kumas****, imari yemusha

1 month ago

Pay the security forces well so that they will remain disciplined. Mr President, listening president, you deserve another term. Batsirai vana vagute, Zimbabwe ine tight security those breaches where not known in the 1st republic. What is happening now? , address their plight. ED pfee, mdara mu office zvekare pfacha.

AK47 1 month ago

I think the girlfriend has something to do with this case . Why she take time to come out of home . I know many girlfriend will wait for you at the gate to accompany you to the house and to check if the is no some other girls in the car. More over what the robberies want was money what was the reason for them to go ahead into the house while they have 24000 inhand . In the house they don't know number of people who are there and how powerful they're so what was the reason for robberies to go into the house while they have cash in hand

1 month ago

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